Tuesday, June 5, 2007

First Day at SMACKS

Today was the first day at SMACKS... it wasn't too bad. I did take a pic or two, but I uploaded onto my Sister's computer and they got lost??????? Anyway... Ill take some more tomorrow. It was a $600 day, I guess that's good.
Oh, we only made $12.00 tips and we split it. Guess I won't be livin off tips!!!!! I guess people think that if you don't bring it to the table, you don't leave tips. There were lots of people from the Northern part of USA. They do tip better than the southerns do!! However they really don't want much ice in their drinks. Guess Ill learn that.
I only made a couple of "voidable" tickets. But nothing was dropped, broken or burned!!! That in itself is a good day for me.
A girl requested a "marshmellow shake". Well, I stuck some vanilla ice cream, marshmellow creme and milk in the metal container and proceeded to stir it around in the malt/shake machine. She drank it, so it must have been good.
I am making a few merchandising changes for my sister. She is not really fru-fru, so I got some fabric to elevate some boxes to put displays on and also some doilies for the brownies and cobblers. Hmmmm! We will see how that works.
All in all its not too bad. Its much easier than 2nd grade!!!! No body was calling my name and people waited in line better.
Have a good night

tootle loo,

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Shayne said...

Hey aunt TT your are a trip but i hope you are having fun. Keep this blog i enjoy getting a laugh from it. LOL!!