Monday, June 13, 2011

stuff from moi!

Its been a good week at the ole house till today when I have dribbled paint from a container with a hole in it all the way down the bedroom hallway... but whatever... I have cleaned with oxi-clean and other stuff... still there.. last week was crazy.
 I had a migraine for 2 days and finally got a shot... but this week is looking better. hubs and i have date night tomorrow at the PAC for 9 to 5.

So, if you wonder where I am this week, I will be here sitting by the pool, drinking lemonade and reading a book... seriously in my dreams only...
 I did have a birthday on Friday... my momma sent beautiful pink flowers and I don't have a pic on this computer... lazy i know , but here is a crown.. I am not 54 not too bad!

These bloomed last year in my yard.. some reason there are not there this year?  Maybe next year.. the garden is producing a bit. The rabbits are eating the lettuce faster than I can grow it. arghhhhh

tootle loo...

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