Friday, May 21, 2010

Garth and recital

Hubs and I went to the tippi toes dance recital...i took him to sonic so it was a date... elke,ashley and nora. all dressed up so adorable... elke just stood on the stage and finally sat down...ashley danced once she got over the stage shock...nora flittered like only she can. it was cute! Lilly was there too, but i dont have a pic....

I went to run errands in Owasso this afternoon! you know when you wear t-shirt, gym shorts-that are probably the boys, hair in a pony tail and no makeup at all! Yep Garth was there too. I ran into him literally in the plastic tubs area! I just said hi and went on. Then he got in line behind me and I remembered I had never asked for autograph for the boys. So I did. here they are....
He is in and around Owasso so much that most people just leave him alone. No one else really bothered him today in Target...'cept me! oh well, we had a nice conversation about the boys, OSU and hubs. Then we all went our separate ways!
Just another day in Cville, OK

Tootle loo

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday ramblings

Lots of people have asked why we had a snake in the backyard... because this is at the end or our yard. 10 acres of wilderness. well not exactly wilderness, but country.

These are my beautiful babies! We are growing blackberries- my all time favorite fruit! Mike is talking to them every night and we are coaching them to bloom and thrive.... if you want to be my very best friend in all the world... bring me a blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream and I will love you forever, or at least while Im eating the cobbler... one time I told my second graders that story and i had 2 cobblers the very next day. nothin better than a child's gramma makin their teacher a cobbler!

Yes, I got my pink flamingos! I an totally in love with them. I have 6 of them in the backyard. 2 are at preschool for the summer to be part of my class zoo. I have not names them yet. but bet your bottom dollar one will be Sloane... maybe I will have sloan 1, sloan 2.... No one will name their baby Sloan Kathleen... isnt that beautiful??? Well, the only one I know having a baby girl is my niece and she said NO! hurt my feelers she did. not really!

This is our first tomato! Hubs babies once again. It was a hanging plant until the storm came, not its in a pot poor thing... it almost died

My patio furniture is not really pink as it looks in the picture... its red.

I got my hair cut and color today. ran some errands and hubs and I are going to watch the 3 yr old girls in a recital tonight. Miss Ashley really want miss penny and her 'daddy'- Mike to come. I cant say no!!!!

Pick of that tomorrow....

Tootle loo

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am writing this post using my WII. takes me longer but i set it up by

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my Momma...

Thanks for being a great mom,, wish you were here to go eat lunch with us at TeKei's tomorrow after Church.

Tootle loo

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slithering Snake

I was watering this afternoon minding my own little business... I walked towards to back of the yard and thought I saw something... you bet your sweet booty! I saw this slithering snake!

Yep, its huge! I know... can you believe it? I called to Moey and ran in the house to get my camera and phone... I called my sister and told her about the 25' snake that was bigger around that 5 hot dogs. Well I thinks its that big!

oh look it want to talk to me... not its wants to bite me... poison me... kill me... hubs will find me withered in the backyard taking my final breath!
So... hubs comes home and the darn thing is gone back to the field and he looks at the picture... tells me Oh, honey... that is a good snake... good snake you say... yes it eats mice and critters... any snake in my yard is a bad snake... get back to the field where you live and eat something... stay out of my yard... don't bother my "furry" grand baby!

Tootle loo

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tueadsy Tidbits

What a beautiful day in Cville. I ran errands today and got a lot completed... even a pedi! Yep, I splurged a bit.
Great news... my niece is having a baby girl in Sept. Yippee. I was at Atwood's today and saw the most adorable little dress with cowboys and horses. Her daddy- Nolan rides horses, so that is in the mail today. I looked at Tiffany's for a baby gift... nothing I really liked. Maybe a sweet little charm or something. I have time to look around though... maybe Moody's here in Tulsa.

Tomorrow Laura goes for an interview! I am hoping and praying that she will have a great interview and they will find favor in her and she gets the job. Its with CASA in Tulsa and I know with her sweet heart and love for children plus her management skills she would be great. Remember her in your prayers tomorrow !

Lots of things this week, I was looking for someone to clean the house 1 or 2 times per month. Hip hip hurrah. One of my students mom from way back a few years ago is wanting to do it! Yea someone I can trust to celan while I am away. I also have 2 other friends that want to use her too.

My grandma has been moved to a new nursing home,its so hard to understand why the little children die and the older folks that are so frail and tired of living are left to suffer in their beds at a nursing home. She has been at a private pay home and has gone through 2-300K. CRAZY, CRAZY! Prayers for her too! God will take her home to be with him.

School is almost out. I will miss my little guys and girls. They are precious and I love teaching at New Haven Day School. Its just like be a nie nie P without grandchildren.

Better grab a big fat bubble bath and hit the bed.... preschool tomorrow and they keep me hoppin.

To all those OSU grad this weekend.... Ride m Cowboys

Tootle loo