Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOI !!!---tomorrow

Oh, isn't this a beautiful cake I gave to myself! It tast yummy, I think! Its not fattening and wont sit on my hiney forever! Its just beautiful. Can you taste the cream cheese frosting, you know its the one that is so creamy and moist and yummy!! Just look at the decorations, they are georgous. I could eat that whole darn cake right now! Good thing it only on my blog.
Now for the flowers. These are just right! Pretty and pink, my favorite! I sent these to myself too. I just love flowers. BUT alas, they die! darn things. Anyway can you just smell them, its a sweet smell not unlike myself. Oops, I stink right now I am painting!
I am painting the old utility/pantry. It will soon be my craft room/utility room. I will show pick later when its all finished. I used to have a craft room in the old utility room. But it didnt have a windo and I felt closed in. Oh, I was! hahahaha. So son 1 thought a move to the back of the house with a window would be better. My other option was to take son 2's bedroom. I just couldn't do that!
Its way hot here and I really want to go jump into the pool. Oh its not ready, well maybe next week.
Better go, I need a break and let the paint set before moving all my craft crap in!
Happy Birthday to moi---- its really tomorrow

Tootle loo


Sheehanigens said...

HAppy Birthday Mama!

tommie said...

Happy birthday!! Hope your birthday wish comes true