Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day to Hubs!
10 things I love most about my boys father... my hubs

10. he cleans up supper dishes
9. he folds laundry
8. he fills my car with gas
7. he provides for our family
6. he is totally opposite of me, he keeps me grounded
5. he loves me
4. he is a wonderful dad to our boys
3. he is a Godly man
2.he has a plan
1. he is ours!

Hubs and I neither one have living Dads. My dad died from pancreatic cancer in 1988. Hubs dad died in 2000. So at our house we will celebrate hubs!  This picture was right after his quadruple bypass last fall... he looks better now!

Anyway tomorrow we will celebrate with Church, then lunch. What are we having you ask?

Hamburgers on the grill
ramen noodle salad
oreo cheescake in a jar
lemonade and tea

Happy Father's Day to all the dads....
Tootle loo

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Anonymous said...

Mike, have a great day!