Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zip, zip,zip...

Is Fall coming to me???? I am really ready for some nice fall weather. I was reading shabbychick's blog- (I would give you a link... but I dont know how! hmmmm,) and that pumpkin coffee has me in the mooooooood for fall! Where is it.
What a busy weekend. Wedding rehearsal and bridal meeting on Friday night, followed by a quick trip to Target.,
Saturday: clean house, do laundry, wedding at 6:00, TU football after that.
Sunday: Church, lunch, finish laundry, grocery store, fix stew, make a cake, work on jewelry, walk the dog, take a nap and now on the computer at 10:45!!!!!
I have a craft show in a few weeks. I DONT KNOW WHY I sign up to do these. They always sound fun, then the reality settles in a bam, its time. Oh my! I told my sister, if I ever sign up again to knock me sideways! really what was I thinking. Oh well, It will be fun. A friend of mine is going with me and we will have... fun no matter what!
I always sit and look at people and think to myself, "did they look at themselves when they left home". I know I don't always look spiffy when I run to the grocery store, ok and Target, but gesh, I never look as bad as some people. I sometime sit in Church and give makeovers in my head. I think to myself they would look soo much cuter if they would put on a bit of makeup and cut their hair. Especially long gray hair. yukko! Sorry if yours if long and gray, but seriously come on ! Get a style. Also, my worst pet peeve is women that wear shorts that crawl up their thighs. They make short bigger just for that reason!
My niece and I want to be fashion police and when we are together we are terrible, I mean really terrible. Its a good thing that she lives in Tx.
Son #1 is coming this weekend for TU homecoming. I cant wait. I miss my son #1. He is soooooo serious, yet so daring. He just cracks me up sometimes. He bought some new "couture" t-shirts. Really 4 for $200. Are you kidding me!!!!!! I can't wait to see them. But then when you think of 4 Izod, or 4 Express, they are probably about that much too! Hmmm we will see.
I better get Moey to the groomer this week so she is so cute for son #1. She is his dog, we are just grand dog setting. I cant go to PetsMart, you remember that issue. So I will call the vet in town and go there.
I better get to bed, I still have a sink load of dishes and I cannot go to bed with dishes in the sink.
I must have a clean kitchen when morning rolls around.
Blessing this week
tootle loo

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ho hum Wednesday

Pretty slow around the house tonight.

Last night we went on our weekly Tuesday night Logan's Steakhouse date. Love that place! $13.99 for 2 dinner. Yes! 2 dinners. It is now our weekly date! I love the salmon and talipia, hub always has the steak. Then to WalMart to get various stuff. hubs got tons of bulbs to plant in the yard... I hope the gophers don't eat them.

I have been working on centers for my classroom. This is the first year I have used centers as a teaching tool. Something new for me. My new desks came in today and I should have them all in the room put together by Monday. The SMART Board has been ordered and I cant wait to get it in the room, I am so excited about using it. Another thing to learn, but I'm game. Has anyone used one?????

This weekend is wedding and TU ballgame. Son #1 comes in next weekend for homecoming, he might bring a friend- of the female species with him. That will be fun. Son #2 and Laura always go to the ballgame with us. It will be good to have all of my boys together. Miss my boys, yep I sure do. I just want to hug on them even if they are 26 and 24! Son #1 goes to San Antonio in Oct, maybe I will just fly down for a weekend and see the sites with him. hmmmm sound like a deal to me.

Mom brought my "strepsils" to me today. They were in Tulsa and I cant get rid of the drainage and sore throat, so she brought it up to Cville. I got some in Budapest last year and you can't get it in the US. Love the stuff, gets rid of it fast!

I am itchin to get fall decorations out and decorate the house. Maybe tomorrow night or this weekend, I always think I need to clean first and I have not had time. I might have a house cleaner, thanks to a wonderful blog reader. YIPPEE! I hate to use someone that is not recommended, everything might be gone when you get home. She is a retired teacher, now that's the ticket for me.
I have my jewelry about ready for the craft show. My french mannequin came in the mail the other day. I need a name for her... I will take suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!! It must be a french name. I have thought of Francesca. Hmmmm, leave me a post for a lovely funky name. Speaking of funky, Mom took a look at the new style of my hair today and after a few seconds, said " Well, that's um funky". Guess in mom talk is ok, she didn't offer to send me to a new stylist.

After the chiropractor today, I wanted to go by the bew "teacher" store in Owasso. I could not remember the location, but I knew it was on 86th. I drove from 145th to 169. No store, I turned back and went back to 145th. No Store, sad, sad, sad, me! Then I came home and the store doesnt open until October 15. sad, sad, sad me!!!

Thats about all in the abode today. Peaceful and laid back.

Have a blessed weekend.

tootle loo

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

just a quickie...

No, not that kind! Get you head out of the gutter.
I mean a quick post
Sore throat tonight, thanks to Okla ragweed!
My foot does NOT need surgery, its all healed thank you very much?
I have 48 pieces of jewelry put together, not soldered.
I found a french mannequin and its on its way from Brooklyn NY
The weather is wonderful!
TU plays at home this weekend, yippee football!
I loved my day off yesterday!
New haircut... watch out Victoria Beckham, the old VB cut not the new pixie. Do you remember those from back in the day. Yep I had one every blasted summer.
Need to find a house cleaner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cooked tonight- fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, fried okra, vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge.

Tootle loo,

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

weather, weather everwhere

I am so under the weather. I always get sick after school starts. I had 4-5 kiddos get sick this week. So Friday afternoon about lunch time, I feet yukky. fast forward to 3:00 and 21 kids ready to go home, I am about to puck or have the craps, I drop my kids off early, give 1 to another teacher to dismiss and come straight home to bed. I tossed and turned all night! You know that achy, hot everywhere, freezing, crapping, headache feeling. So this morning hubs is up at the butt crack of dawn ready to go grocery shopping... what, you dont feel like you want to go? He waited till I felt better which was at 5:00 tonight. So off to Reasors lookin like crap! You know the look... ugly shirt, old crummy shorts, headband and glasses! I saw everyone. It must have been a party for people I knew. Oh well, what ever. We must have been out of everything cause $300 later we left! $300 at Reasors, on what!!!!!!
It must have been a 24 hr bug.

My niece lives in Conroe TX just north of Houston. They rode out the storm at home! I was wishing they had gone to son #1's in Dallas, but they wanted to protect their house etc. you know, I probably would have too, but she was terrified. They will never ride out a hurricane again! They are safe and only lost the shed and a few tools strewn around the property, but they were so lucky. Ike hit Dallas this morning and is still raining their now. It started raining her about 3 and has not stopped.

Better go, I hear ice cream calling my name before I retire to bed for my beauty rest, and I am in NEED of that right now!

stay dry

tootle loo

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Roly Poly...

This catering business --Little Town Big Life - Pam may be a wonderful thing for me! Yep right after we went to Jalapenos for supper tonight, I needed to run to Wally World to look for OU stickers- no I still dont care for them, but I need to make some OU jewelry for a show in Norman. Anywho, on the way, Pam calls and has a little somethin somethin for moi! Yippee. We came home and honk and out come sPam and 2 slices of yummmmmmmy chocolate pie. not icebox kind, not mix kind, no actually from scratch pie. I licked that plate clean and left one for hubs! Well its still there right now. hmmmm he sleeping. I could say that Moey jumped up on the kitchen island and ate it!!! She lived just (katty corner) from me!!!!!

I am up late waiting on hubs Day of Caring Shirt to dry. I cannot wear anything that had not be laundered. CANNOT, its one of those things among my issues!

I tried to design a shirt for the biz to wear to a show, $27. each and you have to buy 6. Hello, I dont have that kind of money! Man, I wanted to be sooooooo cute with my logo on front.

I went to the chiropractor today and got my 'chi' all 'chied' up. I just don't get that whole chi thingy, but whatever it takes. Actually my foot feels better after its chi session.
Speaking of the foot, you know you were thinking about it too! Tuesday I have an appt for the last followup with the surgeon to determine if I need surgery, so I scheduled a few things that day too:
9:00 chirpractor
10:45 gyno
11:30 lunch with son #2
1:30 surgeon
3:30 hair cut and color

whey, what a day that will be!

It has rained here for 2 days, not just a bit but downpours and then drizzle then downpour. DREARY I say!

Thats about all, oh I was so excited to have found a housekeeper, but I only need her 1 time per month and she wanted 2-3 times. Darn it..... if you are in the Cville area and have a housecleaner, email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats all folks

tootle loo

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I don't really believe in chiropractors... but I was hurting sooooo bad from fibromyalgia that when I went for my massage the other day, she suggested I go to a Chiropractor.
One week and $850. later and I am beginning to feel better. On a scale of 1-4, I am almost at 3.
So I go for 28 sessions. She, the Chiro, does this ear acupuncture. hmm that helps my back and they also do"chi". Im pretty skeptical about the chi stuff, but whatever.

Today she did Chi on my ankle so that it might be healed before Tuesday of next week when I go back to the Orthopedic Surgeon.

My neck didnt have a 'curve' to it and my spine was way out of control... story of me huh, I am always out of control.

School this year is a tremendous stress!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean TREMENDOUS. All 9 tchrs are experiencing the same thing. Generally by this time, the kids are rolling along and following directions, not this group... well let's say 25 % are and 75% are not!!!! They dont listen and have a terrible time following direction. They want to be told everything to write and all the answers. I am a firm believer in thinking for yourself. I dont do a lot of paper work and spend a lot of the day working as a group then going back to practice the skill. The kids are fighting at centers and whining about which center they get. I finally told them today that centers are over for a while and that the ones that finish their work can do special center work,. ie- apples this week. cut color, sew, make, bake and eat all types of apples. I generally finish the week with applesauce and apple muffins. Not so much this year unless you do your weekly work! Grrrrrrrr! Any suggestion for me ???????????????/
Enough ranting....

Isnt the weather wonderful? I am sooooooooooooo loving this. I am tired of the hot hot weather. I like to sit outside and drink my morning coffee and look at the world waking up.

Better get, I had 12 orders for Cardinal necklaces for football and I need to get them packaged for tomorrow.

tootle loo,

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh where, oh were, has my internet been?

We got his by lightening last Saturday night. It took out the big computer tower, 2 TV's, telephone, and about anything plugged in! We had just bought a 42" HDTV, but it was still in the box!!!!!!
So, I am putting the laptop in the office and we have juggled TV's, purchased new telephones and various electronics. We went Saturday night to Best Buy and bought the biggest and best surge protectors!!! I had to get the final new modem tonight and now we are humming again.
Go figure, I of course didnt back up anything on the tower, so I m not sure what I am missing. I did back up pictures though.

I have lots of jewelry to make this weekend and so I will busy with that.

Have a great weekend

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