Wednesday, July 28, 2010

general stuff...

Isn't this just an interesting picture... yep I got it from somewhere on the vast open Internet... kuddos to who ever put it together.... I did not...

This rose is gorgeous! don't you just love the beautiful colors... its so darn hot in Ok., that the roses are kaput! hot dry nothings that is... so i am enjoy them on the computer... smell really close... oh its sweet...

look at this adorable camper... it could belong to my sister.... her name is Connie... not Constance. It would be fun for a girls night out.
We could eat under this lovely tent and drink lemon drop martini's until we drop and of course the ocean would be right nest to the camper... oh I must quit dreaming like this... it leads to depression!

I am off to Houston to see my niece.. .. and enjoy a baby shower for Payton Grace.... she is such a diva and not even born yet...
I had the second sleep study last night... i took ambien... its not my friend!!! I cant remember driving home at 5:00 this morning... i went back to bed and slept till 10:45! ran errands and sleep till 4:00. I am getting packed and off to bed in just a few...
tomorrow is my last day at New Haven :( I will really miss that pre school. I hope to be able to sub a few days next year!
Oh, I got an iPhone today... how much fun is it... i feel like i have moved into another realm of the world...
better go to bed and sleep off the ambien from last night...

Tootle loo

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Good Bye Gram.... you taught me so many things as I was growing up... i have love having you in my life and i will miss you every day... see you in Heaven some day!

Tootle loo

Sunday, July 18, 2010


No pictures today...
I just got back from a whirlwind trip to OKC... yep Grammer is on 24 hr Hospice again. She is slowly dying and I just dont like how this all has to happen.... its her worse nightmare... she always wanted to go quickly and NEVER linger and linger... thats just what is happening.... linger, dementia, linger....

She is such a fighter... she is cantankerous, ornery, hard headed and stubborn... guess she will be this way to the end...

Saturday I was singing hymns to her in her room, passing the time... I asked her today if she wanted me to sing... she hadnt uttered a word but very clearly said... NO! how funny! no more singing from me!

Hospice said it would be a long week , but her body is shutting down and must go through different steps to get there...

love ya bunches Grammer

Tootle loo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

heavens to betsy!

Good gosh...
The sleep study results came back!
1. obstructive sleep apnea- severe
2. Periodic Limb Disorder- severe
3. restless leg syndrome

Oh, I get to go back for another night of 'syfy' hook up and this time take ambien!!!!!

Tootle loo

Thursday, July 8, 2010

how could this happen???

Every year for Ryans birthday I get him peti-fores from Merritts... I went by today to get them! Merritts is closed until Monday... how can this happen... the boy will have a birthday without Merritts... do they know what is happening here?? What ever will I do???? All of the Merritts close at the same time!!!!!!!!!!


Tootle loo

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sleep study...

Tuesday evening I went for a sleep study..... I took my bubble bath threw on some clothes, packed my bag and off I went. I got there at 9:15... filled out ...yes 15 pgs of information for the study... changed clothes to my jammies and waited to be fitted with the wires... it was storming outside and I was praying that the lightening would not strike or I would fry!

This is not my contraption.. but just like it. They hooked me up top to bottom and gave me the TV and ceiling fan remote and said to sleep tight... after a few test runs.
1. move my eyes
2. open and shut my eyes
3. move your legs etc... the night began...

This is what i looked like- no, not me in the pic. Cause I couldnt roll over like that! nope I was connected form everywhere and tried to get comfy... I took my muscle relaxer and demanded my body to sleep... nope it wasnt going to happen. I woke up all night long. Finally at 4:30 guess who has to tinkle.... yep... unhook 3 big thingy and carry all that crap down the hall to the potty... back to bed and finish the study... cant sleep.... 5:00- times ...go home.
I dont for the life of me know how you are to sleep there. They told me if they saw that I had sleep apnea they would put me on oxygen and see if I did better... no oxygen, so I guess I have something else.... who know... but the new Dr. now has the blood work-normal, sleep study- probably abnormal and now can decide what to do with my weird body... hopefully no more sleep studies!

Tootle loo

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day! Thank You to all of those that serve (d) in the military... what a blessing !
You sacrifice to keep us free. Thanks to Grandpa S- WWII, my dad- Korea, my nephew in law- USNA... and to all those that left their families to go away and protect us

Enjoy the day... Happy sparkler day to you all

Tootle loo