Saturday, June 2, 2007

No ER runs

Last night was date night with LH. We saw KnockedUp, its really a good movie, but definately rated R. Lots of language and some nude scenes. But a cute movie. Tonight we are going to see another movie too! Gee, two dates in one weekend. (We have some movie passes to use by June 30...)

I didn't hammer any body parts yesterday, so I'm not fired from the fence project yet. I always make LH nervous when I have a hammer or power tool in my hands.

I need to do the laundry and get things ready to go to "Big B." LH needs a few groceries too. Ham from the "Hamlet", yummy... its the best and just a few other things. He's easy to keep fed, hot dogs and sandwiches, nothing gourmet!!! Me, I don't eat hotdog, yukkkkkkk! I guess the house need a quick tidy and then I'll be ready to go.

Lance- the youngest has some things planned to occupy LH while I am slaving away in Big B. So this should be a fun month for him too! HAHA

I'm off to fence duty then to Target, my favorite fun store.Don't you just love the $1.00 aisle??
I always find thing I don't really need, but have to have. I found some great scrapbooking supplies. I'll take them with me to Big B. I wish the one in Owasso had fresh foods! Oh well.

Tomorrow we are off the Church--Boston Avenue, in Tulsa, then the YAYA 's are going out for June birthday early dinner! Yea, thats me! Better get to the front yard,

tootle loo,

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Laurie Anne said...

Just found your blog. I used to teach 2nd grade before staying home with kids. It is such a fun age. Well, welcome to blogland :0)