Monday, December 29, 2008

some day the calls wont come

Ok- so I scanned the photo, but I didn't rotate it. So turn your head sideways. This is Gram with my boys at my niece's wedding 5 yrs ago.

Gram lives in "the home" in OKC. We call it the all-inclusive home. When she thinks she needs some money, we tell her its all inclusive. It should be for the amount that she pays monthly. Anyway, its a nice private home and they seem to care for her well. She really seems to be getting older each day. Well, she 92 yrs, so I guess that is old. I noticed at Christmas the she is really living in the past more that she used to and she is more confused about who she is and where she is. She has been calling my mother frequently asking questions about her purse, billfold, drivers lic., etc. She seems to be in her childhood town of Buffalo, Ok.
I can generally calm her a bit and get her to listen to the nurses. So tonight as hubs and I were getting ready to go have an anniversary dinner in Owasso, the phone rings. Its Gram. She has not been able to call me in a long time, since she moved from her assisted living center. I miss her calls to chat! This was not a chatty call. She was so confused and scared. She though that I had been there this afternoon and was so frightened that something had happened to one of us. My mom, sister, niece, or me. She couldn't figure out where she was or why she was there. I talked to her and calmed her a bit. I explained that she was confused and she finally understood that she was having some dreams that she thought were real. I explained that she needed to go back to her room to settle in for the night. She finally agreed to do as the nurses told her.
Its seems to come full circle. She cared for us as we were babies. Feeding us, changing us and repeating over and over that our mom and dad would be right back. She reassured us and comforted us, she was and still is my hero! She taught me,"whatever you have to do, just pull up your panties and get it done." Nobody else will do it for you!
It seems now, that its our turn to care for her, feed her, change her and reassure her that things are OK. I welcome those calls no matter how silly they are, cause someday those call won't come and I will miss her!
Love you, Grammer

Tootle loo

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