Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to you all, especially my momma!!!!
So here is your card, because the card I got for you did not get in the package!!!!

Did you Mom make clothes for you?? I remember going to Hancocks and TG&Y to get fabric for our new outfits. She was always whippin something right up for us to wear.

On vacations, she would sit in the front seat of the ol car without A/C, yep I am that old, anywho she would make Barbie clothes!

Then, it was my turn... DO I LOOK LIKE A MAID, I remember shouting that a few times. I even went on strike a couple of time too!

This is a pic from last summer, but they grow up soooooo fast! Son #1 is on the left and called me from St. Louis this evening. Son #2 is on the right and will meet us at Church.

Love my boys, yep I sure do!!!

We always had rules in the house and oh, so many stories...

But the general rule was that Mom and Dad could generally fix things if it DOESN'T fall under this category:
No one is dying, in jail or pregnant... life is good

Another rule was the P rule. You have to email me for that one.

Lots of trip, fun summer days, swimming lessons, ball games, school things and carcations-
Carcations are Sunday trips in the car! We never really knew where we might end up.
Lots of pets: dogs, rats, rabbits, fish, hmmm what else.

Happy Mothers Day to you too!

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