Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mr Wizard Take Me Away

Look at this mess!
I am (was) in my craft (crap) room trying to get some things done. I have too many things to do! My family knows this as "thunderstorms in my head". Anyway, I have all these things I need to get finished for my classroom. Yes, I am addicted to redecorating a bit each year. I cant stand for things to be exactly the same as the year before... do we hear OCD??
So, I made a list and will check it twice, but I am waiting for that organizing fairy to land in my craft (crap) room and clean it out. No wonder I can't finish things.
Then I am on the "big" computer and the mouse is running around the page like a hummingbird on crack! Whats the deal.
I went to Target this morning to get some stuff, because I need more stuff. Anywho, LH needed razors and refills for his Oral B toothbrush. Heaven to Betsy ,those babies are expensive. I could have bought a whole new outfit. Just because men shave everyday doesn't mean they have to jack those prices right on up. Its kind of like feminine products, way too expensive. At least, I dont have to buy those. Thats a whole other story!! But, I just put them in the basket and went on to the chocolate aisle. yes I said chocolate.....do we hear stress!!!!
I have 1 1/2 weeks before I go back to work and my room is usually finished before this time... I cant get motivated at all. I just want to read and drink lemonade all day. Waah, waah, waah, OK
Im just about finished whinning, well until LH gets home and then maybe I can whine a bit more.
Dinner tonight will be out at Jalepenos in C'ville. If you live nearby go eat there. Its on Main St and you cant miss it. yummy. We also have papers to be notarized for our trip to Ukraine, take the newspapers to the library for recycling, and a car tag needs to be purchased. Whee, all this to do after LH gets home.
Better get back to the craft (crap) room and dig in!
tootle loo,

Friday, July 27, 2007

My thoughts

1. Yesterday I was _working with my Sister in Branson.
2. Today I am_ working yet again making her some cute cuttoff shorts with bling.
3. Tomorrow I will_ train the new guy at SMACKS and hopefully go home.
4. Someday I'm going to_ go sit at the beach and watch the waves roll in, while I am drinking a fruity drink with an umbrella and reading a book.
5. I will never_ say never. It always comes to bite me in the fanny.
6. I might _go get in the hot tub before bed tonight.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _bed, tomorrow my plans include _working the last day with my Sister_ and Sunday, I want to _go to Church with my family and eat lunch with my boys and LH!
Ryan will be in Cville , so all three of my guys will be in town. YIPPEE!!!!!

I saw this on a blog... tuesday update, go see hers....

Plum tuckerd out

Yep, thats me, I am totally tired!
My Sister and I interview 2 prople to help her at Smacks. One was dumber than a box of rocks and the other was sharp as a doorknob. So, we were at TJ MAXX, a fav store and there was this guy running the cash register. Well, I am not shy, so I asked him if he knew of anyone that needed a part time job. Well I'll be, He does. Now lets think, he CAN run a cash register and he could carry on a conversation with the public (ie Moi). We told him to come in today and he came right in at 11:00. I will train him tomorrow and he will be great. He's in his early 20's and seem fun too. So I will say tootle loo to SMACKS tomorrow night. I get to go home!

School starts in 2 weeks. I always have 100's of things to do and make for my classroom. I come up with ideas and set right out to do them! My LH volunteered ( with guidance from me), to help me clean and get things arranged, then I can go up during the day to get things ready. I always want my duck in a row the few days before. Think retirement in June '09!!!!!!

Not much other exciting news here. I went to a few flea markets yesterday morning, I was not impressed too much. I got a bit of fabric and some linens. I LOVE, love old linens. I am also on the crazy roll to make or buy aprons... I only wear them when I fry chicken of cook at school!

Tootle Loo

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back at SMACKS

Yes, that's right. I'm in Missouri. I will be here for 1 week. School starts for me on Aug 13, so I need a few days to get my ducks in a row. Well, you know how I like order!!!! Anyway, not much exciting here. It was a good day at SMACKS, not too busy not too slow, just right. It was not really hot.

I remembered to pack my cord to attach to the PC, but forgot the camera!! go figure, so no pics of Branson. Like you were waiting on the edge of your seat for those. hahaha

Last night, my Sister and I wanted to talk to my nephew on myspace. We are not real literate on that subject, so we signed up as Dr. Penelope Peddlepusher. I thought that was a cute name. My profession was ER Doc., haha Anyway we made up a whole bunch of stuff, and began to send invites to my nephew and my youngest. So, we got this message from what we thought was a crazy person. Bring the scardy cats we are, we decided that we didn't want my "real" email on myspace, so we cancelled the whole thing. Now, we talk to my youngest and he tells me that "Tom" is the "owner" of myspace and sends this message to everyone, Well, we will not be going there anymore anyway... lesson learned... make a new email site for myspace I guess, or don't be so chicken.

tootle loo,

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Look

New look, same me, same stuff... you know how I like to change things around.

tootle loo

Vacation was great!


We had such a wonderful time in Jackson Hole. the weather was a bit warm during the day, but humidity is low, so it did not seem too hot. Nights were in the 40-50's. We stayed in Teton Village, just around the mountain from Jackson Hole. Its much quieter than Jackson.

We enjoyed a day in Yellowstone. LH knew there was a webcam at Old Faithful. We called Lance and he was able to see us as we waited for old Faithful to do her thing. Wow, isn't technology great. The last time we were there was in 1989, right after the "big fire". The forest is coming back, but its slow. The Park was just beautiful and the wildlife were out and moving around in the morning. We saw buffalo/bison, a grizzly bear, elk, osprey, and an eagle.

This guy was just outside our window as we went around a corner. He didn't seem to have a care in the world. Guess if you are that big you probably own the space.

LH is standing at Lower Falls. Its such a beautiful area. The water is so beautiful and clear. The streams were down because of the low snow fall. The snow is melting very fast in the mountains because of the hot weather.

We went up, up and away early one morning. The balloon was fantastic. We left early at 6:30 and flew around the valley. The scenery was just beautiful. We were to land in a meadow at the Snake River Ranch, the balloon went a bit too far and we landed in a meadow owned by Rockefeller, needless to say the ballooning company got us out of the area very quickly. it seems the Rockefeller's don't care for early morning visits.

I took some beautiful pictures of the scenery. My favorite place was the stream, Aspen trees, and beautiful grassy areas. I could just sit there all day and read a book, have a picnic and take a nap, of course my LH can come too.
The best part of the trip according to LH was the Snake River "white water" raft trip. As soon as I figure out how to do a link, I can show the pictures of the raft trip. I took our pics with a water proof camera. So, I will get those on soon. One evening we went to Jackson Hole Playhouse. We had a delicious dinner, then enjoyed "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". It was fantastic! What a great time we had that evening.

So that about it, we could not have asked for anything better during the trip. The flight home was late, but we got home by midnight on Sunday night! I slept in, LH went to work refreshed and relaxed at least for now.

What a beautiful place, Jackson Hole! If you have not been to the mountains, they are a wonder to behold.

So, as luck would have it, the guy that my Sister thought was an angel from God, didn't work out for SMACKS, Sooooooooooooo, yep your right, I am leaving in tomorrow to go help for 1 more week. I will then be home for good. School starts in 3 weeks and I have a wedding scheduled for every weekend in August. I think I will enjoy the position of Wedding Coor., for Boston Ave, more on that later.

Tootle loo

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Shout out to my family

Great news:
My nephew, JS had passed his "journeymans" test. Yippee!!!! We are all so proud of him. I guess this means he is now able to join the "union". He lives in OKC with his dog...hot pepper or chili pepper. I can never remember that dog's name. Its a cute little thing!!!
His sister,my neice, cutie patootie K lives in Texas with her Cowboy-man N. They are the cutest little couple. Cowboy-man has a new horse named Tuscany, and a couple of dogs. Oh, he also bought a motorcycle... I just don't like those things. Its like riding on a rocket. He best be puttin on that helmet and flying outside the cockpit.

better go,
tootle loo

God Winks

Have you read the Book titled "God Winks?" My Mom gave my Sister and I one for Christmas a few years ago. It's about little things that happen in lives of people, that are unexplainable. Well, my Sister called last night and here is the story.

She was unloading "stuff" at the Deli on Fri. A lady walked by and said to her "that looks like a heavy load", my sister responded with, "Yes, it is, I really need some help around here." They visited a few seconds. As she was leaving, my Sister mentioned in passing,"If you know anyone send them in." She went on in and thought nothing more about the conversation. The next day, a man in his late 60's came in and announced to her that he was understood she needed help. The lady had been a previous owner,that just happen to be walking by the Deli at the exact time my sister was unloading...before most stores we even open... He worked for the woman many, many years ago at the Deli. AND.... HE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE THE BREAD!! Oh my gosh.... are you getting chill bumps? Anyway, the short part of the story is he can make bread, work the front and he will be there whenever she needs help. SO, I may not need to go back, yippee! (I love my sister dearly, but would love to stay home.) She told him that they were still trying to sell. He said, "thats OK, if I can help the new owners OK, if not I'll move on!!! What are the odds, that this lady walked by at that minute AND that she told the man help was needed. He is retired and this will be great for a bit of extra money. GOD IS GOOD!

OK, don't you love "feel good" stories.

Here is another funny story. I just love weddings, the planning part and seeing things fall together for the ceremony. Its such a happy time. When my niece married, the Church's wedding planner in OKC, was mean and hateful. She really made things difficult. Oh yea, they threw away the cake after the reception without even asking... She told us she didn't see that we brought zippy bags and assumed we didnt want the left over cake, true story!!! Ok, where was I?? Anyway, I saw in the Church newpaper that a wedding planner assistant was needed. So after a few months of pondering, I called. Well, long story short... the current planner wants to be the assistant and so I am going to be the Church Wedding Planner! How fun, I can't wait. I have always wanted to be an event planner. My best friend has a catering business, so Im am thinking how fun is retirement going to be in a couple of years... May 09 to be exact!!!!!! yippee.

So, I'm packing up LH and I today and we are flying out for a vacation! yehaw!
We go to the beach for me in the spring, and the mountains for him in the summer. So, I will be on blog vacation!

See ya later

tootle loo,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The most handsome star at the dam!

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F words.....

FFFFFFFFFFFFosamax, lets say it together. It goes with that other F word FFFFFFFFFFFFFifty.
I went to the DR for my "well woman" exam. Enough said about that. I had to update my file and there was a space for age. I felt strange writing 49+1, so I did it, I wrote 50!!! Thats a big step for me. Anyway, oh yea, I had a bone density test. Im in the 50%, so as a preventative measure I am adding Fosamax to my RX list. That test was really easy. Just lay there. I also need to start taking Calcium and Vitamin D. But, I'm in good health, so quit whinninggggggggggg.

Not much other news around the ole house. Rain, rain, rain. We were to go to a Drillers game, but I dont want to run to the car in the rain, so we will just go out for mexican food. Good, I can be in my jammies by 7:30. lazy!

Tomorrow morning I am having a breakfast meeting in Tulsa, so I think I will check out some estate sales. I just love them. Especially when there are linens.

Have a good night...


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

CLEANING & REARRANGING..... You never know just whats happening at home in the summer.
Well, as you can tell the yellow gingham didn't last too long. I found this at Hobby Lobby, it was on sale and heavens I couldn't forgo a sale. So, I just whipped these up and put them in the kitchen.
I have cleaned and cleaned and rearranged furniture... Some days I just get this whim and start moving things around. My LH is so wonderful, he just goes with whatever. I turned on my CD's and took off around the house. I follow a bit of http:// flylady.net, not everything. Actually, last night I decided that I had not cleaned the sink before I went to bed, so I got up and one thing led to another and I had the stove and sink shinning like new. Much better, off to bed!

A picture of my reading haven... I just love to sit in here and read. During the winter the chair faces the fireplace. But, today I moved things around. I cant wait to brew some tea and read in my jammies. I wish I could read outside, but the mosquitos are out numbering me. Even with the fan on out on the patio, the are just using me as their dinner treat.
Speaking of rain...
On our way home from Frisco this weekend, we took a detour to the Dennison Dam. This is a pic of Lance in front of the open gates. It was the 3rd time in history that the water was over the spillway. It looked like a family reunion there. I saw people eating their dinner on the grass waiting for the lake (Texoma) to crest.
We took some pic and looked around a few minutes then went on our way.
I hope my "river raft" is more calm than this. I will just forgo that party. hahaha
Oh, I almost forgot. I just love a day at the spa. Today was my lucky day. I had a phone call from a teaching spa in Tulsa. I won a facial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been there a few times for massages. They are very professional and great treatments... very affordable too. So, where was I, oh yea, I have a dental appt at 8:00 am, then I was able to schedule a facial after that. WOW what fun for me!!!!! My dentist is not the traditional one, he adjusts my TMJ mouth piece/guard. He generally has to rebuild it every three months. I have this grinding issue!!!
It all goes together with my fibromyalgia... Gee, if anyone knows of a good Dr. for that, my symptoms are becoming a bit out of control. I hate to use more meds, but there must be something out there that I don't know about.
Better go find something for supper. Maybe LH can cook. That means we go out for supper!!!
tootle loo,

Monday, July 9, 2007

July 9... Happy Birthday to my oldest son

Happy Birthday to Ryan. Today is Ryan 's 25th birthday... Surely I am not old enough to have a son 25. But, I guess I am. Actually, he's half my age. Ryan is on the left, then moi, Lance is on the right.

We were in Dallas having a yummy dinner at a Tex/Mex Restaurant. We had a great time and enjoyed all our family and friends. My Mom and Rick came from OKC, Lance and Laura, Mike and I and of course Ryan and Katy.

This is my friend Tracy. She and I met at OSU many years ago. We get together when I go to Dallas or when she is able to come up to C'ville.
She has been to **** and back. Not one fight with cancer, but two. She is currently in remission now and we are so thankful for the never ending GRACE of God. Isn't it wonderful to receive a miracle two times in your life. God is good !!!!!
Well, by the looks of things we were having a great time, as we always do together.
Anyway, back to the weekend. We had a wonderful time with Ryan and Katy. They have been working to decorate their new home. Its just beautiful. I'm so proud of them both. We ate and had a great visit. I took the girls for a pedi on Sat morning while, LH, Ryan and Lance were replacing the garbage disposal and fixing the powder room toilet, FUN FUN!!! We then went to http://sammoon.com/ to buy purses and jewerly. I am a purseaholic and love, love jewerly. Don't be in shock, but I didnt buy a thing! I think I need therapy.
One of my fav stores in Dallas is IKEA, Lance and Laura made the IKEA run, the rest of us watched movies. One of my fav stores is "Dressin Gaudy". It went out of business in
Plano, but never fear there is one in Branson, hahaha. A funny story... My DL-(daughter in law) and I were talking about the store one night. Her dad- (CY) thought we said "Dressin Naughty", I guess that concerned him that it was my fav store andI took my DL. So, we set CY straight really quick. I'm a bit fru fru, but not naughty!!! Its been a hilarious story for DL and I.
Better go, I need to think about dinner..
Tootle loo,

Friday, July 6, 2007

Big D

Off to Big D. See ya when we get back!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kitchen stuff

Ok... I brought a ton of yellow gingham home from my sister's house. We all know she won't be using it. Anyway, I decided to make some new curtains for my kitchen. I also took off the kitchen cabinets under the sink. I'm not sure if I like the color??? What do you think? Maybe a green toile???? I don't know, but it kept me busy this afternoon while LH was doing some yard things. We plan to gut the kitchen in the fall or spring and re-do everything. So, Ill probably live with it a couple of days and when we get back from Ryan's bday, I'll ponder it some more. I used some old spoons I found at a flea market to use as a tieback. I just bent them and stuck them on the wall.

We had planned to go to watch the fireworks in Tulsa, but watched a movie instead. I heard the thunder about 9:45, so it may have gotten rained out. Go figure, it has rained nearly everyday!!!!

We are going to Jackson Hole in a few weeks and LH wants to take a hot air balloon ride. I will call tomorrow and see about it. I did find a small tour company based in Jackson that takes you into Yellowstone NP. We spent 3-4 days when the kids were little in the park. We saw every step of Yellowstone. Anyway, where was I... oh yea, he doesnt want to mess with the traffic and I dont want to ride an old greyhound type bus. So I searched until I found a respectable tour company. http://www.callowishus.com/ . Seems reasonable and no driving for LH. That will make him a happy camper and give us a quick overview of the park again. We can tour on our own at Teton's. Its not that big. We also have a Snake River Raft trip planned. We "float" the river in the a.m. and then stop for lunch before the "rapids". Its suppose to be a family type of trip. HAHAHAHA, we will see if I stay in the boat.

I better go, LH is asleep in the recliner and I am going to go read in bed.

Tootle loo,

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy July 4th

Look how cute my little front porch looks. Its all dressed up for the 4th. You cant see the cute little flag decs on the porch, but believe me its a cutie. oh you can see my gnomes. They are so cute. Love em. My mom got me one and my sister got the other one. Oops, its hidden behind the flag pole.
I had a great time in Tulsa today. We ate lunch at Lambrusco'z to go... yummy. I got some yummy cinnamon buns for L and dropped them off at work... well, he and LH talked this afternoon and LH thought he had been left out of the cinnamon buns loop. He came home from work all worried about his cinnamon buns. Well, of course I got him some too!!!! Poor thing. We stopped by Tapestry of Faith a few minutes and then off the bigger things. We always have fun together running around and gossiping. Well, its not gossip if its true.
Im trying to get my Ukraine information together. I emailed the Pastor in Ukraine tonight to see about VBS. I was also looking at my layover time in PARIS. Yes, I have a few hours there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sure its not long enough to see anything, but at least I can hear the french language at Orley when they announce the flights!!! wha wha. Its funny, I was kidding at the last mission meeting at BAUMC and mentioned we could have a mission trip to Paris. Well, a few hours was not what I was really meaning. I guess I need to be more specific with my God/dialog.
Better go, I need to tidy up a bit before bed. After the second son was born, my Mom in her wisdom, told me to always spend a few minutes every nite to tidy up and then its always clean and fresh in the am.. so of course, I follow everything she tells me. hahahahaha. At least that part I do.
tootle loo

Whiney relatives

I guess I am the entertainment for some family members... sad, huh. No really I don't mind. It seem that has been my role since birth, to entertain the family with my antics. So I best not let them down.
Today will be a girls day out. I am going with Pam to Tulsa to run errands and of course EAT! That is the most important topic of the day. She is a cater and needs to get supplies at our fav store SAMS. Lance works right across the street at http://westmarine.com , so we might pop in a see my little boy. haha he 23!!
This weekend we go to Dallas/Frisco to Ryan's 25 bday!!!!! Gee thats been a long time and YES i do remember those birthing pains. That was not something I will ever forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, The house needs a good summer clean and it probably wont happen today, maybe tomorrow, maybe not. But I am considering it. Better get ready to go play. I think I put a roast in the crock pot.... poof, dinner will be ready when LH gets home.

tootle loo,

Sunday, July 1, 2007


I'm back at home. I had a great time with my sister, but I am glad to be back home. We went to Church this morning and then to eat mexican food for lunch. I took a 2 hour (power nap) this afternoon!

As I was leaving Saturday to go to Branson, my sister and brother in law wondered if I could come back for 2 weeks before school starts??? Of course, I can do that. Whats a sister for. My LH said he doesn't care either way, so we will see if this saga continues. We have a lot planned for this month. Off to Dallas for my oldest son's 25th birthday. Then in a couple of weeks to Jackson Hole! Back home in time to maybe go to Branson, then home to start school. Whee, Im tired just thinking about it.

Off to do my laundry and other fun things...

tootle loo,