Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday night

Whew! Time flies when you are having so much fun...

Well, the business didn't sell last night. My sister did not accept the bids presented. However, one of the ladies interested is still working on her finances and still wants the shop. Billy Long, the auctioneer had two calls today, so there is still lots of inquiries.

Now about the DREAM house. The high bid was 250K !!! Can you believe that? I did not bid! My LH is pleased. hahaha. The bid is contingent upon the owners acceptance.

Tomorrow is my last day at SMACKS. I'm going back home. yea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my LH and my house. My sister an I have had a wonderful time together and I am so glad I was able to come to help her. We have not been together this long since we were kids. Its even better cause we don't fight at this age! hahaha. We have laughed and laughed and had the best time!!. I heard a statement long ago, that someday your parents will be gone and you only have you siblings. I have the best. We will always be there for each other. Isn't it funny how you and your sibling can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking???

Well enough of that, we have some "take and bake" pizza in the oven and wine chilling...

Tootle loo,

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We started out a bit confused... I dropped my sister off at the door to Smacks this morning because we had a case of Orange Crush to carry. I went on to our parking area and came in with the groceries we needed for the chicken salad. I got in the door and asked where the money bag was???? Not in the car!!! oops we left it at home. So back to her house I went. While I was gone she started the ice tea pot, the the little lever was open and the tea ran all over the floor. But, we had a good day after that.
A couple of "local" people were wondering where the bread pudding was. So, I guess I will make some in the morning. As we were discussing the bread pudding, a table of 3 rather fluffy ladies overheard. They want to be first in line for the bread pudding. Guess, I better make a double batch. One of the ladies ate not one waffle cone, not two, but three waffle cones as well as lunch. Now, she didn't eat all of them at once, but between the hours of 2-4:00!!!!! She will be a bit fluffier in the morning.

Tomorrow is my sisters, sister-in-law's birthday. So if the jet ski business is quiet at 4:00 we are going to dinner then to SIX. They are a group of guys that sing. They are pretty good. You can read about them at They came in to eat today as well, 2 families and showed an interest in buying Smacks and calling it SIX SMACKS??????? We will see.
The auction in 2 days away. I found this really wonderful house being auctioned that night. It is just my dream house. Old with a wrap around porch, 2 story, 2 sunrooms, hardwood, lanscaped yard, BEAUTIFUL... its parcel #8. The only problem is that I don't live here and I haven't told my LH about my lust for this house. Do you think he will mind if I bid on it?????? Maybe if I talk real sweet, and promise to not whine for the next 30 years. If you wish to contribute to my dream in a monetary fashion, please do so immediately! I'll let you drink lemonade on the porch with moi! Now, can you just see me sitting on the porch every day with my fruity drink and a magazine?

THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also see my sisters parcel at the same website site but parcel #24

Well tootle loo,

Monday, June 25, 2007

Girls Day

Today was girls fun day. Its been a long time since my sister and I were able to spend a day of playing. We had a pedi/mani and massage. Wow we feel great tonight. Usually when we are together we are working at Smacks or in OKC caring for a Grandma or doing some kind of scheduled event. So today was a treat for us. We ate and laughed and had a great time!!!
Of course, mine are the pink ones!!!

This is a pic of my sister and the new waverunner. We had a great time on it yesterday. They have a ski rental on Table Rock Lake. The lake is up and clear and the ski's are ready to ride for the 4th. They are generally all rented for this coming week and the upcoming hoilday week too.

Sunday evening we took my brother in laws sister to eat for her birthday! We went to a place called Gaskin's Cabin. I had chicken with ricotta cheese. I ordered chocolate bread pudding for desert. It was alright, but it was more like a baked fudge than bread pudding. I make better bread pudding. My sister had fried shrimp it reminded us of Sonic's fried shrimp. So we were not impressed at all. Except for the steak that my brother in law had. It was good. Oh, well we had fun anyway.
Three more day until the AUCTION. We are really hopeful. There are about 3 people really interested, but you can't count on anything until the gavel is hit with a sale! Keep your fingers crossed.
Have a good evening
tootle loo,

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I slept in until 9 ish, then we went to "break-in" the waverunner. This took most of the afternoon. But we had fun on the lake. My brother in law is a bit wilder on the waverunner than my sister an I are! But, neither of us fell off! The clouds were hanging low and threatened rain. As we were docking, the thunder started and we loaded right up and came back to my sisters lake house.

We went to have supper and then watched a movie. So, it was a nice relaxing day. My thunb is healing....yipee! Tomorrow we go back to my sisters. We are having a massage, then I am going to introduce my sister to the art of pedicures!!! I have some pics I will put on tomorrow.

Tootle loo,

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Today was rather slow until 1:00, then we did not stop until 4:30!

I had a bit of an accident this morning. I have this amazing thing from Pampered Chef that slices vegetables. I have used it at home a couple of time and always cut a slice of my finger while cutting veggies. So, I brought it to my sister to use at SMACKS. I told her to be really careful when she used it. I was doing great cutting tomatoes with it until today! Bam, I sliced my right thumb. Now, its not just a small slice, I did it really good. I probably could have used a couple of stiches, but who wants to sit in the ER in Branson for hours. We finally found some butterfly strips and I think its going to be OK now. My sister is much more medical hands on than me. I know what to do, but I'd rather not touch or see the wound. She really enjoys the blood issue. So, I will spend the remainder of the weekend resting at the lake.

They bought a new waverunner today and I guess it has to be "broken in", so I might go with my sister tomorrow to do that on the lake. Otherwise, it a lazy Sunday.

Better go, its time to put on jammies and read a bit...

tootle loo,

Friday, June 22, 2007

Baking Day

Today was baking day at Smacks. Colleen baked 36 loaves of bread. Im soooooooo glad I am not the baker of bread!!!!!
It was a somewhat slow day again. The busses were not unloading today. whew! So sales were down. However, we were lucky that today was
"crazy people day". We must have gotten all the crazies. My goodness , nobody could make a decision about anything. How hard is it to look at the menu and make a choice. No, we dont have soup in the summer... no we can't make 1/2 of a hot dog, no we can't let you go to the bathroom that says employees only, no you can't use a debit/credit card when it say "cash only"--- please check your cash supply before you order!!
Lets see, what else?? Oh, yea, Does the ice cream have gelatin in it??? Beats me!
I guess Im really saying that there is NO way I could do this for my profession. It's not rocket science, but its becoming very mundane. How many time can I tell someone whats come on a hotdog... mustard, chili, cheese and kraut, if you want it. Its written right above my head. I honestly dont know how my sister has done this since November. I guess some people have a passion for it. I was doing OK until today and its becoming the same thing every day.. Good afternoon, how are you all today, can I get you something?
Wha, wha, wha... I am whiny as my LH would say. So, tomorrow after we serve the tourist, we will go to the lake for the weekend. We will be back on Monday. My sister and I found a massage therapy place that uses their students. Its right here in Ozark. So, we will participate in a big fat massage, then I need my nails filled. Oh yea, my sister has never had a pedicure.. can you believe a relative of mine has not participated in this activity. Believe it, she has not!! So, while Im getting a mani, she will get a pedi.
I guess that sums up my day. Just a reminder, PRAY, PRAY and then PRAY some more that SMACKS sell at the auction on June 28!!! My sister is ready to complete this transaction and move on to the next chapter in her book of life.
Have a good Saturday, hope your off, we aren't.
tootle loo,

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yummy Yummy

This morning I dug around in the back room and made some bread pudding. I used the crust from the bread I slice for sandwiches every morning. I added nuts, butter, eggs, cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla and almond extract and whatever else looked good. I baked it until it was crusty. I then mixed a yummy buttery/caramel sauce and poured over it . We sold one 9X13 pan full and have 1 more for tomorrow. Those bowls went fast , especially right out of the oven. $3.75 a bowl!!!! Yum Yum
If you order this with a diet soda, then the calories are cancelled!!! hahaha.
I also added a bit of sunshine to the Deli. I found come flowers at the check out at WalMart. You know, those ones for men to buy their wife, when the go on the milk and bread run!!! Well, I put them in a cup in the window, and put some more on the counter. It was great to see a bit of sunshine on a rainy day in Branson.
Other than that it was uneventful. A "slow day" according to the cash register.
My sister and Colleen, (my brother in law's sister) went to Ruby Tuesdays for a quick dinner. I had lunch at 3:00, so I stayed here with hot tea. I'm still having leg cramps and back ache...whine, whine! So, Im just going to curl up and rest. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Have a good night
tootle loo,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back to work at the Ice Cream Shop

Today was crazy!!!!
I burnt 2 sugar cones. dropped a drink. dropped a brownie sundae, got a man 2 drinks he did not order, forgot to write down what someone wanted on their hot dog, gave the wrong change, spilled some chocolate ice cream into the cherry... the list just goes on. But, my sister didn't fire me!!!! It just sort of went from crazy to worse than crazy.
My fibromyalgia has been under control until this morning. I woke up with leg cramps and back ache. wha, wha, wha. guess Im a whiney!!!! I hope it gets better with a few minutes in the hot tub. I don't get sick days here in "Big B".
Its really gotten hot here, too. Its rained so much the humidity is high. Oh, last night a tornado went through Ozark... where we are living. It took out part of the High School, damaged some homes and we never knew it was happening. We didn't hear a siren!! The HS is about a mile away.
Well, thats about ir for now stay tuned for tomorrows update.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pics of Branson

I finally sat down and uploaded the pics of Smacks.
This is the ordering area. The ice cream, topping, and the shake machine.
So, there isn't a lot of room there. Just the two of us. I take the orders, get the ice cream, drinks, and make shakes. Oh yea, I also make the waffle cones. Wow, they are so fattening!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea! So, if you like them, I won't tell you what they are made from... lets just say lots of eggs, sugar, oil and other fat carbs.
This is the front part of the ordering area. It doesn't look to complicated, until there are people line up outside the door waiting to place their order. I just keep thinking... one at a time, they can either leave or wait until I get to them.

This is the eating area. Those two are my Mom and Rick. They came to help, while I am at home. Gee, they don't seem to be busy right now.
So, now you have the general idea of my day to day excitement. hahaha
Since today is Father's Day, Im grilling pork chops, potatoes and carrots, corn on the cob then a little bit of chocolate cake to finish the day.
Tomorrow, I go back to MO. for 2 weeks, then home again for the rest of the summer.
Have a good Father's Day!!!
tootle loo,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wow, its already Friday afternoon

Its nice to be at home. Yesterday went by quickly, I had a much needed pedi and massage, then off to Target to get a few things. I actually cooked last night, yummy!!! Tonight we are going to OKMozart. It is generally at Woolaroc as an outdoor concert. However, the massive rains we have had, forced the concert to move into to Concert Hall. Not as much fun, but we will enjoy it all the same. I just finished a short "power nap" and its time to wake LH from his "power nap".

Sunday is Fathers Day. LH and I both lost our Fathers. Mine has been gone since '88, his since '00, so its just his day. I hope you enjoy and spoil you own father, we wish we could too.

I got my haircut today, wow is short and funky!

Better get ready for my date nite
Tootle Loo

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Last night we went to a Branson Show... now, I don't really care for the Hillbilly things, so I threatened my sister if it was stupid. Actually it was pretty great. Its called "Six". They are brothers and they do these amazing things. There is not a drummer etc. they do it all with noises and the microphone!!! Its unbelievable. But, I suppose that what Branson is all about. If you are ever around, go see them.
My mom is coming up tonight to work Thurs., Fri. and Sat. I am going home for a few days!!!!!!! yipee. Im going to the Beauty Salon and get a massage. yea!
Its raining again here in the Ozark Mountains, seems that it will be all week.
Better go, my sister needs to run some errands on our way.

tootle loo,

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday raining,raining...

This morning we woke to raindrops on the roof. Its a nice summer rain, but not much fun at the lake. We are off the Branson. My sister and brother-in-law are going to defrost the ice cream freezer. I am going to go by Victoria's Secret and get a few things. Then, back to Ozark until Wednesday night. I am going home for a couple of days. yipee!!!!!!!!

Not much more news... I found the cutest haircut in Springfield. I am tempted to go ahead and do it then tell my hairdress Friday when I go in. Its shorter and funky. Hmmmmm.

Off we go,

tootle loo,

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME

This is it the big day...
I woke up this morning with lots of presents.... the most important little blue box. My Tiffany's necklace. Its the one with silver graduated bead similar to pearls. We took Lance down to launch on the lake and it started to rain. We are waiting for the rain to pass. Bob, my brother in law is cooking ribs and brisket. We are having a yummy lunch.

LH and Lance will head back home this evening. We are staying at the lake until Monday. I am working Tues. and Wed., then back home for a few days. We have tickets for OK Mozart at Woolaroc. This is an annual concert that LH and I go to every year. Then I will come back for a few weeks.

The auctions for the sale of the business is June 28th. At this point there are 4 people interested. My sister is really wanting it to sell. Its not hard, just more time consuming than she thought.

We have not been out and about to shop, by the time we finish each day at 5:00, we are dead tired.

Better go, I smell lunch

tootle loo,

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Its finally Saturday night

I made it for one whole week. The tips were pretty good too, but LH gave me a big fat tip!!!! He is here with Lance for the Big B day weekend!!!

We had a funny day. I was giving change to a man and I was in the $1's pile, well heaven to Betsy, there was a $100 bill sittin in that spot!!!! So, I looked again just to be sure and it was there... LH and Lance were there so I told them. I stuck it in the special place for those big dogs and thought for once I would be ahead of the daily tally not behind. Plus, I was seeing a trip to Victoria's Secret for a bra!!! I told my sister and she was thinking the same thing. About 15 minutes later a lady came in hysterical. She had lost a $100 bill and we were the only place she used her cash. My sister told her yes, we found it, we gave it back and she gave us one measly dollar. But, there is a moral to the story. We are at the lake for the weekend and on the way we nearly died. A car turned around in the middle of the road and we missed them by a few inches. I nearly hit them smack in the side!!! Jesus was watching us!!!

Yesterday, I took my sister to get a little makeover. She got her hair foiled and cut into a cute chunky funky cut. She is not as fru fru as me. So, by the time I leave whe will have a complete makeover. She was carrying this ugly purse, so we are in he process of getting a newer updated style. Hers looks like an old lady. She just loves when I come, hahaha!

Oh, tomorrow is the big DAY!!!! the big 49+1 day. We will celebrate at Table Rock. I hope that box that come from my fav store Tiffanys is at the lake with us!!!!

See ya later

Tootle Loo,

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Wow, this was a crazy day!
It started quite calm - that should have been the hint, then picked up a bit at lunch. The bad part was at 3:00. A family of 7 children, grandma, grampa,and other cousins came in to eat. They could not decide what they wanted. All the kids wanted ice cream, mom was yelling they could not have it. She placed an order , then changed it in just a few minutes. Then, she let the kids ...all of them order ice cream. They didn't get the part where you order and wait patiently!!!! They wanted one and then would change to another, I finally got into my teacher mode and they got their ice cream. We had them all fed and Grandpa wanted a hot dog, uncle wanted a hot dog after he saw grandpa's!!!!. They spillled stuff everywhere, left trash out and get this!!! One of the kids spit something out and left it in the napkin OPEN on the table!!!!! My gosh, were they born on another planet. They finally left at 4:00. We shut and locked that door right up.
Then I count money for my sister. Well, money and I are like oil and water-- we don't mix well, I had to count it 4 times. I finally got it done and we sat down for a bite to eat.
Thank goodness this is not my chosen profession!!!!! Now don't get me wrong, we meet lots of wonderful people who are traveling and we have a great time visiting with them, but one bad apple can spoil your day.
I have this tip jar that my sister say rarely gets filled, so its been funny to see if I can get more tips than she does. Today I put a note on it that said,"tips for the teacher", best tip day ever.

Tomorrow, LH and my son are coming up for my birthday weekend. I hope he does not forget the "little blue box" with the white bow-- you know the one I'm talking about from Tiffany's.
Lance and Laura will spend the day on the waveruner at Table Rock, LH can either work with me or go to the Lake with my brother in law. Hmmmmm wonder which he will choose???

I think I will get my swimsuit on and go get in the hot tub for a long soak, maybe a glass of wine and my ipod.

Have a good evening,
tootle loo,

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First Day at SMACKS

Today was the first day at SMACKS... it wasn't too bad. I did take a pic or two, but I uploaded onto my Sister's computer and they got lost??????? Anyway... Ill take some more tomorrow. It was a $600 day, I guess that's good.
Oh, we only made $12.00 tips and we split it. Guess I won't be livin off tips!!!!! I guess people think that if you don't bring it to the table, you don't leave tips. There were lots of people from the Northern part of USA. They do tip better than the southerns do!! However they really don't want much ice in their drinks. Guess Ill learn that.
I only made a couple of "voidable" tickets. But nothing was dropped, broken or burned!!! That in itself is a good day for me.
A girl requested a "marshmellow shake". Well, I stuck some vanilla ice cream, marshmellow creme and milk in the metal container and proceeded to stir it around in the malt/shake machine. She drank it, so it must have been good.
I am making a few merchandising changes for my sister. She is not really fru-fru, so I got some fabric to elevate some boxes to put displays on and also some doilies for the brownies and cobblers. Hmmmm! We will see how that works.
All in all its not too bad. Its much easier than 2nd grade!!!! No body was calling my name and people waited in line better.
Have a good night

tootle loo,

Monday, June 4, 2007

Arrival in Ozark

okay... I'm in Missouri. I actually only had to stop one time, that good for me. So, its off to work in the morning. The "Coke" man comes in the morning, so we have to be there early?????

Last night I had the best birthday dinner with my YAYA friends. We celebrated my 49+1 birthday and a dear friend's 39th. We ate, laughed and ate some more. Key Lime Pie!!!!! Yummy. I got some yummy bath stuff, a book about being old, a huge teacup full of flowers to put on the patio, a stone to put in the flowerbed, some funky glasses that say 50. I think I will wear them in the morning!!!!
I post some pics tomorrow night of the deli.
Have a good evening.

tootle loo...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

No ER runs

Last night was date night with LH. We saw KnockedUp, its really a good movie, but definately rated R. Lots of language and some nude scenes. But a cute movie. Tonight we are going to see another movie too! Gee, two dates in one weekend. (We have some movie passes to use by June 30...)

I didn't hammer any body parts yesterday, so I'm not fired from the fence project yet. I always make LH nervous when I have a hammer or power tool in my hands.

I need to do the laundry and get things ready to go to "Big B." LH needs a few groceries too. Ham from the "Hamlet", yummy... its the best and just a few other things. He's easy to keep fed, hot dogs and sandwiches, nothing gourmet!!! Me, I don't eat hotdog, yukkkkkkk! I guess the house need a quick tidy and then I'll be ready to go.

Lance- the youngest has some things planned to occupy LH while I am slaving away in Big B. So this should be a fun month for him too! HAHA

I'm off to fence duty then to Target, my favorite fun store.Don't you just love the $1.00 aisle??
I always find thing I don't really need, but have to have. I found some great scrapbooking supplies. I'll take them with me to Big B. I wish the one in Owasso had fresh foods! Oh well.

Tomorrow we are off the Church--Boston Avenue, in Tulsa, then the YAYA 's are going out for June birthday early dinner! Yea, thats me! Better get to the front yard,

tootle loo,

Friday, June 1, 2007

These are my "grand dogs", aren't the the most adorable things you have ever seen! Aspen and Moey live in Frisco with my son Ryan and his wife Katy. These are the most spoiled dogs in Texas. Someday I will have grandchildren...

School is out, I turned in my key!!! yipee, I am off to the front yard to "build a fence". Now, this could be dangerous, if you know my track record of accidents!!!! Stay tuned!

tootle loo...