Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Hubs, please !!!!!

 Dear darling hubs... its really hot here in C'ville. I am sure that when you get home from slaving at work all day you would love to just jump in one of these beautiful pools.. this one would be great.  back by the back fence...
 No this one would be delightful... can  you just imagine a big floaty thing in the middle.
 This would work out just fine too.
 oh look, those are beautiful chairs we could put back there too.

No hubs this one wont work...

your truly ,
loving dear sweet wife!

Tootle loo

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day to Hubs!
10 things I love most about my boys father... my hubs

10. he cleans up supper dishes
9. he folds laundry
8. he fills my car with gas
7. he provides for our family
6. he is totally opposite of me, he keeps me grounded
5. he loves me
4. he is a wonderful dad to our boys
3. he is a Godly man
2.he has a plan
1. he is ours!

Hubs and I neither one have living Dads. My dad died from pancreatic cancer in 1988. Hubs dad died in 2000. So at our house we will celebrate hubs!  This picture was right after his quadruple bypass last fall... he looks better now!

Anyway tomorrow we will celebrate with Church, then lunch. What are we having you ask?

Hamburgers on the grill
ramen noodle salad
oreo cheescake in a jar
lemonade and tea

Happy Father's Day to all the dads....
Tootle loo

Monday, June 13, 2011

stuff from moi!

Its been a good week at the ole house till today when I have dribbled paint from a container with a hole in it all the way down the bedroom hallway... but whatever... I have cleaned with oxi-clean and other stuff... still there.. last week was crazy.
 I had a migraine for 2 days and finally got a shot... but this week is looking better. hubs and i have date night tomorrow at the PAC for 9 to 5.

So, if you wonder where I am this week, I will be here sitting by the pool, drinking lemonade and reading a book... seriously in my dreams only...
 I did have a birthday on Friday... my momma sent beautiful pink flowers and I don't have a pic on this computer... lazy i know , but here is a crown.. I am not 54 not too bad!

These bloomed last year in my yard.. some reason there are not there this year?  Maybe next year.. the garden is producing a bit. The rabbits are eating the lettuce faster than I can grow it. arghhhhh

tootle loo...

Monday, June 6, 2011


do you ever get the duh's? you know dont feel good... dont feel bad... just the duh's. And yes, I am still taking my drugs.  I just have the duh's.  I am usually planning a summer get away but we will probably get away in the fall this year.

My birthday is Friday and I am usually excited, cause I love me some birthdays... but I have the duh's... hmmm I guess I will go water the garden... it has the duhs too.

Tootle loo

Thursday, June 2, 2011

she sprays sea shells

I saw some adorable silver sea shells on either Pottery Barn or some other Home Decor place... BUT they were outrageous... Seriously. So I went to Hobby Lobby my fav store and made my own... I actually had the pictures in order then changed them while they were downloading. So they are backwards. But here the deal...
                                              Get a glass container... Goodwill for $5.00

                                    Spray paint from Hobby Lobby- make sure its the chrome kind!

                           spray both sides of the shell, I used my old cookie sheet that I have for crafts

                                    Shells, from Hobby Lobby... I have 2 zip bags full in the craft crap room.

Tada, silver sea shell for for A total of about $10.00...

Tootle loo