Thursday, May 22, 2008

One Fine Day...oops, One More Day

Hallelujah, praise the Lord! School is out tomorrow.
I have all my summer plans right in my little head, runnin around in there so happy and cheerful and full of excitement! I cant wait. I am going to do artsy fartsy in my crap room and I am making jewelry for an art fair with my BFF- Pam. Yep mark the calendar. We will be having an Fall Bazaar, just the two of us! What fun that will be. I need to clean closets, pain the den, oh my what thunderstorms are running aournd in that head of mine!
We had a picnic today in my classroom. I have 19 kids and our reading buddies class has 25! Yep that many kids eating hotdogs. I was grillin them on the George Foreman grill an blew the fuse in my room... duuuuuhhhh, I have one outlet with hundreds of extensions!!!!! But I ran it across the hall and finished those babies!
A shower at my house right after school and I had 2, yes 2 pieces of cake. One for each fanny cheek! Also my yummo punch. 1 thingy of crystal light and 2 Ginger ale! Such a yummy drink!
We had fun, its a teachers 2nd marriage and she is my age... 50. So we had a personal shower and thought it was best to not bring "those" thingys in the school. Moey was a delightful little girly dog and behaves so nice! I gave her a piece of cake, not knowing a friend of mine ALSO gave her some. So we went for a walk to keep her from being a humming bird on crack tonight!
I am off to the tub, with wine in hand and the candles!!!! Tomorrow we are playing outside until 10:15 and ten we have a sing along outside and off they go into the wide blue younder!!!!!!!!!!!!

tootle loo......

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