Monday, July 16, 2007

God Winks

Have you read the Book titled "God Winks?" My Mom gave my Sister and I one for Christmas a few years ago. It's about little things that happen in lives of people, that are unexplainable. Well, my Sister called last night and here is the story.

She was unloading "stuff" at the Deli on Fri. A lady walked by and said to her "that looks like a heavy load", my sister responded with, "Yes, it is, I really need some help around here." They visited a few seconds. As she was leaving, my Sister mentioned in passing,"If you know anyone send them in." She went on in and thought nothing more about the conversation. The next day, a man in his late 60's came in and announced to her that he was understood she needed help. The lady had been a previous owner,that just happen to be walking by the Deli at the exact time my sister was unloading...before most stores we even open... He worked for the woman many, many years ago at the Deli. AND.... HE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE THE BREAD!! Oh my gosh.... are you getting chill bumps? Anyway, the short part of the story is he can make bread, work the front and he will be there whenever she needs help. SO, I may not need to go back, yippee! (I love my sister dearly, but would love to stay home.) She told him that they were still trying to sell. He said, "thats OK, if I can help the new owners OK, if not I'll move on!!! What are the odds, that this lady walked by at that minute AND that she told the man help was needed. He is retired and this will be great for a bit of extra money. GOD IS GOOD!

OK, don't you love "feel good" stories.

Here is another funny story. I just love weddings, the planning part and seeing things fall together for the ceremony. Its such a happy time. When my niece married, the Church's wedding planner in OKC, was mean and hateful. She really made things difficult. Oh yea, they threw away the cake after the reception without even asking... She told us she didn't see that we brought zippy bags and assumed we didnt want the left over cake, true story!!! Ok, where was I?? Anyway, I saw in the Church newpaper that a wedding planner assistant was needed. So after a few months of pondering, I called. Well, long story short... the current planner wants to be the assistant and so I am going to be the Church Wedding Planner! How fun, I can't wait. I have always wanted to be an event planner. My best friend has a catering business, so Im am thinking how fun is retirement going to be in a couple of years... May 09 to be exact!!!!!! yippee.

So, I'm packing up LH and I today and we are flying out for a vacation! yehaw!
We go to the beach for me in the spring, and the mountains for him in the summer. So, I will be on blog vacation!

See ya later

tootle loo,

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