Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year

Sunday Dec 30th...

It was the week after Christmas and a throught the house, not a creature was stirring, the cable and iternet were still out...
The stockings were laying on the floor with care in hope the maid wold soon be here.... STOP we dont have one.
The children and hubs were not snugged in, they were cutting wood, cutting wood, cutting wood. So life in Collinsville continues and we STILL are waiting for cable and internet. Our house is looking better,the backyard has a way to go, and the boys are off to Grandmas, then the rental property. Ryan is coming up tomorrow to see a friend off to Singapore, the he will stay a while and cut with the boys. I guess that means we wil go buy the 3rd chain saw!!!!!! Whatever!!!!

So without internet or famliar blogs, I have painted the bathroom. Its light blue with grey fleur-de-lies and a glaze. Then I moved to Ryans room. Its now grey, with the same border... I still need to repiant baseboads and his ceiling fan need replaced!

School starts back next Thursday! Where did time go. We are usually on a 'mission trip' with the youth at Boston Avenue to Mexico, but this year we stayed home !!!!! yippee!!!!!!

Last night we celebrated our 28th anniversary. At least we lasted though the ice storm/power outage. what that old saying? What doesnt kill you or your spouse makes you stronger... At least we are still together! We saw the cuttttttest movie last night. I cried through the WHOLE thing... PS I Love You! Its definately a chic flic! But hubs mae it through without a tear! men!!!

Dinner is about ready, npe I ave not helped! oops! I think its meatload, okra, brownies, potatoes..... yummmmmmy.

Ill be back later, or when we get fired up again.

Have a great New Year..

Tootle loo,

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a Merry Christmas

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We had a wonderful time in Dallas. The boys, hub and I spent time together, ate and opened presents. We actually opened presents on Christmas Eve. We have never done that, but the boys wanted to do that so... we did. We atated off to Church an when we got there the sanctuary was filled more than an hour before the service started. So, we went to eat instead. Yummmmm italian food, then home to unwrap presents. I must have been really good, photo elements, clothes and jewerly! Hubs liked his tickets to Celine Dion and the boys were glad to get their stuff. Lance loved his camera and Ryan really liked his Ipod among all the other stuff!!!

WE wnet out to dinner on Christmas. I knew that it would be at least $200. I had a mimosa, Ry had a bloody mary and L had a beer! Total tab $308! I about crapped in my pnats, but it was good. I mean really good!!!! Ah well, its only once a year.

I hope you all had a great time too. My internet is still down, so I am at Pam's house. Better get back home. Pics will come wyhen I get back on. I left the laptop with Ry, so I will either wait until he come back next week or get a new one???????

Have a great New Year!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

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I am still posting from Pam's house. I have power. but our internet is part of the cable. So, hopefully when we get home form Frisco, we will have internet.

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with family and friends. We will be at Ryans. He works the day after Christmas so its easier for us to go there. We are going to Church, The Ice at Gaylord Texan and out to dinner for Chirstmas Day. Hmmm not cooking for me, but lots of time with my boys. Thats all I want!

See ya when we get home.

Tootle loo

Friday, December 21, 2007

power. power, we have power!!!

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Yep on the 11 day of Christmas my city gave to me electricity!!!

I have cleaned all day and the house is looking good! Not so much for me, but I can clean up pretty fast. I have all of the presents wrapped and under the tree, except for one package. Its in transit?????

So, I wont go into detail about how we got the power.... Lets just say City Hall and I had a "come to Jesus mtg". Yep I was hateful. Hubs was the mayor here when the kids were little for about 6 years. It seemed more like 60 years. Anyway, that card didnt play well, soo I got a bit huffy. However we now have electricity!!!!!!!

Ok, we dont have internet because I use the cable service as my internet thingy, but I can come across the street to Little town,big life and use hers!

We are off for Bid D for Christmas! I have things ready and Ry is making a reservation for Christmas Dinner!

Better get, hubs will be home soon.

tootle loo,

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the 10th day before Christmas...

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Lets see,
No I dont have power... I am blogging at school (illegal operation), guess my laptop could be confiscated!!!!! Whatever. By this time in the great no power era, I just dont care about much other than electricity and cleaning the saw dust and candle wax out of the carpet.

We are still in and out of the house, mainly out. Dinner out, laundry out, ??????

SO, have a Merry Christmas and we will talk to you when I get some power and internet service.

Monday, December 17, 2007

So here we go...

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Day 9 of the everpresent remaind of the ice storm. We still do not have power at our house. Yep. thats right. I came home from school today thinking that we would, but nope, it didnt happen. We have the box on the house and along with the neighbor next door and across the street are at the mercy of the city to hook us up. We are on the LIST. I asked today what # we are... not the question to ask I guess.

So, the temp is up over freezing at night, the pipes wont freeze and we have moved our stuff to hub's mothers house. It was beginning to get really really old at our house. The laundry is in the washer and we will have clean clothes so, all I want for Christmas is ELECTRICITY.

No, the phone just rang and Lance is on the way to urgent care... he was plaing basketball at TU with buds and twisted his ankle... maybe broken. Ok, now lets process al of this. We have a house, we have $$, we have blessings... in other words as the saying goes in our house . No one is pregnant, dying or in jail.... life is good. hahaha Lets just keep on laughing.

Now on a brighter note. I went to finish Christmas stuff after school today. Oh boy, I got my nephews kids ( well not really his , but Sarah's) so cool toys that make all sort of noise!!!!!!!! How fun for them. I even got exra batteries. One is this race car thing that looks like you are setting in the drivers seat. The other is an 18 wheeler truck with a loader and cars and extra batteries. fun fun fun.

Tomorrow is the party at school for teachers, Wednesday is parties at school for kids and Wed nght is the party at Boston Ave for Mohawk Manor... I do hope by Thursday we have power!

Thats all for now

Oh, I did get the cutest things in the mail today.
1 a little shirt from my sister, that says. I dont need therapy I have my sister
2 a banner from The Rose Room of the cutest little Christmas outfits all hung in a row. pics later ! And candy... its gone, and the sweetest smelling rose soap ever.

Thanks bunches

Tootle loo

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice mess

I am at TU at hubs office to pay bills online, so here is the latest blog info.
We are still out of electricity. The ice storm pulled the service box off our house and we are putting it up tonight. But we dont know when the service will be back on. We have a wood burnung fireplace and gas cooking stoce, s, but I threw out all of our food 2 days ago. We are using candles at night and flashlights. Anwho, I will be offline for a while. The internet is through our cable TV CO and it may be a while

Little town big Life is across the street for me andis in the same spot!!!
One of us will beck back soon. Pics of my tow are on:

tootle loo

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Ho, Ho , Ho, its beginning to look a little bit like Christmas around here. We-hubs went up in the attic, I'm not allowed there after I fell through... Anyway we got 3 boxes including the tree down. I didnt get all the decorations, rugs, and lots of knick nacks out. Nope not this year ! So this is the entry way. My little reading room. No, I didnt clean up before I clicked away, sorry!
I slapped some already lite garland on the clock and took the fern out of the basket!
The bedroom! Nope, I didnt make the bed, cause the sheets are in the dryer! Anywho, i put some garland on the headboard with red lights! The headboard is one that hubs made many years ago, it ceiling tiles that look like tin, painted white.

This is the front window! Tiny tiny tree, oh well. I will work. I had to set it up on something, because granddog Moey is coming next weekend for L's graduation from TU.
I have the cutest little Noah's Ark with animals and people made from wood. We have had it for ever. the boys played with it so much. Well, Its now chewed by Moey and Aspen when the came to visit! Aspen lives with her mommy now. Yes, Aspen is a dog too!

This is the tree in the family room. Oops, I forgot to shut the door to the laundry room. The other door goes to hubs office. I love to decorate the tree and remember all the places we got ornaments and the cute ones the boys made at school. I think that is why I always make one ornament each week of December at school. I hope their Mom keeps them for many years. I want to distress those two chair white. What do you thing?? Hubs thinks I am nuts, but whatever that usually doesnt bother me.
My legs and knees are sooooooooooooooooo sore from my fall. They are swollen and bruised! I am such a klutz! I am thinking that this is all about the meds I take. Finally we found a regimen that works for the fibromyalgia! Now its causing me to feel weird and fall alot. Hmmmmm.
Hubs got the front part of the fence back up. yippee Moey will like that. I would like to get L his puppy for graduation. Blue Tick Coon Hound, I think we could keep it here, but he probably wants to keep it at his house and he has a huge dog there that belongs to a room mate. Hmmmm... We got him a 'brick' at TU. What a grad gift huh? But its at the BB Arena and is going to by near Ryan's. So they well have left their mark at TU. Im sure they already did that somewhere around the fraternity house. I just dont want to know that information.
Guess that all, I need to go solder a few gifts for people at school.
Tootle loo,

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Friday, December 7, 2007

list, list list

List, list, list, oh my.

Rainy, sleety nasty weather and the kidnapping did not happen tonight! Maybe the week we are off for Christmas break.
It started raining this am and now its just yukky. I needed gas in the Jeep, the fire was warm in the fireplace, I fell once again at school, its just was not happening!

Yep, I walked out of my room at school and landed on my knees and hands! So, since this is not the first time 'my legs' don't do what I tell them, I did call the Dr. I will go see Dr. M on Tuesday! Im sure its just nothing, but I have ignored it for a few months and thought it would go away. But, the good side... I didnt wet my pants!!!!!

Anyway, my knees are sore and bruised!

Saturday list:
  • get Christmas stuff from the attic
  • go get some groceries- Target, Lowes
  • pick up the junk in the house
  • laundry
  • work on SS party for Mohawk Manor- its Thursday
  • finish some ornament orders
  • find a place for furniture we brought home from Dallas
  • put something in the crock pot
  • clean the kitchen and bathrooms
  • make Lance some Christmas cookies for 'the boys'
  • make some and freexe for Ryan
  • make a TUTU for Ryans bosses little girl- Maddy


  • Church
  • TU BB game
  • SS party at Escargot- Tulsa
  • decorated the house
  • work on a presentation for SS and Mission committee- about Ukraine
  • make a gift list
  • clean Lance's closet
  • get stuff ready for next weekend----- Lance Graduates for TU. yippee!!!
  • call Zios'- we are taking everyone for lunch after Grad.
  • cull through magazines
  • put away fall stuff
  • research why I am falling/ feeling wierd. I know Dr. M tells me to stay off the internet...

I think that is it!

No wonder Im always tired. I really need to find some good vitamins. But I never know which ones are good and which run through you like pee! I have spent more money on vitamins and I never feel any different. Any suggestions????

I am going to bed early tonight!!!!!!!!! Right Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tootle loo ya'all

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh, you better not cry,
You better not pout,
You better wear cute jammies,
Cause we are going out...

Kidnappings coming to
C'ville this weekend...

She sees you when your vegging,
She sees you when your asleep
She will see you in the window,
So, you better come without a peep...

Oh, you better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better grab some money
Dont be bringing your honey...

Kidnappings coming to
C'ville this weekend!

Oh, you better watch out
You better not whine,
We will go to Starbucks
But we will not dine...

Kidnappings coming to
C'ville this weekend!

No this is not pennythequeen posting.... guess who???
Mystery poster. hahahahah........
A little elf on the loose.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Puts things in perspective

Ok- the program went well. I forgot the camera, but we got all 9 classes on 2 busses, yep they sent 2. We had the program, they were cute and I am in my jammies at 4:23. There is a fire in the fireplace, supper in the crockpot and its couch time tonight.

BUT, last night I was checking a blog of a friend and I ran across this blog. Get the kleenex. This mom is haveing her second brain surgery next week. She has 3 little boys and her brain tumor is back from just one year ago. She needs lots of prayers.... Go and read this blog, then get on your knees and pray to God for healing and for her. I cant even imagine what she is going through!

go now to

tootle loo,

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Okey dokey- The kids Christmas program is in the morning at 9:30 am. The music teacher is pregnant and is having contractions! Yep, you got it. I am leading the Christmas program in the morning. All 9 classes of 2nd grade. HAHAHA me and music!! I am doing this with another teacher that at least can read music and had been in a choir.

I was in the Church Choir when I was little, oops, I got in trouble and I think 'kicked' out cause I talked too much! So anywho, I got 90 snowflakes glittered and sticks stuck to the back-- my girls did it. Kazoos were passed out, sunglasses passed out, songs rehearsed and the 'death threat' if they acted up in front of the parents! GEE....... Oh we ran out of sunglasses and needed 20 more. No problemo, I wil run to Target after school, all out... Hobby Lobby, all out... Dollar Tree, all out... WalMart, got the last 4 pkgs!!!! yippee!

So I took up the waist of my black pants... ironed my shirt and I am off to bed to have dreams of Santa and all the songs going through my head and the motions too! Wahhhhhhhhhh!

Update tomorrow, pics too! PRAY... The place where we are having the program was crowded with 6 classes, we added 3 more and have not yet been there to practice.

Oldest sons new Mercedes SLX, no he won't let me drive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I gave birth to him. He just didnt care!
Nice for 26 yrs old! He's cute too! No that is not me. Grandma went to Big D with us at Thanksgiving!

tootle loo,

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Bah... I cant get stuff finished

Well, I guess we all knew this anyway. This is ALL the Christmas stuff I have out. Yep, it is still in the attic. Im feeling a bit like scrooge. No, I dont have any of these kinds of sweaters anymore. I have gone to basic red, black or grey with some jewerly.... HMMMMMMM.

You Are a Christmas Sweater!
Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy.You're not afraid to be a little tacky.


Crappy Christmas Gift Are You?

Today I found a place to go in Texas for Christmas. Gaylord Texan... looks good, sounds good, cost about $700. for the 4 of us!!! Thats 2 rooms, 4 Christmas Brunch, 4 tickets to the ICE. Holy crap! Whats this all about. So, back to square 1. Ry works the day after Christmas- yep the stock market is open, and people will trade all that money they got for stocks. right! So, I think maybe we will stay at Embassy Suites Frisco, maybe eat brunch there??? or a place called Mignon- Plano ???? Any suggestions, oops I guess I could cook , nay!
Let me know a yummy place.

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Clean closets

What was I thinking, after Church we came home to eat some Chili, then I decided to work on Ryan's room. I took out all of the old furniture, moved the dresser- my great grandmother's to our bedroom. Put up a new- hubs grandmothers- bed, dresser and put a mirror back together. Then, I decided that the furniture and the walls are blending together. No,I didnt go get paint, but I will tomorrow. I think grey?? Anyway, I put his room back together and then went to work on our room. Clean the closet and put stuff in the new/old dresser! I color coordinated the closet and hung all the shirts, dresses, pants, etc in order! My OCD's coming out!!!!!!
Then organized the closet and finally vac'd the floor!!!!
After that I had to finish the child list for our Sunday School Class party for 62 children. These children live in Mohawk Manor in Tulsa. They work hard all year to come to the party. We provide pizza, santa, pictures, music, cookies and a gift! This may be the only gift they get at all for Christmas. So needless to say I am obsessing over the decorations and prep for this!
Its now almost 10:00 and I am still doing the laundry!!!

Oh well, I need to get things ready for school. I was going to go up today and decorate for Christmas, but I couldn't get to it...

Tomorrow is another day!

tootle loo,

PS- Its gotten reallllllly cold here today. The weather was warm on the way to Church, oops, it got cold at Church and it keeps getting colder! Merry Christmas weather!

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