Friday, May 21, 2010

Garth and recital

Hubs and I went to the tippi toes dance recital...i took him to sonic so it was a date... elke,ashley and nora. all dressed up so adorable... elke just stood on the stage and finally sat down...ashley danced once she got over the stage shock...nora flittered like only she can. it was cute! Lilly was there too, but i dont have a pic....

I went to run errands in Owasso this afternoon! you know when you wear t-shirt, gym shorts-that are probably the boys, hair in a pony tail and no makeup at all! Yep Garth was there too. I ran into him literally in the plastic tubs area! I just said hi and went on. Then he got in line behind me and I remembered I had never asked for autograph for the boys. So I did. here they are....
He is in and around Owasso so much that most people just leave him alone. No one else really bothered him today in Target...'cept me! oh well, we had a nice conversation about the boys, OSU and hubs. Then we all went our separate ways!
Just another day in Cville, OK

Tootle loo

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