Sunday, December 2, 2007

Clean closets

What was I thinking, after Church we came home to eat some Chili, then I decided to work on Ryan's room. I took out all of the old furniture, moved the dresser- my great grandmother's to our bedroom. Put up a new- hubs grandmothers- bed, dresser and put a mirror back together. Then, I decided that the furniture and the walls are blending together. No,I didnt go get paint, but I will tomorrow. I think grey?? Anyway, I put his room back together and then went to work on our room. Clean the closet and put stuff in the new/old dresser! I color coordinated the closet and hung all the shirts, dresses, pants, etc in order! My OCD's coming out!!!!!!
Then organized the closet and finally vac'd the floor!!!!
After that I had to finish the child list for our Sunday School Class party for 62 children. These children live in Mohawk Manor in Tulsa. They work hard all year to come to the party. We provide pizza, santa, pictures, music, cookies and a gift! This may be the only gift they get at all for Christmas. So needless to say I am obsessing over the decorations and prep for this!
Its now almost 10:00 and I am still doing the laundry!!!

Oh well, I need to get things ready for school. I was going to go up today and decorate for Christmas, but I couldn't get to it...

Tomorrow is another day!

tootle loo,

PS- Its gotten reallllllly cold here today. The weather was warm on the way to Church, oops, it got cold at Church and it keeps getting colder! Merry Christmas weather!

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tommie said...

I love to clean! Kind of a madness....if you paint, take some pics, I would love to see a gray room.

Little Town Big Life said...

Wish I could have cleaned closets yesterday!!!

After singing a special at BOTH services, we went to Linens & Things, Walmart, home to change clothes, to Cardinal Heights to put up 2 trees & decor (church outreach), decorate for PEO, home to do laundry--isn't there ANYONE out there that takes on projects like us??? Of course not!!! They are TOO BUSY!!! hee hee hee

See you tonight -- you'd better be there!!!!!