Monday, December 17, 2007

So here we go...

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Day 9 of the everpresent remaind of the ice storm. We still do not have power at our house. Yep. thats right. I came home from school today thinking that we would, but nope, it didnt happen. We have the box on the house and along with the neighbor next door and across the street are at the mercy of the city to hook us up. We are on the LIST. I asked today what # we are... not the question to ask I guess.

So, the temp is up over freezing at night, the pipes wont freeze and we have moved our stuff to hub's mothers house. It was beginning to get really really old at our house. The laundry is in the washer and we will have clean clothes so, all I want for Christmas is ELECTRICITY.

No, the phone just rang and Lance is on the way to urgent care... he was plaing basketball at TU with buds and twisted his ankle... maybe broken. Ok, now lets process al of this. We have a house, we have $$, we have blessings... in other words as the saying goes in our house . No one is pregnant, dying or in jail.... life is good. hahaha Lets just keep on laughing.

Now on a brighter note. I went to finish Christmas stuff after school today. Oh boy, I got my nephews kids ( well not really his , but Sarah's) so cool toys that make all sort of noise!!!!!!!! How fun for them. I even got exra batteries. One is this race car thing that looks like you are setting in the drivers seat. The other is an 18 wheeler truck with a loader and cars and extra batteries. fun fun fun.

Tomorrow is the party at school for teachers, Wednesday is parties at school for kids and Wed nght is the party at Boston Ave for Mohawk Manor... I do hope by Thursday we have power!

Thats all for now

Oh, I did get the cutest things in the mail today.
1 a little shirt from my sister, that says. I dont need therapy I have my sister
2 a banner from The Rose Room of the cutest little Christmas outfits all hung in a row. pics later ! And candy... its gone, and the sweetest smelling rose soap ever.

Thanks bunches

Tootle loo


Little Town Big Life said...

So, are you guys there without gma???? I guess so, you're still able to speak English!!!

How did it turn out with Lance? Ankle ok???

I'll be cooking for chain saw men tomorrow evening at the church, and then the church dinner on Wed!!!

Hope to see you soon---stay warm & clean--hee hee hee

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for the boys' presents. They are loving them! Hope you had a good CHRISTmas, and you have a Happy New Year. Hugs from the boys and I ~ Sarah