Friday, March 27, 2009


Nope, not me! But what ever will I do with all the teaching stuff I have amassed over 30 years? I am not one to packrat, but I have kept 1 of each. I have tons of units for 2nd grade and books galore!!!!!!!!!!1 I have STUFF!!!!!
I looked on craigslist and I dont see any ad's there, I also looked on ebay. Any ideas????
I thought I might have a teacher garage sale from my room the last week of school. Maybe put flyer at NSU and OSU Tulsa.

Hmmm. I was going to just give it away, but there are lots of stuff in that room! Holy Cow!

What do you think?

Tootle loo

Monday, March 23, 2009


Yep, that is the BIG NEWS. I have taught for 30 years and my time has come. As of June 1, I willl be retired. I will work part time/ full time for a BFF that does some catering, whatever she need. Also I can sub a little too.

YIPPEE SKIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have lots of plans......

Tootle loo

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break is over..... but!!!!!

I so much enjoyed my spring break. We had a delightful time at Beavers Bend. The cabin was so perfect. Ryan and I tried so hard to win the lottery, but we didnt. I have cleaned, played, read, eaten junk food and made a MAJOR decision about my life. Hmmmmm got you wonderin huh!
This is a big one, I am soooooo excited about it and I feel so at peace with the decision!
More to come this week.

HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO HUBS... his birthday is Monday. Got to love that man, yep I do!

Tootle loo

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Irish eyes are smiling

Hubs found a great deal for a trip to Ireland. Maybe this summer. I am working with the travel agency. Son #1 has 2 R/T tickets form all his travels, yep he will sell them to momma and pops for a small token!!!

So, Irish eye's may be callin my name.
Its been 30 years since we went on our honeymoon to Europe.

More to come. Spring Break starts next week. YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Tootle loo

Sunday, March 8, 2009


When the boys were little, we would sometimes get up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and take a "car-cation". A mini vacation in the car. Sometimes we knew where we would go, other time the boys would say go left or right. We always had an adventure.

Next week is spring break. Hubs and I have gone to the beach for about 5-6 years every spring break for my refresh and renewal. This year, hubs doesnt have tha vacation time and our resort is still being repaired from the hurricane. So, we are going here. Its in south Oklahoma at Beavers Bend Lake area. Next door, well about a mile away is a winery. hmmmm. So the fam, son 1, son 2, Laura, Hubs and Moey are all packin up and going to the lake. I DONT CAMP, but this has a lot of amenities, hot tub, grill, outdoor fire pit, two story 3 bdroom house, So I will rough it there.
Looks like a great place to rest for me. We will finish celebrating son 2's bday and Hubs bday. Sound like a party to me...
Hubs and I went to a program today at BAUMC. It was presented by the OCCJ- THe women theat wrote the Faith Club book presented it. It was really enjoyable and I bought the book, I wish women ran the countries in the worl for 10 years. I think there would be much less war!
Better go, I need to finjsh chores before tomorrow, back to school for 1 week then, its off to the cabin!

Tootle loo

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday somethings

Today-----Its a beautiful spring day here!
I can't believe I though spring break is the 23rd of March and its next week!!!!!!!! Yea, but that leaves a long time from spring break until May 28.
The dudes are puttin up the metal part of the fence today. yeaaaaaaaa. Moey will love runnin aroujnd everywhere.

Off to a funeral this afternoon and runnin errands.

Tomorrow---- Church, then back to Church for a program. The three ladies that wrote "The Faith Club" after 911 are speaking.

Tootle loo

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday mutterings

What is that bachelor thinking!!! Has he lost his everlovin mind!!!! He is the most self centered guy, and for HER to take him back!!! I love to watch the show, but I really think that is parade people around like a cattle auction.

Anyway, this weekend was another run to the Minor ER. Another shot and another day asleep, another migraine! I took two of the thingy the DR gave me and it didn't work, so hubs took me to the ER. I think they may know me by name, not really! I do with they would stop.'

Son #1 introduced me to Facebook. What a fun time. I found people I went to HS with in OKC. Not all 635 kids in my graduating class, but some. And some from OSU class of '79. Yep, I am that old.

Son #1 and hub almost have the fence up and Moey is about to be a free spirit in the backyard. She is a mess.

Better get to bed, tomorrow is a busy day!

Tootle loo