Friday, July 31, 2009

What to do with hankies

I have a bunch of my grandma's hankies. I mean a bunch. So, I am thinking in my mind, I will do this. Im sure Moms little quilts will look better, but hmmm, maybe I can pull this off.

Son 1- Ryan got a job....... hip hip hoorah!!!! He will be working for a publishing company. Im not sure exactly what he will be doing. He loves to read and I think is has something to do with manuscripts. God is good!!!

I painted the room a blueish/aqua/ greenish yesterday. My accents colors will be red. I will post a pic when I get finished. off to Hobby Lobby for curtain fabric.

Tootle loo

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Facts

I am looking forward to CASA training to be over. Its been a very long month. I have one court day and short class, then I take the "oath".

Next week will be "clean the house" week. It's actually disgusting! I need to clean from the top to the bottom in all the rooms. Even the porch and back yard need tidying. I am generally on track getting summer things finished in order to go back to school. Not this year, yippee! I am really glad.

Ryan and I went to OKC to meet with the Estate Atty regarding Grammer.... Lots to decide when someone is 94 an ready to pass on to Heaven. I don't understand sometime the way life is, do you? My daddy died at 58 and missed so much life and Grammer is 94 and tired of living. hmmm, I guess I'll ask God someday.

Sunday I will be teaching the college class- Five Languages of Love. I have enjoyed working with them. These ore the kids we went with on mission trip years ago. They are great kiddos and have so much to offer the world.

Thats about all the facts I have for today. My list of things I want to do is getting longer. I must get back to letting my creative juices flow and get them back up on my website...

Have a great weekend

Tootle loo

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I need some computer assistance

Ok, I changed my blog background, but I can't get the page color to change. I have changed it on the layout and it wont change!!!!!

I had a cute little background picked, but it wont go with red. hmmmm.

Also how do you put a link in the body that just goes zip to that site????

Tootle loo

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coconut Chicken

I cooked again last night... son 1 is back from vacay! hehehe, anyway we had coconut chicken. All I can say is YUMMYYYYYYYYYY!

I used chicken tenders and soaked them in:
1/2 can sweetened cond. milk
1/2 c OJ
1 egg,
then coat them in :
1 cup coconut
1 cup bread crumbs.
Fry those babies up in some peanut oil ( cause its better for out clogged arteries).
Then, mix 1/2 cup honey and orange marmalade for some dipping sauce.
Oh, heavenly days it was delicious!!!!!

Wen went to early Church today... yawn, then to SSchool, after that to my fav place for breakfast- Queenies in Utica, then back to Church to give blood, not me! Son 1 did. He is so good with those needle thingys.

Yesterday was crazy at Church. I had a wedding in the Chapel, There was a small funeral in the Columbarium, and play practice downstairs for BABA. whew, lots of people to corral!

A friend from High School- found on facebook met me after the wedding and we cought up on 30 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My that is a long, long time since I graduated from HS. She was one of the girls that went with my to Hawaii for a graduation present! Would I let three 17 yr old girls go off to Hawaii, no way, but times are different and I turned 18 while we were there! Ahhhhh memories.

Have a great week

Tootle loo

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I want to paint the bedroom...again!

I want to paint my bedroom Tiffany blue. yep I sure do. However, Im not sure hubs will be loving it. It was Dr.Pepper red and he wanted a lighter color so its white, blahhhhhhhh!
I want Tiffany blue. maybe paint the top half blue and the bottom half leave white and then put a black border between them. Hmmmmm, leave me a comment anf tell me what you think.
Bloggers will rule this one

Tootle loo

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Its soooooo Hot

Its so totally hot here in OK. The pool water was like bath water. I just did my water aerobics and floated a bit and then got out!
Not, thats not my pool, silly but I can dream OK???????

Pam and I went to Bville to take some catering deliveries. We ran by a few girly stores, both bought the same purse. Well, its was 50% off! come on , we couldn't afford NOT to get it. Anyway, where was I ... oh, we found the most wonderful place to eat. Ted and Lola's! DELICIOUS is all I have to say. Its on 2nd and something on the corner close to downtown. Just go down 2nd. Its on the north side at the corner. Any way.... I am getting lost in my memories of the food. Ok so we always check the desert menu before we order. Pam got a salad with those crunchy chow mien noodles and chicken. I got a salad with sugared pecans and feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette! Now come the finale! Pam had a brownie and ice cream. Not a normal old everyday brownie, but a delicious warm, chocolate, smooth, cake like, yummy brownie. She ate almost all of it! I had (drum roll) bread pudding....... oh my it had a sauce with pecans and I can still taste the smooth sauce, with the ice cream and more candied pecans. Oh heavens, I must say it was an "experience", if you know what I mean! Yep, I ate almost all of it! oink, oink.

Then we went to Wally World- aka WalMart. We has stuffed bellies and were feeling a little spry and wondering why so many fluffy people were riding in those motor cart when they actually needed to get up off their tush and walk a bit. Now, I know some people need those motor carts, but really not as many of them as we saw. Its just pure lazy sometimes. I think Pam and I might go to Wally World in another town at midnight and ride those things just to see why they are always used! Note to family- we are kidding on the riding part!!!!

I cam home, went out to the pool, not the one above. My cute pool and floated and did my aerobics and watered the yard and looked at my pitiful garden that has burned up in the weather. sigh, sigh.

Its off to bed. Tomorrow is errand day, you know 1. pay bills 2. post office 3. Target 4. Reasors 5. nail/pedi 6. change the oil in the Jeep and then go to Tulsa to CASA mtg at 5:30. Oh, I need to help serve at the John 3:16 mission at 5:00. whew. that wont work, hubs will have to go alone on that one!

Tootle loo

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday tidbits

Lance finally got his brick. These are at University of Tulsa on the walk into the Reynold's Center. Both boys got one for graduation, Lance's got lost in the shuffle, but its now in the ground!
oops. Ryan's os a bit crooked, but turn your head, ok. Now you can see it.

This is a little shirt I made for myself. I ued scrap fabric that I had in the craft room, before I cut into the Amy Butler fabric I have on order and hopefully in the mail. Cute huh. But I hate, hate to wear a strapless bra. They are uncomfortable and yukko and believe me these girls need to be in a contraption of some type, you know the issue. Anyway I found an awesome bra on the internet and have it ordered too. Its like those bandeau bras we used to wear back in the ####'s.

This one is Laura's. Turn your head again. I put some tulle on the bottome of hers. I found this fabroc on the $2. table at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Isn't is cayyyyyyyute?
I knew you would like them.
I think I coud even make a mommy and me outfit. A shirt for mommy and a dress for a little girls. Wouldn't that be cute!!! I could do both of them for $40.00 So, if you are incline to need one, let me know. I have lots of fabric choices too.
Or if you just want one for yourself... its $25.00
I went to CASA training yesterday and I have it all month on MWF. in the afternoon.
So, today is ironing, tidy, and clean the pool day.

Tootle loo

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

A Day for Celebration in America...

It's raining here in OK. So plans will go from swimming outside to sewing inside! I made brisket yesterday and yummo it was so delicious and just melted in your mouth. Add some sweet corn and sliced tomatoes and you are in food heaven!

I am making a cuuuuute little summer shirt for moi and also one for Son 2's sweetie L!

I might even make one for my niece in Houston. Lets see if she reads this and leaves a comment. If so, she gets on too, I can even make one for my sister if she read this too! hahaha, stay tuned.

In between sewing I need to go get some more chalkboard paint at Lowes. I love that stuff. I am painting the door in the craft room. I also will put a layer of magnetic paint .

Have a great relaxing day and enjoy the rain if its in your area. We always need rain, but maybe not today... :(

Tootle loo

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Extra, extra hear all about it!!!

Son 1 has a Southwest Airlines ticket that needs to be used by the end of August! Its for anywhere SWA flies and he will sell it for 1/2 price. Its only one ticket, so if you are planning to make a round trip you will need to pay for the way back.

If you need a ticket... leave a comment and we will get back to you lickety split!

Tootle loo

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's up

What a busy week so far. We had company- hubs cousin from Nebraska. They used to work the pipeline together in Wyo.
Today I had my CASA interview. Boy do they ask every question known to man. I start the "training class" on Monday. for a month. I think it will be interesting. I will assigned a case and meet with all people involved in their life, then make an report to the presiding judge on the childs behalf. I have always wanted to do this!

I can't believe that son 1 will be 27 yrs old next week. Seems like not long ago, I was bringing a little tiny baby home form St. John. Now he is going to be 27. Where do those years go?

Im trying to decide what to have for the 4th! burgers or brisket... potato salad or chips... corn casserole or on the cob! Guess I better figure it all out and get to the store!

Off to dinner, going to Jalapenos! yummy

Tootle loo