Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kitchen stuff

Ok... I brought a ton of yellow gingham home from my sister's house. We all know she won't be using it. Anyway, I decided to make some new curtains for my kitchen. I also took off the kitchen cabinets under the sink. I'm not sure if I like the color??? What do you think? Maybe a green toile???? I don't know, but it kept me busy this afternoon while LH was doing some yard things. We plan to gut the kitchen in the fall or spring and re-do everything. So, Ill probably live with it a couple of days and when we get back from Ryan's bday, I'll ponder it some more. I used some old spoons I found at a flea market to use as a tieback. I just bent them and stuck them on the wall.

We had planned to go to watch the fireworks in Tulsa, but watched a movie instead. I heard the thunder about 9:45, so it may have gotten rained out. Go figure, it has rained nearly everyday!!!!

We are going to Jackson Hole in a few weeks and LH wants to take a hot air balloon ride. I will call tomorrow and see about it. I did find a small tour company based in Jackson that takes you into Yellowstone NP. We spent 3-4 days when the kids were little in the park. We saw every step of Yellowstone. Anyway, where was I... oh yea, he doesnt want to mess with the traffic and I dont want to ride an old greyhound type bus. So I searched until I found a respectable tour company. . Seems reasonable and no driving for LH. That will make him a happy camper and give us a quick overview of the park again. We can tour on our own at Teton's. Its not that big. We also have a Snake River Raft trip planned. We "float" the river in the a.m. and then stop for lunch before the "rapids". Its suppose to be a family type of trip. HAHAHAHA, we will see if I stay in the boat.

I better go, LH is asleep in the recliner and I am going to go read in bed.

Tootle loo,

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