Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow snow go AWAY

I do love the snow, but we just got rid of the December Christmas Eve snow and bam, its back.
Just finished shoveling the driveway...long enough to be a runway... had hot cocoa... need a nap..then to a wedding... I am only the guest!!!

Backyard. those trash cans have wood in them... we lived off wood for 11 days in 07. DONT want to go there again... we bought a generator...its ready... our little insurance poilcy for electricity.

Familiar Tune, New words...
Snow..klahoma Where the cold front's sweepin' down the plain. And the piles of sleet, beneath your feet Follow right behind the freezing rain. Snow..klahoma Ev'ry night my honey lamb and I Travel home from work and hope some jerk Doesn't wreak our car in passing by.
Tootle loo

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Its me... MOEY

Its already been a long day here at queeniep's... she wont take me for a walk.. she wont fix me pbj sandwich and I dont want anymore of that dry dog food they keep putting in my bowl.
Then... she plays a minute with me and calls me over to play , nope she put this stupid pig mask on me instead!!!!!
help me daddy, help me daddy....

Tootle loo

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday wisdom

Snip, clip, polish and shine. what shall I do with my hair... oh lets just whine!

Cute poem huh? I just made that right up. duh! Anywho, Tuesday is cut, color and shine day at Uptown. No question I must take care of the roots, but whats a girl to do with her hair.
1. mother had her way it would be a pixie!
2. grammer had her way it would be curled tight and short.
3. hubs doesnt care, whatever as long as I am happy.
4 .its shorter I have to wash it everyday or it looks like bedhead and I know its like 'in' like right now... buy I am not a bed head.
5. its long... I dont have to wash it everyday, but I usually pull it into a pony by 4:00.

hmmmmmmmm whats a girl to do. Just when I let it grow I go and cut it.... stay tuned.

Oh, yea why do all beauty shop girlys take Monday off?? hmmmmmmmmm

By the way we are ready for the SNOW STORM! generator, gas, food, wood, vehicles ready, everything is ready to roll.

stay warm

Tootle loo

Monday, January 25, 2010


I made this over the past week for a "person". I can t tell you cause he/she might be reading this. probably not, but who knows. Of course their last name must be Sheehan. Anyway I made one for Ryan a few yrs ago and now this is number 2.

I was working on my blog last night and deleted all my blog friends. So I spent this morning redoing them. If you were already on my list... I lost you. email me your link and I will get it back on my list. darn computer/operator.

Its cold here today and suppose to snow again this week. I don not like snow. 1 time a year is ok. and we have had it.

Stay warm and carry on!

Tootle loo

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Merritts and Birthday

We have a birthday dinner tonight at Olive Garden for hubs mother! So that means a trip to Merritts for a cake. Chocolate Ganache. mmmmmmmm! If you live in the Tulsa area you HAVE to know Merritts! We are on first name basis in Owasso. I could eat a dozen of those little thumb print cookies and wash it down with a diet drink. My belly likes them too.
This is not the cake I got... but isn't it cute?? Its for a little girl that turned 1.
I have noticed over the years that kid parties are fun but much more over the top than my kids had. We had a family party and friends party. Rented the city pool a few times, McDonald's, Burger King etc. But never all out big ole spending party. I guess mine grew up ok. I used to sneak in while they were sleeping and decorated their room, the fix their fav breakfast with candles .. just spending a few minutes down memory lane! Where was I, oh yea, I need to clean up , have short power nap and then go eat dinner. I think I will actually have a fruity drink with an umbrella!
If you read my post from last night.. the boys and hubs were all lookin fin in their suits and the "frat" dinner. Lots of nice lookin boys and dates. Me in my jeans from school. At the last minute, Ryan came and got me to come in and eat too. I was assured that no one would see me. The table was at the front and the meal was served buffet style! hmmmmmm.. momma in her jeans! Oh well, nobody really cared and I had a great meal... thanks men of KA.

Tootle loo

Friday, January 22, 2010

Busy day today but only 4 babies at Day School. Lots of sick kids and staff! I hope everyone gets better over the weekend.

Im sittin at TU waiting for the "guys" to finish with a fraternity dinner! I helped Ryan decorated and then I can sit out in the common area and surf the web and read! Hopefully they will slip a little food out for momma!!!!!

The weather is better here in Okla. yea! Im ready for spring weather.

Enjoy the weekend, take a nap and eat lots.. That reminds me I stopped at Merritts and got some stuff for Ryan and I ate 7 thumbprint cookies in the car! Yep, that should be my dinner!

Tootle loo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom

Isn't this just the cutest little rule thingy you have ever seen. I found it on a blog, maybe tater tots and jello, I can't remember. I was going to whip one up but the boys are not here to follow directions and hubs is not really into my posting rules. He thinks he past that part of life. Not so much darlin!!!!

Anyway alll you young momma's with little ones need to make this. So cute.. Just get some poster board or a canvas, mod-podge, pretty paper and print away. let me know if you make one and I want to see it. Maybe I could make one for my class at New Haven?? Can 2 1/2 - 3 yrs olds read ? Well of course mine can!

Tootle loo

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I want...

I want this ring, its from Tiffany's.................
Tootle loo

Monday, January 4, 2010

Who woulda thunk it????/

Ok, This is sooooo weird. I have had allergies off and on forever. Generally its starts in late November and last somewhat until February.
This year I got an infection and was told to use Mucinex. We lo and behold, my fibroymalgia didn't bother me when I take it! Go figure. So I get on the Internet, my favorite medical diagnostic tool and find that its beneficial in relieving fibro pain! HELLO!
So, I went to the Dollar store where they have generic bottles of 15 for $1.00 and now I take 1 in the am and 1 in the pm and drink loads of water! I am feeling MUCH better. No leg cramps, backaches, headaches, neck aches, shoulder aches, elbow etc, you get the picture right???

I decided this weekend I didn't need my Ultram, wrong. So while I am not totally able to quit taking my meds, this is very helpful and I am free of pain right now . Thanks you Jesus, for dropping the Dr. at the Urgent Care in my lap, er room!

Its is WAY cold here in Cville! I mean -1 degree wind chill! THAT is way cold. I was so snuggled in bed this morning and didnt want to get up out of that down comforter! But alas, I have chores to do. I believe the schools are closed due to the snow on the county roads and perhaps the temp at bus stops. I really dont know as I'm not working there anymore. hehehehe.

Better get busy, I need to repaint the baseboards in the bedroom, clean the tile floor, vac the carpet, finish the laundry, stoke the fire, make some tea, and finally have something besides left over ham for dinner!

have a great day, stay warm and for goodness sakes if you have fibromyalgia go get some mucinex!

Tootle loo