Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Hero's Have Always Been COWBOY'S

My LH-(loving husband) and I went to OSU for a visit last fall during homecoming. The gate to the stadium was open! Well, I assumed that is my invitation to go on down and take a pic or two... LH wasn't so sure this was a good idea, but he took the pic and off we went.

This is also my favorite shirt. I got one for my daughter in law too! "Well behaved women rarely make history".It's so fun to have a girl to buy for after having just boys!

Today was the last day of school!!!! Yippee. Well except for a quick check in tomorrow.
I will be spending the weekend with LH, putting up a new fence. bye for now...


beaches, family, friends, my boys, all things pink, fru-fru, reading, sewing, crafting, travel...these are just of few of my favorite things.
This summer during my summer break from teaching 2nd grade, I will be helping my sister in Branson. Now, I have never worked in an ice cream /deli store. So this experience will be one for everyone to enjoy. It will of course be full of laughs every day. Come along on my journey, stop in to see me if you are in Branson in June. We will be at "Smacks". I understand it to be across from the five and dime on old Branson!! PS- I will also be celebrating the big 50 while I'm there!! What a hoot this will be.