Saturday, January 23, 2010

Merritts and Birthday

We have a birthday dinner tonight at Olive Garden for hubs mother! So that means a trip to Merritts for a cake. Chocolate Ganache. mmmmmmmm! If you live in the Tulsa area you HAVE to know Merritts! We are on first name basis in Owasso. I could eat a dozen of those little thumb print cookies and wash it down with a diet drink. My belly likes them too.
This is not the cake I got... but isn't it cute?? Its for a little girl that turned 1.
I have noticed over the years that kid parties are fun but much more over the top than my kids had. We had a family party and friends party. Rented the city pool a few times, McDonald's, Burger King etc. But never all out big ole spending party. I guess mine grew up ok. I used to sneak in while they were sleeping and decorated their room, the fix their fav breakfast with candles .. just spending a few minutes down memory lane! Where was I, oh yea, I need to clean up , have short power nap and then go eat dinner. I think I will actually have a fruity drink with an umbrella!
If you read my post from last night.. the boys and hubs were all lookin fin in their suits and the "frat" dinner. Lots of nice lookin boys and dates. Me in my jeans from school. At the last minute, Ryan came and got me to come in and eat too. I was assured that no one would see me. The table was at the front and the meal was served buffet style! hmmmmmm.. momma in her jeans! Oh well, nobody really cared and I had a great meal... thanks men of KA.

Tootle loo

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