Monday, December 15, 2008

busy snow day

BRRRRR- I was surprised this morning at 6:50 when the phone rang and school was out. Hubs called on his way out of town and said the busses were warming up and movin out, so get up and get goin! A few minutes later... no school.
The streets have a sheet of snow/ice and its so cold for the kids to wait for the busses. We have another snow day tomorrow.

I ran my errands this morning. Put the Jeep in 4 WHD and get going. So tomorrow I can stay at home and hibernate. Except something is wrong with my big toe. Its red, swollen and hurts! I dont know what I have done. Guess I better get into the Dr tomorrow since Im home.

Not much news around here. I have all my Christmas here and wrapped. I am ready to go.

Oh, my necklace was featured on www.heatherannmelzer.typepad yesterday! I was so excited.

off to put some wood on the fire.

tootle loo

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