Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I hope you have a Blessed day and enough rolls... Oops one is missing, but I have another dozen cooling.... We will enjoy 14 people at our home... Yippee

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Earthquakes in Okla...

The National Geological Institute has determined that the reason for all the earthquakes in Oklahoma is from all the deceased OU Sooner's rolling over in their grave because OSU is ranked higher than OU.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Southern Saturday

At the ballgame with 2 of my boys!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heavy on my heart!

This morning I woke in my comfy bed... love that down comforter, with my yummy pj's and got ready to go to the beauty shop to have my hair 'done'... cut and color. Then on to TJ Maxx and Pier 1 for a little Christmas shopping.
Yep, I am trying to stay on a budget this year. Anyhow...I read a short time ago about how a mom and dads gave their children 3 gifts, just like Jesus got.... hmmm 3 gifts. We had our tree loaded with crap... I mean stuff for the boys.  I will never regret the wonderful Christmas mornings we prepared for the boys, but heavens... our little cherubs never did without... Ok back to my heart!
So , today I spent $100 on my hair and about another $100. on some gifts. I ran by to get a drink for Sonic and came home to a warm home with carpet and running water and did the laundry, while watching TV and decorating the house for Thanksgiving...
Of course, its "Pay the bills day" too. Nope have not gotten it done, but I will.  Ok, I regress!  So I am making my way to the computer to begin that task of bill paying and I told myself I can read 2 blogs before I pay bills. hehehe.
I read Kelly's Korner and she is preparing to go on a trip with Compassion International... Your can read her blog here. anyway  I have read about Compassion Intl numerous time and today I decided that I... no we, - hubs and I will do without for 1 year to support a child. Seriously it cost $38.00 per month. Thats less than 1 night out for dinner!
Mike and I go on mission trips through our church. and I always feel for these people and leave a little bit of my heart there each trip. I love to go and serve them to comfort them and to work to make their life better. Isn't that what we should do every month... not just when we go on a trip. 
Last year I bought my Mom and Rick a goat- through Heifer International. , The boys got bees and chickens too. These really didn't go to them but to those in need in Africa. Hopefully they-the animals are thriving today and helping the reciepeints to eat and thrive.
So this year instead of spending a lot on hubs and I....we will adopt a child from compassion and send a goat from Heifer Inter.
I have everything I need and want, well I would really like a kitchen, but seriously... I have a lovely big home that I often whine about.  

So... here is the deal.... If you have $100 to spend on your hair, $50 to spend on nails, $40 to spend on supper. Your house is warm, kids are fed, your can snuggle in the covers tonight and watch TV, please think about sponsoring a child somewhere! In your town, in your state, in our country. I do know that these two charities are FOR REAL. The money goes where they say it goes. No problems with either of these places. 

I you do sponsor a child or send a goat... please let me know and I will be sure to remember those that are receiving in my prayers too!

Ok, now I feel better... no the bills are not paid yet... better get to that, cause I have a girls night our at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant tonight......

Tootle loo