Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yippee, I have a winner

Ok all you bloggers out there in blog land...

First, I fixed my sewing machine! Yep, all by myself. I went into the craft room and sat for a minute and it came right to me. Thanks Dad! I got a bit of baby oil ( I know its suppose to be machine oil, but thats in the garage and WE all know I would never find it.) So then, I got a little hammer and beat that thingy onto the other thingy. It stayed. However, I forgot a piece. Oh well, whatever, it works. I have been in the craft room just stitchin away.

OK now on to the giveaway. I folded them all nicely and put them in a silver bowl, so it was pretty and had hubs draw a name. He was not really awake, but he did it... AND THE WINNER is Tommiea! Oh my gosh and she is a tried and true Sooner Fan. Good thing I used red! Man, I should have used orange. hahaha So, email your address and I will get that little package off to you on Monday morning.

I think its bedtime so off I go.

tootle loo,

Oh yea, I got an email for my etsy friend that I spoke of earlier, she said 'no problem' whoooo, Im not being banned from etsy. go there and see what you can find. Mom, this place will really confuse you, but just put in something you are looking for and hit search!


tommie said...

Yeah me!!

So proud of you for getting the machine going. Guess your daddy was there guiding your hands.

tommie said...

I could have sworn I had your email address, but I can't find it. My email address is