Monday, January 24, 2011

Wonderful weekend

I had just the best weekend!  My friend Tracy-from Texas, yo know the one I went on my cruise with... yes that one. She came to Cville for Lance and Laura's wedding shower.  We had such fun. We got lost on the way, lost on the way back and even accidentally ran a red almost green light. whew ...cant go anywhere.

 The shower was for my son Lance and his bride Laura. They got lots of fun exciting gifts. The food was great, cake was the bomb- but Ii just love white wedding cake and we laughed till our tummy's hurt!
Only a week and a half then I get to go to NYC. I am so excited.

Just thought this was so me when I was little. I had a permanent spot at my great grandma's house for my nose. Guess you could say I was a rebel back then.

better go finish some crafts...

Tootle loo

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home again..

Time for this Nanny to go home.... (sad Nanny). I have been here for a week and we are working on a schedule.  Nanny 1- (my sister-Mimi) will stay for 2 more weeks. I have lots to do when I get home.  Plans for the wedding rehearsal, a wedding shower this weekend and then I leave again for NYC on Feb 3-7. I hope the weather in NYC clears up a bit before I get there.

My best friend is coming for the shower from Dallas... the one that went on the cruise with me. Whew, what a traveling last 6 mos.  Got to slow down after the wedding in Feb and enjoy the spring that will soon be here.

Have a great week

Tootle loo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

stinkin cute!

I am in Houston/Woodlands playing with Payton this week. My sister and I are sharing 'custody' during the day a babysitters.  We found these boots at Bloomingdeals... how adorable are these. We are going to a rodeo this weekend in Ft. Worth... she is ready to saddle up.... Cowgirl up Payton Grace!
Tootle loo

Monday, January 3, 2011

new kitchen

I have been scanning kitchen idea books.... I think this is the one I like best.  Its also the one hubs llikes the best... less work for him and Lowe's.. hopefully thats what we will do this summer.

I am beginning to make a to do list for this year. I wonder if my list and hubs list will match at all????

I would like to hire someone to come in to my house and take everything off the walls and while I am gone... poof put stuff back in new places... do the furnitire too!!!! I don't want to buy new stuff, just move the stuff around... but with a new prespective. Is there anyone that does that sort of thing? hmmmm

I am off to Houston to play with Payton next week and then of to NYC with girlfriends for fun... then Lance and Laura's wedding after that... oops all that will happen before the end of February.....

Have a blessed week!

Tootle loo