Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its a Christmas Sale!!!

Its time for a Christmas Sale. I have marked these down 1/2 price for all you wonderful blogger friends. These are so cute! These are so fun to make and I have lots of compliments when I wear mine. The colors are really bold, my picture taking is not so much! But Im getting better

Leave me a comment and I will get back with you.
I will accept paypal or checks. I only have one of each.

Turquoise and red necklace. Large oval stones- so pretty $20.00
Lots of chunky stones.... $15.00 SOLD thanks

One of my favorite ones. The red stones are big and the turquoise one are smaller. $20.00 SOLD - thanks

Large red stones with smaller turquoise $20.00

Large red stone with turquoise... $20.00

Cuuuute little angel bracelet. pink background with a christian fish dangle 1x1 square


Tis the season...2x2 square on velum $7.00

Christmas 1x1 1/2 with santa dangle... $7.00 sold

Santa with bling! 1x1 sq. $7.00 sold

Clear 2x2 square with large clear dangle and angel . so cute! $7.00

'Oh, Christmas Tree 'on front, ' dont get your tinsel in a tangle 'on the back. pearl and red dangle $7.00

tootle loo, happy shopping!

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Brrrrr / Moey

Brrrrr, Mr. Winter has come to Okla. Its misty and cold out today. Well probably not as cold as some of you that live in the north, but for me, puttin on gloves and a coat is cold.

We went to Church this morning and then to see son #2's office! I am sooooooo proud of that boy. He works for a gas exploration company in Tulsa, and does something with the disbursement/% of what people receive $$$ from their land. ????? I think. Then we saw L's office too. Its a few floors away from son #2's in the BOK Tower. Then off to our fav place to eat..... Hideway Pizza. I had pizza of the Gods. yummmmmmmy.

This afternoon was quite lazy until I decided Moey needed a bath. She smelled! Now she smells like lavender and had her toes painted red and for the pic, I put a boy in her hair. Son #1 will crap , when he sees her. she is becoming a very high maintenance dog. She will of course go to the groomer before Christmas, but this is only until them. Can you see her red toes... Its fiesta red!
Back to work tomorrow. It will be busy for the next 3 weeks. Christmas unit, Gingerbread unit and I'm not sure what we will do the last week. Maybe Polar Express.
I needed to go up today and work, but I will get up in the morning and go and stay after tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, I almost forgot.... I will put my Christmas jewelry on tomorrow. It will be 1/2 off sale. I also have some necklaces too! I will send those out ASAP, since they are already made. Get out you checkbooks and get ready to write!!!!
Tootle loo,

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving....
I hope your turkey is in the oven and your pies are baked. My tiny turkey- white meat only is baking, the red velvet cheesecake is made, the sweet potatoes are cooked- not doctored up yet and I am on a roll this morning.
I have talked to son #1 this morning and he is decorating his house in Frisco, phase one of the 3 phase program. Ahhh, I do remember those days he would decorate here. Many trips to get "just a few more light, Mom"! I have called the fam in Ponca, but NO ONE IS ANSWERING!!!!. sigh, sigh, sigh.

Christmas stuff is coming out of the attic today. I just cant put it up before Thanksgiving, I dont know why, just tradition I guess. Hubs is out putting up the fence, son #2 is on his way and I am so thankful for my family, at least the ones that answer the phone, life is great. What are you thankful for?

Oh, did you all see Oprah yesterday. It was the big give away. Well, I bet those people were perplexed. Oprah had a lot of things that dont cost a lot. Wow, I got some great ideas. Now, my fam is all meeting in OKC for Christmas. We will do something that wont cost them a thing, I will make small boxes for everyone. They will also get some cards with: I love you because... or I am thankful for you because... etc. They have to fill one out for each person and put it in their box. I wanted to do a "take away " gift exchange. Whats that called? anyway we are spicing up Christmas. Lets have a bit more meaning.

I better get to the kitchen and done my apron! The boys will be hungry in a bit. Then a few power naps and off to Utica Square Lights On! That is our family tradition. We have even gone in the snow and sleet!

Have a great holiday and get up early and shop till you drop! I am finished! I got most everything online and its so fun to get those boxes at my door! Except for the stocking stuffers. Ahhh Target, I love that store for stockings.

Tootle loo, gobble gobble.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Oh my, where do I begin to ring in this holiday season. I am cooking for our family tomorrow and making a red velvet cheesecake today. Turkey/ham and all the stuff tomorrow. I have a turkey thats white meat only!!! yippee, the ham is from the Hamlet, so yummo!

Then I need for hubs and son to get down the tree, and "stuff". We are having Christmas in OKC with the whole fam damily, but I am having some functions here and need to do some decorating. hmmmmmm., I would love to do everything in silver and red this year. Maybe the dollar store has some cheap stuff!!!!

My mom is not one to always put up the tree, I know exactly what you are thinking, NO TREE. Well I am coming so it better be up... MOM! What would Christmas be without the decorations up MOM! We wont have any little ones around except for my cousins little boys. I miss those sleepy little eyes getting up at Christmas and running to the tree to see what Santa brought. I dont think my boys 24 and 26 yrs and my niece and nephew, 24 and 28yrs will be running in to find what Santa brought. WE NEED SOME BABIES. But only 1 is married and I would just rather that we all go the route of marriage before children. That seems to be a though of the past, you know the marriage before children thingy. Guess I am just old fashion, I like that scenario best.

I need to go to some laundry, tidy up the house, run to Hamlet, Target and maybe the $ store.

Have a good day. Stay warm and cook away. I just heard that the avg American will need to RUN 20 miles to burn off the calories we ingest on Thanksgiving alone. Well that wont happen here, I have issues with running and my bladder. oh, my how ever will I get this all done.

Go pokes, beat those sooners........ I dreamin or a white Christmas too!

tootle loo!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Thunderstorm are in my brain....

No its not a self portrait, but this is how I feel.................................
This had been a very LONG WEEK at school. Everything that could go wrong has. I know in my head , (if the thunderstorms go away), that next week will be better. Well, we only have 2 days. Monday is Stone Soup day and Tuesday is Thanksgiving prep day and decorate for Christmas.

I woke up with a sinus headache and it only got worse throughout the day. I had toast for breakfast and a Diet DP for lunch so having zip zap no food didn't help. I chowed down on a big fat burger at Red Robin this evening, then off the Hobby Lobby, my supplier for some items.

Tomorrow is the last TU football game. I hope I feel better!!!! I will definitely bundle up.

Thanksgiving will be quiet here. I went to order a ham and turkey from Hamlet today and hubs brought home a flyer about Gilcrease Restaurant Buffet for thanksgiving. Its only $20 per person and much cheaper than me cooking. BUT son #2 is really counting on lunch at home and lounging in sloppy clothes while watching football and sleeping on the couch.. son #1 is working on Wed and again on Fri., so he will stay in Tx with some friends.. waa, waa, waa. But I certainly dont want him driving late on Wed and turning around and leaving again on Thurs afternoon. But this momma will MISS MY BOY!!! Love em you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its late and I am soooooooooooooooooo tired. I just want to crawl in a hole and suck my thumb, but I will settle for a bed with a down comforter and my fluffy pillow and 1 muscle relaxer. Yep that sound like a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tootle loo,

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keepin busy

My heavenly daze! I am having some orders... enough to keep me busy and the pocketbook full. This weekend I am going to upload some Christmas jewelry to sell. Be lookin....
Whew, the weather has gotten so cold. I am not sure whether to keep Moey in or out. I don't want her to get cold. We don't have a dog house on the patio. She does have a snuggle blanket. Hmmm, whats the weather when you keep your doggy in the house??

Sat is our last TU football game. Its an afternoon game, so it wont be too cold.

Then 2 days at school, I AM SO READY! The kiddos are WILD !!!!! I mean really WILD. Its all I can to to teach and referee. They are wearing me "plum out"! I hope to make pumpkin pie in a cup tomorrow for our Fri cooking activity, if they can behave in the morning. hmmmm, we will see.

Not much other news. We will put up Christmas stuff next week. I have a couple of parties at the house, do I need to fru fru up a bit. Christmas will be in OKC at Mommas house. All the fam will be there.

Off to bed... I am gettin a head cold or sinus crap.

tootle loo

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Friday, November 14, 2008

I have made myself sick

I bought popcorn from a boy in our neighborhood. I am the only one that eats it. So, I told hubs to take it to work for the 'guys' to eat. Well, its still here and I have eaten almost all of the caramel type. I have chowed right down and am sick to my stomach. I have to go put it in his truck to hide it.

Tomorrow is SATURDAY... yippee. It was a long week. We are off to a TU BB game. Yep, its that season again. I think we will overlap with football a few weeks. But, there is also a 'free trade' craft show in Tulsa tomorrow that I want to go to before the BB game. We are also going to Atwoods to buy a generator... just in case we are without electricity for 11 days again this winter. NOT AGAIN IN THIS HOUSE. The generator may be my Christmas gift. hahahah

have a blessed weekend

tootle loo

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh my heavenly days

I decided to update my blog for the holiday. Now we all know I am not really very literate at blog thingys. I was not raised in the computer world and have just stepped out and jumped in myself since the boys are gone. So, I went to a site, downloaded and did all the "stuff". I lost my little sidebars things! So I have been putting them back up as I can find them. I am sure there are faster and easier ways to do this.

But... what do you think about the new look??? Oh, dont look really close at the header until I figure out how to center the words and picture. I am sure its simple, but I dont know how yet.

Today was a beautiful day her in Cville. I had a funeral this morning. A dear friend of the family was 81 and lived a wonderful life. I will miss Doris very much. She ws very helpful to me when I first married and moved to Cville 29 yrs ago, She kept me sane in the this small town. She guided me through some obstacles! I will miss you Doris Schultheiss! I will see you soon in heaven.

Tomorrow is my appt with the surgeon at TLC. I am so iffy on the whole enhancement thing. It wont cost anything, but you only get one pair of eyes. More about that tomorrow.

I have a couple of orders to get out as soon as my finger gets better. Cuts and flux don't mix.

Have a great day

tootle loo...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cutting edge

You know those little white handle knives you can get from Pampered Chef? You know the ones that are about $5.00 and we just love. Will I had a little issue with one last night. I probably could have used a couple of stitches. But, I was in my jammies and I didnt want to get dressed. So I butterflied it and put a bandaid on it. I kept on bleeding, so I wrapped it in gauze and of course couldnt find any tape! Decorative duct tape works great! hahaha I am such a mess with sharp things.

Business is great. I have had 3 orders form the show in OKC and a few more from other areas. I am staying as busy as I want to be right now. Especially with a cut finger. Cuts and flux dont work well together. ouch!!!

Better go, I need a big fat bath and I went to Bath and Body this afternoon. Hmmmmm.

tootle loo

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lots of Moola!

Well yes, thank you for asking... I did much better at this craft show that at the rummage sale. I made QUITE A BIT of fun extra spending money!!

I have about 50 pieces left over, so I will categorize them and put those on my website and/or blog. I made a bunch of chunky beaded necklaces, but they didn't sell much! hmmm. Ill take everything to school tomorrow and see if I can sell some there.
I don't think I will do much in the way of craft show, except this one at mom's church. Then I don't know. I want to keep it as a hobby, not a job. So I want to make things for people and just do it that way.
The weekend is just beautiful here today. The air is crisp and the sun is out. I need to pick up the house for the house cleaners coming tomorrow. Hubs doesn't get it that you have to pick up before. Oh well, don't you all pick up first???????
I better get going, I have lots to do and I want to also give myself a little pedi before bed tonight.
Oh, I have an appt with TLC again this week. I can have "enhancement" to both eyes for life. I can't see well without contacts or my glasses. BUT, I got a HUGE floater the first time. My optometrist told me this couldn't happen again because they don't use the "pressure" thingy, they just reopen the slit. HMMMMM lots of thought a prayers about this. You only get on set of eyes, Target doesn't carry them. Pray this week with me that I may have clarity in my decision.
tootle loo

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alive and Kickin

No, momma I am not sick and the computer is not dead... We have been gone every night and every Saturday. I have spent Sunday cleaning and doing laundry, etc. BUT, I have a housekeeper coming on Monday. YIPPEE! I am so glad. She will deep clean once a month!

I am off again this weekend to OKC to do a craft show at mom's church...Church of the Servant- OKC. Come on out if you live in the area. Mention my blog and I will give you 15% off.

The weather has finally turned cool. I love the chilly nights and the cuddle weather in my flannel jammies and chenille bathrobe. hmmmm so cozy.

I got my Smart Board installed at school today. It is way cool ! I am going to have fun with it tomorrow morning. I have spentabout 30 minutes with it today.

Moey the grand dog went to the vet on Wednesday. This trip was a mere $ 192.00!! Yes, that's right $192! holy crap, where is the copay? i about crapped out. She has a staff infection. The vet said she was pale. how can a black and white dog be pale?????? I think her gums were not a rosy pink and her nose was warm. So after 1 shot for the infection, 10 days of antibiotic, 6 mos of flea/heart worm pills and another 2 times per week for 4 week pills, 1 blood test, we got to come home. I can think of a lot of stuff to purchase for $192.00. Good gosh. She had to have a "nerve pill" last night during the storm. I held her for 2 hours and then I was so sleepy. She wouldn't calm down,so I gave her knock out pill and put her in her bed. Geeezzzzeee the life of that pooch!

Guess that's about all the update. Oh yea, the tickets are on sale for the annual Oprah type give away at Battle Creek Church in Broken Arrow, I went last year and we had so much fun and go some wonderful give aways. If you are in the area look it up on the web. Its a good girls night out,

Better get to bed, tomorrow is work at school. massage at 4, pack and go to OKC, Craft show on Sat, come home and Church on Sunday.... back to the same cycle.......

tootle loo

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