Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cuuuute dress

I am lovin this dress.... I looked for it at two Target's and could not find it. Love the Internet. It will be delivered in 2 weeks. I am really hoping that its not this short. They have it in black too! Cute isn't it!!!!!!
BFF Pam- littletownbiglife, and I shopped all darn day. We started with lunch at 'Cheesecake Factory', then went to the Mall. I got another cute hot pink dress at Macy's. 70% off. Way cute for $25.00. More stuff at Sephora and Chico and then off the Target, Mardel and Hobby Lobby.
I found fabric for my family room curtains at Wally World. I am using burlap with black trim. I'll take pics later when I get it finished.
We had a great time and enjoyed every minute. what fun. I grabbed hubs some of that chicken from Wally World and slapped together a salad, he loves it. Moey at the skin and is laying on the floor like a fat tick! She is so funny. She loves ice cream, especially the homemade vanilla I make. She will be fat as a toad when Ryan sees her again.
We are off to OKC for Youth Force later in June, so will have to spend time at her house in Frisco. Poor thing, she will miss me.
Better get, I need to make some curtains!!!!!
Tootle loo

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kissin Cousins

Moey meets Spalding.

Spalding is Lance and Laura's pet rabbit. He and Moey shared the yard and had fun! Spalding actually chased Moey around a few times. Cute huh.

SCHOOL IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BFF Pam and I are having a girls day out Thursday... yippee!

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Dog beauty shop

Moey went to the "doggy" beauty shop this evening. Doesn't she look soooooo pretty? She would only hold still for a treat! She ought to be pretty for $55.00, but whatever my sweet grand dog needs she gets! hahaha
Last day of school today! Yippee. My kids all left after the program at 11:30! That made my day. I got so much packed up and ready to check out on Tuesday. My room is getting new carpet, so I have some painting to do before July 1. Easy Cheesey!
I got paint for the 'red' wall in the family room and also some new paint and border for the office.
The red wall will become light greenish/grayish and the office is grayish.
I need to get to bed, so I can help hubs paint a wall at church before annual conference, at Boston Avenue.
tootle loo!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

One Fine Day...oops, One More Day

Hallelujah, praise the Lord! School is out tomorrow.
I have all my summer plans right in my little head, runnin around in there so happy and cheerful and full of excitement! I cant wait. I am going to do artsy fartsy in my crap room and I am making jewelry for an art fair with my BFF- Pam. Yep mark the calendar. We will be having an Fall Bazaar, just the two of us! What fun that will be. I need to clean closets, pain the den, oh my what thunderstorms are running aournd in that head of mine!
We had a picnic today in my classroom. I have 19 kids and our reading buddies class has 25! Yep that many kids eating hotdogs. I was grillin them on the George Foreman grill an blew the fuse in my room... duuuuuhhhh, I have one outlet with hundreds of extensions!!!!! But I ran it across the hall and finished those babies!
A shower at my house right after school and I had 2, yes 2 pieces of cake. One for each fanny cheek! Also my yummo punch. 1 thingy of crystal light and 2 Ginger ale! Such a yummy drink!
We had fun, its a teachers 2nd marriage and she is my age... 50. So we had a personal shower and thought it was best to not bring "those" thingys in the school. Moey was a delightful little girly dog and behaves so nice! I gave her a piece of cake, not knowing a friend of mine ALSO gave her some. So we went for a walk to keep her from being a humming bird on crack tonight!
I am off to the tub, with wine in hand and the candles!!!! Tomorrow we are playing outside until 10:15 and ten we have a sing along outside and off they go into the wide blue younder!!!!!!!!!!!!

tootle loo......

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I know you are probably tired of hearing my whine about school this year... but I am plum tuckered OUT! My heavens... today we did a baseball/softball unit. I had about 10 pages of games, color sheets, word searches, picture hunt and they made a pennant! I had 2 of them throw them in the trash at the end of the day. A couple figured out that I was not taking a grade and just blew it off!!!!!! Whats up with this!!!????
Then I had after school pizza/movie party till 6:30 tonight. I had the "good" kiddos, so it was great. We watched "Swiss Family Robinson", they loved it. Report cards were printed 3 times today and I still dont know if they are correct.... hmmmmm! too many changes I dont know about.
Other than that...son #1 is having a great time in Colorado. he is there this week and then back to Texas. He is loving this job. Still with the 'brokerage' firm, but he just travels to different 'firms' to fill in as needed.
Moey the grandog has been really good. We are learning 'no bark' at random things. she likes to bark just to hear herself.
So, 3 days of school and we are out for the summer.......... yippee. I CAN retire after next year, but I dont know if I will. I think it might be better if I know I can.
Better get, laundry callin and I am about to fall asleep. Oh, I got a new ice cream maker for Mother's Day and made the most delllllicious vanilla icecream! yummmmmmo.
tootle loo

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moey new trick

These are the kind of windows we have. They roll outward, with a screen
Today I put Moey out in the backyard and as I was leaving, I decided to open the window a bit because its was going to be a nice day. OK so far... I left and when I came home 7 hours later, I heard whinning., I thought wow, Moey sound close. She had jumped up onto the brick window ledge and was between the window and the screen stuck!!! I dont know how long she had been there, but she was sooooo thirsty! Beats me how she balances onto the brick window ledge!!!!
She may have been up there all day!
Poor thing. I took the screen off and she jumped down and went directly for her water bowl barking!
Silly dog. She is fine, but keep looking at the window. Guess I wont leave windows open! I sont know why she want to come in all say other than she is spoiled.... I did leave her in yesterday, as it was going to rain, hmmmm who is the smart dog now.

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Monday, May 12, 2008



I am so ready for this year to be out. I do believe this had been the hardest year of teaching second grade. It seems like the days are dragging and I getting more and more stressed.

We have a computer program that is set up through the SDE- State Dept of Ed! Enough said... I hate it. My grades and attendance are kept on it and every time we have to send reports, something happens!!!! I have to mess with it yet again tomorrow!!!! We have an IT person but even she cant keep it up and going...

The kids are just fartin away the day. No matter what I have for them to do, they whine and gripe! Whats the deal. Even fun stuff they do and then throw away! Art projects, they do a crappy job and just toss them. What happened to the politeness of children, they argue with me all day and I am not the person to argue with. They do 1/2 of the job and argue that they didn't know. They play their mom and dad like all get out! Its quite as can be and one little boy has decided that if he makes an F he can tell mom that it was noisy and he cant concentrate! Bull Crap, I can hear a pin drop, but mom believes the little angel and she wants for him to be able to do it over at home!!!! I AM GOING NUTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

We are having a picnic next week with our 1st grade reading buddies and about 4 of them are whining, that they don't want to play with them and have a picnic. We were going to walk to the Library in town and have a book scavenger hunt, they whine because we have to walk about 7 blocks!!!!

OK, I'm finished for tonight... maybe hahaha,

Tell your kids teachers what a wonderful job they are doing, right now we all need a little boost.

Tootle loo

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to you all, especially my momma!!!!
So here is your card, because the card I got for you did not get in the package!!!!

Did you Mom make clothes for you?? I remember going to Hancocks and TG&Y to get fabric for our new outfits. She was always whippin something right up for us to wear.

On vacations, she would sit in the front seat of the ol car without A/C, yep I am that old, anywho she would make Barbie clothes!

Then, it was my turn... DO I LOOK LIKE A MAID, I remember shouting that a few times. I even went on strike a couple of time too!

This is a pic from last summer, but they grow up soooooo fast! Son #1 is on the left and called me from St. Louis this evening. Son #2 is on the right and will meet us at Church.

Love my boys, yep I sure do!!!

We always had rules in the house and oh, so many stories...

But the general rule was that Mom and Dad could generally fix things if it DOESN'T fall under this category:
No one is dying, in jail or pregnant... life is good

Another rule was the P rule. You have to email me for that one.

Lots of trip, fun summer days, swimming lessons, ball games, school things and carcations-
Carcations are Sunday trips in the car! We never really knew where we might end up.
Lots of pets: dogs, rats, rabbits, fish, hmmm what else.

Happy Mothers Day to you too!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday's Wisdom

Hmmm... Its a dreary day in Cville today. Im at home craftin my little nail less fingers right off. I took off my nails a few weeks ago and have left them off... hopefully for the summer, we will see about that!
But, back to the important stuff. My Principal ordered 52, yes thats 52 cardinal heads key rings!
I finished them just a few minutes ago, then I already had 7 orders for Mothers Day, got those done too!!!!! No more obsessing about gettin them all finished at night. Im glad to get it finished!!! But my fingers are way tired!

Moey was in the house yesterday since it was raining. I got home from school and could not hear her. I finally found her barking in the craft room. I guess she went nosein around and pushed the door open! OOps, it shut on her and she could not get out! I was in there all last night and this morning and she would stop at the door!!!!! So funny, poor thing!

Dinner is in the crock pot and I need to take a 'cold heat' soldering gun back to Radio Shack. It doesn't heat up fast enough for me. But I think I will have a quick nap first!!!

Have a great wonderful rainy day...

tootle loo

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

A few of my new designs

I created this last week:Here are a few of my favorite things... Im still working on my camera...
If you see something you want, email me and I will get it to you.

This one says wild one... a collage with a crown $12.00

Isn't she lovely... Such a housewife with a crown, dont we all wear crown and silk bathrobes when we fry eggs. $12.00

The queen... the back says "princess petunia". $12.00 SOLD

Cute little pink bauble with another pink on the back...... $10.00 SOLD

Yep, I did it, it OU the back has a crown... $12.00

My pride and joy! OSU go cowboys!... $12.00

I love this one. it says "Poof your at the beach"... $14.00 SOLD

This one is soooooo sweet, "My grace is sufficient for the..." $12.00


This one is "have a little fun " the back has a silver key $10.00

Isn't this a sweet little piece, so summery $10.00 SOLD

I love this... "just dreaming pink"... $12.00 SOLD

This one is a simple queen, with "hope" on the back. $12.00

This is an example of a initial I can make, the other side can have any verse you want.
All of the necklaces come on a ribbon, chain or neckwire.
If you are in the Tulsa area, I can get it to you by Saturday in time for Mothers Day!

Weekend funnies

This weekend we went to OKC to get Moey, Ryan's dog .

Hubs and I went on Saturday afternoon and had the best time with my nephew's boys. They are 2 and4 and soooooooooo cute. Being the auntie I taught them to pea pea outside and to stick their finger in the icing of the cake! yep, that what aunties do!
Hubs and I took them to WalMart and and looked at every toy available . They each got a ball and book, then today we went out to eat after Church and the boys had so much fun! They were sitting at the table with hubs, Ryan and I and were doing a great job eating. So, the manager brought them a piece of cake and 6 scoops of ice cream the whipped topping and cherries! So yummy. After the adults got their part, the boys dug in! They had ice cream everywhere, but they were have a ball! We picked them up and took them straight to the bathroom for a scubbin.
They are the cutest things.
Look mommy, auntie p let me eat lots of ice cream!
Yep, its all for me cause I ate all my lunch!
We also got Moey, she is really missin Ryan, but she will be fine. She rode on my lap all the way back to Collinsville and shed all over the Jeep! I need to clean it tomorrow. She has been lookin all over for Ryan...
Better get to the laundry and ready for the week of school!
3 WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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