Monday, July 23, 2007

Vacation was great!


We had such a wonderful time in Jackson Hole. the weather was a bit warm during the day, but humidity is low, so it did not seem too hot. Nights were in the 40-50's. We stayed in Teton Village, just around the mountain from Jackson Hole. Its much quieter than Jackson.

We enjoyed a day in Yellowstone. LH knew there was a webcam at Old Faithful. We called Lance and he was able to see us as we waited for old Faithful to do her thing. Wow, isn't technology great. The last time we were there was in 1989, right after the "big fire". The forest is coming back, but its slow. The Park was just beautiful and the wildlife were out and moving around in the morning. We saw buffalo/bison, a grizzly bear, elk, osprey, and an eagle.

This guy was just outside our window as we went around a corner. He didn't seem to have a care in the world. Guess if you are that big you probably own the space.

LH is standing at Lower Falls. Its such a beautiful area. The water is so beautiful and clear. The streams were down because of the low snow fall. The snow is melting very fast in the mountains because of the hot weather.

We went up, up and away early one morning. The balloon was fantastic. We left early at 6:30 and flew around the valley. The scenery was just beautiful. We were to land in a meadow at the Snake River Ranch, the balloon went a bit too far and we landed in a meadow owned by Rockefeller, needless to say the ballooning company got us out of the area very quickly. it seems the Rockefeller's don't care for early morning visits.

I took some beautiful pictures of the scenery. My favorite place was the stream, Aspen trees, and beautiful grassy areas. I could just sit there all day and read a book, have a picnic and take a nap, of course my LH can come too.
The best part of the trip according to LH was the Snake River "white water" raft trip. As soon as I figure out how to do a link, I can show the pictures of the raft trip. I took our pics with a water proof camera. So, I will get those on soon. One evening we went to Jackson Hole Playhouse. We had a delicious dinner, then enjoyed "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". It was fantastic! What a great time we had that evening.

So that about it, we could not have asked for anything better during the trip. The flight home was late, but we got home by midnight on Sunday night! I slept in, LH went to work refreshed and relaxed at least for now.

What a beautiful place, Jackson Hole! If you have not been to the mountains, they are a wonder to behold.

So, as luck would have it, the guy that my Sister thought was an angel from God, didn't work out for SMACKS, Sooooooooooooo, yep your right, I am leaving in tomorrow to go help for 1 more week. I will then be home for good. School starts in 3 weeks and I have a wedding scheduled for every weekend in August. I think I will enjoy the position of Wedding Coor., for Boston Ave, more on that later.

Tootle loo

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