Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday snoozing!

Lat evening I decided I was hungry for cinnamon roll. I found a recipe on pioneer woman and went to task making rolls. I finished and had 3 dozen rolls! yep that made a lot of rolls. I gave a pan to BFF Pam-little town big life, and meant to take some to son 2, but forgot to take them with us to Church.

Good new BFF's hubby- Little Town Big Life, has been un employed etc. They have been tootling along with the biz! So, he got a job. translation... I need to go take the food handlers test. I looked at the website study guide. If I don't pass it, I must be from another planet. I will let you know! But three cheers for BFF hubby!!!!!!!! I am so glad for him.

As we all know son 1 didn't feel the calling for his job as a broker, so he quit and is looking for a job here in the Tulsa area. Hmmm a Business Admin degree for Univ of Tulsa, but jobs are hard to get right now. He would like to run a small publishing company. His favorite thing to do is read. Lo and behold I saw an advertisement in the paper for a job with a small publishing company. HOWEVER, the pay is low. Hmmm decisions, decisions.

I bought yellow paint for the new craft room/laundry room I should have it all put together this week.

better go taste a cinnamon roll, I can feel my hiney spread right now!

Tootle loo


Little Town Big Life said...

Hey here's an idea--Son 1 could START a publishing business & hire an umemployed graphic artist (also a grad of TU) and pay both huge salaries with dreamy benefits---and if he doesn't make enough, just apply for a gov bail out!!!!ha ha ha

#2 said...

Whoa! Cinnamon Rolls? And you forgot to bring them to your baby boy!! Oh the pain and hurt!! I will be up to recieve them this week, probably Wednesday, for your B I R T H DA Y !!!!!