Saturday, June 27, 2009

I finally book everything for our trip north.
We will stay with Hubs brother in Issaquah WA for a few day and then go to . Be sure to scroll through all the pics. After we leave there we will go to Seabrook and stay here

I have always wanted to go to a cabin and sit and watch the ocean roll in and out after retirement! Hubs loves the mountains and I love the ocean, so this way we do both.

We have the pool full of water and shiny blue water. I was out a bit today and cant wait to lay around on hot afternoons. Yummmm, lemonade, book, and floating on the water. Summer bliss!

Have a great weekend and stay cool ya'll. Its only 101 here! Geeze we never had spring this year.

Tootle loo

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday traveler

Off to Dallas/Frisco for a quick trip... Can that ever be a quick trip? Can I go without cruisin through IKEA? hmmmm we will see.

Tootle loo

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday night excitement

I have gotten my craft room put back together, so I was able to get a bracelet made for a friend. She was just diagnosed with Diabetes and needs to wear that ugly bracelet. So I took off the clunky silver thing and made a better bracelet.
Fathers Day is tomorrow. Hubs want a bike, so I saw these at the grocery store, cam home and made one for hubs. He loves his chocolate. Guess he will need that bike soon. Pardon the clutter. Does your breakfast table look like this too?

Picture from my retirement party. Hubs, me and son 1. Son 2 had a class at work. I had lots of fun and dressed like a queen.

Tootle loo

Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Handler

Yea, I am not a moron. I went to Tulsa today to take the food handlers test. We sat for 1 1/2 hour to listen to a guy talk and watch a video, then took a test. I passed , not even missing one. However, did you know that its ok to leave mayo out. It doesnt even have to be put in the fridge. Hmmmmmm, I didnt argue. I remember the steadfast rul that you dont eat a sandwich that has mayo on it unless its been in the fridge. Guess momma was wrong!

Think I will go to OKC tomorrow afternoon for a couple of days. I need to visit Grammer. Son 1 is there for Youth Force, I m sure he will need cookies and a watermelon too!

Tootle loo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No, that's not actually my pic, but I was this happy today.

I had a wonderful birthday. Lets see it would be 49+ 3 now! whew time flies when you get to be that age.
I went to bed at midnight after reading... son 1 told me happy birthday at midnight.
Hubs got me a new flat screen TV from Target for the bedroom,
Son 2 and L got me a Big Ass Craft Book, no kiddin.
CarolAnn brought me a pkg of wonderful goodies with a bottle of wine, Lincoln her son picked flowers from the yard for me,
Pam brought me a crown- soooo cute,
and my mother in law always give a nice little green paper we all call Benjy, cant wait to shop with that.
My sister sent the funniest card as did lots of other crazy friends. My sister and I dont exchange gifts at birthdays. We just find things through out the year and send for fun. You never know when you get a sissy pkg in the mail.
All in all it was a marvelous birthday... Oh, hubs brought a big ole cake home from the bakery too.
We went to Olive Garden for supper. I had shrimp caprese,too much butter. tummy ache is here.

Tootle loo

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOI !!!---tomorrow

Oh, isn't this a beautiful cake I gave to myself! It tast yummy, I think! Its not fattening and wont sit on my hiney forever! Its just beautiful. Can you taste the cream cheese frosting, you know its the one that is so creamy and moist and yummy!! Just look at the decorations, they are georgous. I could eat that whole darn cake right now! Good thing it only on my blog.
Now for the flowers. These are just right! Pretty and pink, my favorite! I sent these to myself too. I just love flowers. BUT alas, they die! darn things. Anyway can you just smell them, its a sweet smell not unlike myself. Oops, I stink right now I am painting!
I am painting the old utility/pantry. It will soon be my craft room/utility room. I will show pick later when its all finished. I used to have a craft room in the old utility room. But it didnt have a windo and I felt closed in. Oh, I was! hahahaha. So son 1 thought a move to the back of the house with a window would be better. My other option was to take son 2's bedroom. I just couldn't do that!
Its way hot here and I really want to go jump into the pool. Oh its not ready, well maybe next week.
Better go, I need a break and let the paint set before moving all my craft crap in!
Happy Birthday to moi---- its really tomorrow

Tootle loo

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday snoozing!

Lat evening I decided I was hungry for cinnamon roll. I found a recipe on pioneer woman and went to task making rolls. I finished and had 3 dozen rolls! yep that made a lot of rolls. I gave a pan to BFF Pam-little town big life, and meant to take some to son 2, but forgot to take them with us to Church.

Good new BFF's hubby- Little Town Big Life, has been un employed etc. They have been tootling along with the biz! So, he got a job. translation... I need to go take the food handlers test. I looked at the website study guide. If I don't pass it, I must be from another planet. I will let you know! But three cheers for BFF hubby!!!!!!!! I am so glad for him.

As we all know son 1 didn't feel the calling for his job as a broker, so he quit and is looking for a job here in the Tulsa area. Hmmm a Business Admin degree for Univ of Tulsa, but jobs are hard to get right now. He would like to run a small publishing company. His favorite thing to do is read. Lo and behold I saw an advertisement in the paper for a job with a small publishing company. HOWEVER, the pay is low. Hmmm decisions, decisions.

I bought yellow paint for the new craft room/laundry room I should have it all put together this week.

better go taste a cinnamon roll, I can feel my hiney spread right now!

Tootle loo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guinea Pig

No, I'm not a pig... I am going to take a new Fibromyalgia drug that my MD just got. I will be their trial person. Its called Savella. Sounds pretty, huh? SO, if I realize that I have any extra arms or legs, I need to call them. Maybe my boobs will perk back up to the pre child days... maybe not huh?

I have moved the pantry to the craft room today. I unloaded all the "crap'. I mean craft supplies and I have painted it and put up shelves and reloaded the room. I will take pictures later. I am way too tired tonight! So the rest of this week, I need to clean out the pantry/laundry room and make it my craft room. Whew! Its really a pain in the hiney. But it will be better later.

We -son 1 and I took Moey to the vet today, She is sick again! Oh my gosh. She has an ear infection, go figure! son 1 paid for this journey to the vet. $154! Where oh where is the co-pay??

Tomorrow I have to take the new Jeep to be detailed, whatever???? They will give me a vehicle to tootle around in while I wait the 3 hours for the detailing to be done. 3 hours, what will they be doing??? I will let you know.

The garden is growing! We have peas, and lettuce we are already eating. I eat the peas in the pod with ranch dressing. I figure its good fiber!

Oh, I almost forgot! I had my minor surgery today. It only took 15 minutes but the warty things are gone. I didnt know that warts are a virus. Some darn kid probably gave it to me. Better that than head lice! YUKKO, thank goodness in 30 years I never acquired that little thingy. Back to the warty thing. She deadened it, ouch, then cut them off and burned em! Great job Dr. M.

Its off to bed and read a bit. I need a snack and I just happen to have some key lime cheesecake in the fridge, you know the one in the bucket already mixed up! Yep, that one. Just put it in a little graham cracker pie and eat away. Sometimes I dont wait for the pie....

I rode my bike today down to Pam's house. I almost wrecked, Those darn brakes are not like they use to be. You know how we could peddle backwards and stop. Not so much now. Oh well, its just like sex, you never forget huh.

Better get to bed.

Tootle loo