Monday, July 9, 2007

July 9... Happy Birthday to my oldest son

Happy Birthday to Ryan. Today is Ryan 's 25th birthday... Surely I am not old enough to have a son 25. But, I guess I am. Actually, he's half my age. Ryan is on the left, then moi, Lance is on the right.

We were in Dallas having a yummy dinner at a Tex/Mex Restaurant. We had a great time and enjoyed all our family and friends. My Mom and Rick came from OKC, Lance and Laura, Mike and I and of course Ryan and Katy.

This is my friend Tracy. She and I met at OSU many years ago. We get together when I go to Dallas or when she is able to come up to C'ville.
She has been to **** and back. Not one fight with cancer, but two. She is currently in remission now and we are so thankful for the never ending GRACE of God. Isn't it wonderful to receive a miracle two times in your life. God is good !!!!!
Well, by the looks of things we were having a great time, as we always do together.
Anyway, back to the weekend. We had a wonderful time with Ryan and Katy. They have been working to decorate their new home. Its just beautiful. I'm so proud of them both. We ate and had a great visit. I took the girls for a pedi on Sat morning while, LH, Ryan and Lance were replacing the garbage disposal and fixing the powder room toilet, FUN FUN!!! We then went to to buy purses and jewerly. I am a purseaholic and love, love jewerly. Don't be in shock, but I didnt buy a thing! I think I need therapy.
One of my fav stores in Dallas is IKEA, Lance and Laura made the IKEA run, the rest of us watched movies. One of my fav stores is "Dressin Gaudy". It went out of business in
Plano, but never fear there is one in Branson, hahaha. A funny story... My DL-(daughter in law) and I were talking about the store one night. Her dad- (CY) thought we said "Dressin Naughty", I guess that concerned him that it was my fav store andI took my DL. So, we set CY straight really quick. I'm a bit fru fru, but not naughty!!! Its been a hilarious story for DL and I.
Better go, I need to think about dinner..
Tootle loo,


tommiea said...

I love Sam Moon! I used to make a run to Big D when I was hosting Bunco. I could get some of the best stuff for oh so little!

btw, happy b'day Ryan!

queeniep said...

I just love that gaudy glitzy stuff too. Its so fun to finally enjoy those things with a girl, instead of your boys and husband waiting in the car...