Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mr Wizard Take Me Away

Look at this mess!
I am (was) in my craft (crap) room trying to get some things done. I have too many things to do! My family knows this as "thunderstorms in my head". Anyway, I have all these things I need to get finished for my classroom. Yes, I am addicted to redecorating a bit each year. I cant stand for things to be exactly the same as the year before... do we hear OCD??
So, I made a list and will check it twice, but I am waiting for that organizing fairy to land in my craft (crap) room and clean it out. No wonder I can't finish things.
Then I am on the "big" computer and the mouse is running around the page like a hummingbird on crack! Whats the deal.
I went to Target this morning to get some stuff, because I need more stuff. Anywho, LH needed razors and refills for his Oral B toothbrush. Heaven to Betsy ,those babies are expensive. I could have bought a whole new outfit. Just because men shave everyday doesn't mean they have to jack those prices right on up. Its kind of like feminine products, way too expensive. At least, I dont have to buy those. Thats a whole other story!! But, I just put them in the basket and went on to the chocolate aisle. yes I said chocolate.....do we hear stress!!!!
I have 1 1/2 weeks before I go back to work and my room is usually finished before this time... I cant get motivated at all. I just want to read and drink lemonade all day. Waah, waah, waah, OK
Im just about finished whinning, well until LH gets home and then maybe I can whine a bit more.
Dinner tonight will be out at Jalepenos in C'ville. If you live nearby go eat there. Its on Main St and you cant miss it. yummy. We also have papers to be notarized for our trip to Ukraine, take the newspapers to the library for recycling, and a car tag needs to be purchased. Whee, all this to do after LH gets home.
Better get back to the craft (crap) room and dig in!
tootle loo,

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