Monday, December 29, 2008

some day the calls wont come

Ok- so I scanned the photo, but I didn't rotate it. So turn your head sideways. This is Gram with my boys at my niece's wedding 5 yrs ago.

Gram lives in "the home" in OKC. We call it the all-inclusive home. When she thinks she needs some money, we tell her its all inclusive. It should be for the amount that she pays monthly. Anyway, its a nice private home and they seem to care for her well. She really seems to be getting older each day. Well, she 92 yrs, so I guess that is old. I noticed at Christmas the she is really living in the past more that she used to and she is more confused about who she is and where she is. She has been calling my mother frequently asking questions about her purse, billfold, drivers lic., etc. She seems to be in her childhood town of Buffalo, Ok.
I can generally calm her a bit and get her to listen to the nurses. So tonight as hubs and I were getting ready to go have an anniversary dinner in Owasso, the phone rings. Its Gram. She has not been able to call me in a long time, since she moved from her assisted living center. I miss her calls to chat! This was not a chatty call. She was so confused and scared. She though that I had been there this afternoon and was so frightened that something had happened to one of us. My mom, sister, niece, or me. She couldn't figure out where she was or why she was there. I talked to her and calmed her a bit. I explained that she was confused and she finally understood that she was having some dreams that she thought were real. I explained that she needed to go back to her room to settle in for the night. She finally agreed to do as the nurses told her.
Its seems to come full circle. She cared for us as we were babies. Feeding us, changing us and repeating over and over that our mom and dad would be right back. She reassured us and comforted us, she was and still is my hero! She taught me,"whatever you have to do, just pull up your panties and get it done." Nobody else will do it for you!
It seems now, that its our turn to care for her, feed her, change her and reassure her that things are OK. I welcome those calls no matter how silly they are, cause someday those call won't come and I will miss her!
Love you, Grammer

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

29 years is a long time!

I cant believe we have been married 29 years! Yep, Monday, Dec 29 is our anniversary. Hubs is treating me to a spa day and something else???

Happy Anniversary!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from my family to your family. I hope you enjoy each day that follows as much as you do on Christmas Day. Remember Christ comes first in Christmas.


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not quite finished...

I have been playing with a new blog template... I am going to make a new top thingy later. Its bedtime

What do you think so far?? Good for an amateur?

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas-

My queeniep gave me a bath in this organic peppermint stuff, dried me with this loud contraption and then put silly bows in my fur! She thinks I look cute, so whatever suits her.
I am suppose to bark Ho Ho and sometimes I do if its a really good treat, but not today, so have a Merry Christmas and dont let her near you with bows!
bark, bark,
ps- I get to stay home by the fire tonight, queenie p and pops are going to go some kind of Christmas Train in Dry Gulch. Sounds like a people thing to me. Just leave me here!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School was still out today, which was good for me.
I woke up this morning at 3:30 am with what I thought was a sinus headache. I called the Dr at 9 and went on in for a sinus headache and the infected swollen big toe!!! Anywho, I had another migraine! This is just befuddling to me. Is that a word? I am not sure, but it works. Anyway- I took some medicine and they turned out the lights in the room. I waited 10 minutes and most of it was gone. I also got a shot in the hiney and some antibiotics for the sinus / toe infection. I have to chart/ keep track of the migraine. Too many in 6 mos and I need a CT scan of the brain. SCARY to me! If you know me I will have a panic attack just thinkin about it. I generally get on the computer and come up with a diagnosis. But this one I will leave to the DR. I have some new migraine meds that I take at the first onset of a headache.

I dont think they run in the fam., hmmmm do they mom?

The big toe was a result of my home pedicure. Seems I cut the big toe too much! Great, I was just trying to save some dollars.

I am wondering if we will go to school tomorrow. If not I wan tot run to Tulsa and go to a store Tatermash. They have oilcloth and I really want some for my craft table. Also for Moeys dog dish area.

Thursday is Dry Gulch. It may rain, but I will grab umbrellas. We will go anyway.

After I slept for an hour or so, I made some cranberry/orange bread for gifts and I need to get a special thingy made for my BFF's front window at the kitchen. I know she will read this, so she will just hav e to wonder what is????
She made me the most yummmmmmy cheesecake last week with bananas foster sauce and would not let me pay her. Will I will pay her one way or another. This will be soooooooo cuuuuute!

Better go warm up a chicken casserole from last night. Its a little dry so I think I will add a bit of milk to it.

Oh, I almost forgot. This is post number 303! OH my gosh, thats a lot of yakin on my part. So I will give away the blue turquoise and red necklace on the flikr next to the post.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

busy snow day

BRRRRR- I was surprised this morning at 6:50 when the phone rang and school was out. Hubs called on his way out of town and said the busses were warming up and movin out, so get up and get goin! A few minutes later... no school.
The streets have a sheet of snow/ice and its so cold for the kids to wait for the busses. We have another snow day tomorrow.

I ran my errands this morning. Put the Jeep in 4 WHD and get going. So tomorrow I can stay at home and hibernate. Except something is wrong with my big toe. Its red, swollen and hurts! I dont know what I have done. Guess I better get into the Dr tomorrow since Im home.

Not much news around here. I have all my Christmas here and wrapped. I am ready to go.

Oh, my necklace was featured on www.heatherannmelzer.typepad yesterday! I was so excited.

off to put some wood on the fire.

tootle loo

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No pic's tonight

What fun we had at our party tonight. I hope they dont think I am corny with my game we played. We were going to play Bunco, but I forgot the dice at school! duh!!!
Anyway we played a trivia game, because I had 3 little gifts. We ate chili and cheesecake with banana foster sauce! yummo. My pants are getting snug!

Tomorrow after school, I need fills for my nails and meet with a bride at BAUMC, then TU BB. Whee...

tootle loo

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Monday, December 8, 2008

PEO Christmas Party

We are busy trying to play a game. One team draws a word and they have to think of a Christmas song with that word. Then the other team has to come up with one until one of the teams can think of a song.

Tonight's Christmas party was great. Don't you just love to have a nice clean home with all the decorations up and coffee brewing, carols playing and guest arriving. We had a great time. BFF Pam had some fun games and we ate and exchanged "secret sister" gifts!

One of the girls brought the cuuuutest tree made from broccoli, cauliflower, pretzels, and tomatoes! The top was a yellow pepper. SO CUTEoops, sorry its sideways. Turn your head.. go ahead its worth it!

Tomorrow is the my second grade party, not the kids, the teachers. We are having chili, a cookie exchange and 1 round of Bunco. This will be fun too. Its so great to work with girls that you can hang with too. I think this is the first year in a long time that we are all really working together. The past few years were so stressed that it was all we could do to go to work. Anyway enough of bad thoughts...
We had a terrible wind storm this afternoon. The glass door that goes from the den to the patio flew open and pull it out of the door jam! Hubs was not home yet and I was trying to hang on to it. I finally gave up and let it go. Now we only have the French door. i kind of like it that way
tootle loo, more tomorrow

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Friday, December 5, 2008

saran wrap +glitter = crazy teacher

Yep, both of those this week!

We made peppermint candy, you know the ones where you divide and color 2 paper plates, then put them together and cover with saran wrap and tie on the ends. Yep, that one. 21 of those. Thanks goodness a mom came by early and helped. Most of the kids had the saran wrap all over them!

Same mom came in today to help with today's craft. 3D Christmas Trees! Cut out 2 trees. Add a slit up one and down the other. Glitter the edges and put them together to make a 3D tree.

GLITTER is everywhere in the room. I will have to scrape off the desk with a blade on Monday!

Tomorrow is TU football and then the week begins:

Sunday -Church, make 6 doz cookies, straighten the house!

Monday- Dinner party for 15-20

Tuesday- Chili supper/cookie swap/ bunco second grade teachers.

Wednesday- meeting at BAUMC with bride

Thursday- dinner at Inverness Village

Friday and Sat.- At moms

Sunday- home, Church, SS party

Monday- ??

Tues-Kids Winter program at school


Thurs- Christmas parties...

Friday- pull my hair out and clean the room/movie day!

Saturday-- skipping around... school will be out

Through one art project each day at school and you get crazy teacher...

Pray for peace and quiet after 3 each day!

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