Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday wisdom

Snip, clip, polish and shine. what shall I do with my hair... oh lets just whine!

Cute poem huh? I just made that right up. duh! Anywho, Tuesday is cut, color and shine day at Uptown. No question I must take care of the roots, but whats a girl to do with her hair.
1. mother had her way it would be a pixie!
2. grammer had her way it would be curled tight and short.
3. hubs doesnt care, whatever as long as I am happy.
4 .its shorter I have to wash it everyday or it looks like bedhead and I know its like 'in' like right now... buy I am not a bed head.
5. its long... I dont have to wash it everyday, but I usually pull it into a pony by 4:00.

hmmmmmmmm whats a girl to do. Just when I let it grow I go and cut it.... stay tuned.

Oh, yea why do all beauty shop girlys take Monday off?? hmmmmmmmmm

By the way we are ready for the SNOW STORM! generator, gas, food, wood, vehicles ready, everything is ready to roll.

stay warm

Tootle loo

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