Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day !

We finally made it here after about 26 hrs. of travel.. We left OKC at 9 am on Friday and arrived in Houston. We got on our Air France Flight at 4pm. As we were walking through the plane, I was all excited that they had these awesome seats with LOTS of leg room, water already on the side table,hangers, warm towels, and magazines, oh yes and a candy. Oops, keep walking, your in economy, that was business class!. Oh there we go, 3 seats on one side, 4 in the middle and 3 on the other side. Smash all of your stuff under the seat. The TV is on the seat back in front of you. But we did survive the 8 hours flight to Paris. LONG!!!
About Paris, I really had no idea we were close until we landed! It was so foggy and raining, we landed and that was the clue were we were in Paris. So no Eiffel Tower as of yet.

We were there about 30 minutes and bussed to our plane to Budapest. It was very uneventful. But I was so tired, I think I slept the entire way. We arrived in Budapest and cleared customs. Hurray, my luggage was there. Only 2 people lost there luggage. They found one of them in Paris and the other is totally lost. Now, being the good person I am, Mike and I offered to ride the Amtrack type train back to Paris and retrieve the luggage. Nope, they will send it to Budapest. After getting all of the luggage that came with our plane, we got on the bus... a small nice bus and started to Ukraine. Now, the driver (they looked like retired KGB) must have been paid by the hour, because we were the only ones going less than 50 mph. We stopped for a meal, not sure which meal it was, but it was 5pm here. We ate at a Buffalo Blill place. How ironic. Anywho, I had Hungarian Goulash. Its bean soups to those in USA. It was good, but lots of spices.
We went through the Hungary border into Solovokia. We were in that Country for about an 1 1/2 hours. We stopped at a Wal Mart-ish type store to get the 2 people without luggage some essentials. Back onto the bus and to the Border. We crossed from Solovokia to Ukraine. Each border crossing took about 30-45 minutes!!! The Nehemia Center is about 3-5 miles from the Solovokia Border, The entire bus trip was about 7 hours!!!!!!!

We arrived at 12pm. Which was about 4 am USA time. Hot sweaty and ready for a hot shower. We all got settled. Mike carried most of our luggage up the 4 flights of stairs to our room! Its nice. We even have a bathroom with a shower. Its very clean and modern by the standards here. Compares to about a Motel 6

Today is a day of "rest". We will go to Church tonight. I am speaking! Didnt really know that, but hey what the heck. I guess we are to share how God speak to us. Well, if you know me, everyday is different! haha, thunderstorms and all!We also went for a walk to a small part of town. Its now about 1:30 pm. I have a Bible School Mtg, then we are off to Church. The country side is beautiful. They have lots of farm land and vineyards. The vineyard are just beautiful growing up the hills! They grow a lot of wheat. They wheat is not bailed, but in old haystacks. The cars are all very small and gas is about 37.00 whatever they call their money per liter. The weather is cool, but I am wearing a tshirt and yoga type pants and Im very comfortable. English is spoken by a very few. Budapest was really pretty as we were driving through. There are still alot of the Russian Housing Apts around Budapest. Also lots of factories. We will be in Budapest next Mon and Tues, before we fly home on Wed. Oh, not pics just yet. I left my camera on the bus. I think. I cant find it as of now!!!!! Yukky. The minister here that rented the bus for us yesterday, will call them in the morning. If not I will buy a new one here.

Thats about it for now.

I will post more tomorrow.

PS to my class: I know you are all being the sweet wonderful kiddos that I know you can be.
to my sister, more email to you later
to my boys, Momma misses you, have a good week., Stay strong

Saturday, September 29, 2007

WE are here

We are here and 1:00 am, we have travelled since yesterday am.
Off to bed more tomorrow.

Tootle loo,

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Up, up and away!

Ok, we are packed, weighed and ready to go. Yep, hubby made me weigh my luggage! After the trip home from Jackson Hole this summer, he doesnt trust me. I was only 10 lbs over. Gee, the airlines chould let women have more. Our shoes alone weigh some and them the hairdryer etc. whew they just don't get it. Anyway, we are ready. We were going to Mom's tonight in OKC, then get up and go to the OKC Airport in the morning, but instead of packing and unpacking and pack again, we will leave in the morning.
I finally found a devotional: Its an "Interview with God." Its really neat. Then I found another idea that I will do too. I will leave envelopes for each person at their breakfast plate saying that they will have a visit from Jesus today. That night, I will ask where they saw the love of Jesus that day...
I will visit with you later in the the weekend. We leave OKC @ 11:00, leave Houston at 7:00, arrive at Paris 8:45am the Sat., but we loose 5-6 hrs. Then a flight to Budapest and a "van" ride to Uzagrohd, Ukraine I hope there are not any chickens on the van. ????? Any who ,
tootle loo,
Remember to pray for the family I spoke about the other day. They lost their sweet baby girl. www.conorbootheandgirls.blogspot

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There is light!!!

Hey, there is light at the end of my tunnel. I got all my lesson plans done and we made a final run to Target tonight.
Tomorrow is Ukraine day in my room. I have 3 wonderful moms that are cooking lunch. Cabbage rolls, borsch soup...beet soup, chocolate cake, (I am bring PBJ and chip too), we are learning all about Ukraine. Another one my moms is part Ukranine and is bringing her Aunt! Go figure. How awesome of us. We will have a great afternoon. I am really looking forward to going. Tomorrow Im going for a massage after school in Owasso, then grab some cookies at Merritts for 'lunch with teacher' . If my kids achieve their AR goal of 10 points in reading, they have lunch with me in the room and i provide dessert. So, things are getting finished!
I searched the web tonight for a devotional for the trip. My mom is in charge of that area and I think I do mine sometime this weekend. I would like to do something interactive instead of just sitting and listening, but I'm at a loss! HELP--- if you have any ideas...
As excited as I am about going, Lance has bronchitis! I hate to be out of town if the boys are not in tip top shape. I know, I know. Just turn them over to God and He will look after them. I am such a helicopter mom. I have been all their lives! I just want for them to have best possible little lives. Ok, I know they are 25 and 23, but when do you stop worring and wanting to help make their live perfect? I can sure preach what to do, but following that is so hard for me. I have to trust that we taught them the way to navigate this world. My fav song is Rod Stewart, Forever Young! I just want to sing that to them everyday. They are the light of my life.
Sappy, gee... whats with this issue.
I told hubby tonight while we were eating mexican food, that I was not going to do laundry until we get back so to conserve his laundry. I told him to turn his underwear inside out and wear it tomorrow, so I wouldn't have a lot of dirty laundry. I thought he was going to choke on his chips!
I was just joking, but he always takes EVERYTHING serious! He is so serious about everything and I am so NOT SERIOUS about everything. Whew, its a wonder we have been married 29 yrs in Dec.
Ok enough rambling. So I was cruising my fav blogs and http://www.shabeechick.blogspot/, made these adorable candy corn cookies for her girls to eat when they get home from school. Wishing I was going there after school!!! Yep, my mom use to do that too. Always a snack when we got home from school! good memories.
Got to go, I have 3 thank you note to write tonight, to go with thank you gift, for my moms at school tomorrow!
More tomorrow, then I will post for Paris, oops I mean Ukraine.
tootle loo,

Monday, September 24, 2007

Help me Mr. Wizard

Okay, Do you remember that cartoon. Tom Teriffic. If you do you must be as old as me!
Thats 49+1. Maybe in a little bit, I'll write it another way, not just yet.

Anyway this is me right now- the picture that keeps moving down my post as I type. My family would know it better as 'thunderstorms in my head'. School was a total mess. We were going somewhere all morning and they sat and stared into space all afternoon. I guess its back to reading on the floor, criss cross applesauce! Good gosh! At least that way I can get them to listen. Whats the deal with this. I guess they know I am going to be gone and they are a bit wacko? Beats me!

So I am hopping for a better tomorrow. I got a nice pedi/mani afterschool. My friend S. Riggs gave me a gift card for a pedi or mani. She is the sweetest thing! I, being a respectable MD, haha have just diagnosed her with gall bladder issues. She is off to the real Dr. tomorrow. Maybe we will both be out 2 weeks. About 5 yrs ago, I thought I had a pinched nerve in my back, nope, it was gallbladder! Saw the Dr on Mon, ultra sound on Tues., Surgeon of Wed, preop on Thurs, gall bladder out on Fri.
Those babies hurt! Good luck ...... S. Riggs, dont be going to the DR with wet hair! hahahaha

OK off to bed, too much to do tomorrow and too little time. Oh, If only I didnt have to teach the children and I could just pack and get ready. Whatever

On a more serious note pray for Copeland. She is a newborn that was born with trisomy18. You can see this precious baby at the family blog. Read about her, it really puts my whining in perspective! God Bless this family with strength and the ability to let go when He calls for her to come to Heaven.

tootle loo

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all

I just love Fall.
Halloween is so fun. Its the best holiday because you can be silly and have fun! You don't need to spend a lot of $$$'s. You can decorate, cook, eat, and enjoy the cool mornings with a big o cup of tea or coffee. Days are crisp and nights are for cuddles! What a great time.
I am so glad God decided to have seasons. Wouldn't it be boring if it stayed the same all the time?
We actually leave in 4 days!!!! Yikes, I still have so much stuff to do. I went to school this afternoon after Church and of course lunch (Applebee's), After messing with the copier for an hour, I got things copied, installed a new printer for my desk computer, started my lesson plans for 10 days. Then it was time to go back to Church. The Missions Committee was having a Friendship Fair for "Circle of Care". Its a Methodist mission of type that cares for so many areas. The Gore Home for Boys, the Francis Willard, Circle of Care Ministries, etc. So they had a silent auction. Just love those. I get to signin up for all these things and then fret about how much I have actually spent. Not too bad, just shy of $100. But, we got good stuff. Hubby got coupons to Subway, a fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide something. I got some homemade jelly, some fall towels, and a few other things. We had a great time!

So, I forgot where I found this, but my family will just love this
pic. Its so me. Sometimes I can be so good and follow all the rules and them other times, I can be so ornery!!!!!!! Just ask the family?? Go ahead, ask.
Oh, my bestest friend from college-OSU- called and we had the best visit. She lives in McKinney Tx. We can go for months and then talk like it was yesterday. She has survived breast cancer, then it came back to her spine and lung. Now that ole beast is gone again. She didnt have much of a chance of living through the last round, but Gods not finished with her yet, she is the strongest person. Just love that Tracy! If you are in McKinney give a honk along S. 75. She'll know who you are. We go way back at OSU. Everytime we are together one of the boys,(she has 2 also) tries to find out just one of those secrets that we will take to our grave.
So, tomorrow:
finish getting school ready, get nails done, wash the rest of the clothes, start packing stuff, assess the last minutes runs to Target, pack the backpack, get $$$$$$$. Oh, I almost forgot, I have to teach 2nd grade a day too.
Yea, I already call the 'fraud' line for the Credit Card. I sure want to make sure that baby is up and crankin , ready for me to swipe. Just in case we have a bit of trouble making that flight from Paris to Budapest and have an extra 4 hours to run to the Eiffel Tower for a pic....
Enough about that, this IS a mission trip, not a Paris trip, BUT, just in case... I'll be ready!!!!!!!!
Ok, back to the list. Get the VBS stuff finalized and packed, weigh the duffel's of stuff to leave there, and last pack my clothes. Yes I pack hubby's too. How many of you all pack for you hubby too.
OK, it late, Im gettin tired and the alarm will be ringing soon! I have a new student coming in the morning. So, I need to be there early to greet and get his stuff ready.
If you live in any area that is somewhat cool in the a.m., have a cup of tea for me. Its still so hot here in Okla. I think I hear raindrops???
tootle loo,

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Its Saturday night...

My sisters idea of roughing it.......
My sister just got back for a trip to Colorado.
Now, those of you that know me, know that I don't rough-it, ever! I thought about it once, but that passed in about 5 sec.

So, she was telling me that they stayed in a rustic cabin, COLD water only, fire burning fireplace only, and the two bedroom , was a sheet between 2 beds. Absolutely not my kind of camping! yucky!!!
I would have taken a look and found the nearest resort. My sister like to rough it, but even that was a bit much.

My idea of roughing it.......Now, this is my ideas of roughing it. A big sprawling log home. Nope not our, just my dream. I love the Aspen trees and would love to live here. Maybe when we win the lottery.

So anyway, the TU Hurricanes lost to OU. I really didn't think they would win, but you never know. OU is a big big school at the top of NCAA division I and TU is a small private school at the end of the division I . But according to my youngest they had fun. If you know Lance, this story is about par for him. A friend of his works for an Oil Co. in T-town. Somehow they talked the boss into buying two of the $10,000 parking spaces as close as you can get to the stadium. So they park the ole Dodge Ram in one spot and pitch their tent, unpack their cooler, put out their chairs, fire up the generator and plug in the TV. Needless to say most of the people that park in the area are donors with Lexus, and Mercedes. I bet they are quite a sight. I have not seen them yet. Makes a momma proud huh Thanks goodness the Fraternity House is within walking distance!

I had a wedding tonight, easy, easy, wedding. These people just did what they were suppose to do! The ushers remembers to go get the parents and grandparents, whew! I wish they were all like that.

I should have cleaned house today, I don't like to leave town with a dirty house. I don't know why, but I want it clean when I leave. Tomorrow I have to go write 10 days of lesson plans!!!Good grief,Ill be there all afternoon! I went to Target to get my Rx's refilled before we leave....Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the morons, would not fill the Cymbalta. Its due to fill on Oct 4, oops we will be in Budapest!!! No Target Pharmacy there. We tried to get a vacation waiver... No! So, hubby will call the on Monday and have a 'visit' with them. We by gosh pay our payment each month!!!! Don't even get me started there! I have everything else about ready to go.

Passports-check, money-check, clothes-check, camera-check, VBS done- almost check, I need to finish packing and get my nails done after school one day.

Off to bed, I'm pooped

tootle loo,

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Two in one day!

I meant post... get you head out of the gutter.
Now I was scanning on the web, as I was waiting for me nighty med to kick in, and I saw this cute little pic. I saw it on thedecoratedhouse , it cracks me right up. Maybe its really the two small glasses of wine and then the Freckles Frozen Custard with rapberries on the way home. beats me, any way I love the pic...
Off to bed

She is the cranky sister... no treats for her! Maybe her dress is itchy!

I did it

So, Im feeling pretty darn good right now. tuesdayupdate taught me how to do this little activity.

Now, I dont have to do the whole thing. Oh, my gosh now I will have to teach littletownbiglife , how to do the same thing!

We are off to Harwelden tonight for a reception. Its for those that braved the hot, HOT temp at the PGA last month. After the day at school I just finished, I'm really hoping for something sweet to drink with an umbrella in it. Are you getting my idea??
Be back soon...
Aren't you just so proud!

tootle loo.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My oops, 5 days later

5 days after the oops! Gee it still has a bump and hurts. I know whine, whine. I just thought you might like to share in the beauty.
I ran errands yesterday, it seems everywhere it went someone asked me what happened!

Sleepy Sunday... thats been the rest of the day. We met Lance at Hideway after Church and pigged out. Fried mushrooms, no one does mushrooms like this. They are yummy! Then I had a pizza of the gods! Oh my gosh. It had artichokes, garlic sauce, cheese, yummmmmm! I have enough for lunch for 2 days. So my tummy is sooooo full.

Hubby was out late last night. He went with a bunch of guys to Cookson Hills, in NE OK to put some lights on poles to light their parking lot. He left yesterday morning at 7ish and got home about 12:45 last night. So he's snoozing on the couch.

Yippee Skippy... Tulsa Univ won their game yesterday. Thats where hubby works. Ryan grad from there in 2004 and Lance will grad in December. So its blue and gold around here. My heart is still black and orange, but we spend most of our time at TU. Football, basketball, etc. So good day on the field. Next week: OU. I dont think TU will win, but you never know.

I have always had 'canker sores' and now I feel a fever blister coming on my lip! So, I am thinking that I better get to WalMart and get something. I have an upset tummy. It could be I ate too much or they are in my tummy too. This has happened before.

Off I go,

tootle loo

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday funnies

I am totally lazy tonight. We were to have 'date night'. Both of us are so darn tired. I slept from 4-5:30. Hubby came home at 5:30 and fell asleep at 7:00...still snoring on the couch. I have SOOO much to do tomorrow. Running here and there, but only in Owasso. Get this get that, find this and that to pack this and that.
No pic tonight...
I got this from, how do you make it with just the name??????? anyway here it goes.

1. I met him/her in the --town of Collinsville, where I got my first teaching job.
2. We dated -- ok, sit down for this...6 weeks before we got engaged
.3. I knew he/she was the one-- the minute I met him.
4. The thing I like best about him/her ... he is quiet and introspective and very loving and handsome and sweet and spoils me tremendously. Gee, Im mushy tonight.
5. When he/she proposed-- most people thought 10 yrs age diff was too much, not my Dad, he said it would take someone that old to handle me!
6. The song we had/want at our wedding - and oldie..."You Decorated My Life".
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to reading a magazine and going to bed, tomorrow my plans include running errands and Sunday, I want to eat at Hideway Pizza!

For those of you not inclined to do this one, I give you the Food Fill-In Friday!
1. Chips or chocolate? Chips, the new flour tortilla ones... yummy
.2. Pickles on your hamburger? yes only dill
3. Baked potato: with everything or everything, no onions!
4. The perfect meal - my Mom's roast ,potaotes, carrots, and lemon meringue pie!!!.
5. Martinis, wine, beer or .. the other night I had a cosmo, pretty yummy.
6. Your favorite pirate is (technically not food, but still yummy) I don't really get it but Ii guess that mean hunky man that played a pirate. I detest those kinds of movies, the men in the house would rent them, but I would read or sew. beats me.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to magazine and sleep, tomorrow my plans include shop and stuff_ and Sunday, I want to eat pizza at Hideway Pizza_!

Thats it for my part. So tired... off to bed

tootle loo,

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Its Thursday...

Well, I look a bit like a deer in the headlights. But, this is the cut. The color is a bit darker. and the hair is flat after all day at school. But you get the general jest! Its 'stacked' on the back. but my bruised and sore arm would not reach back there.

More later...

tootle loo

OK... I back. My brother in law came over for a visit. He lives in Wash State, with my sister in law, nephews and niece. He is going back Saturday and its always great to visit a while.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. We have a lot to do at school. We have been reading Babe Ruth and the Ice Cream Mess. So we are having a mom come in tomorrow afternoon to make ice cream- the crank kind. This will be really fun for the kids. Wild but fun.

This weekend is get ready to go weekend. I have a wedding to do on the weekend before we leave so its this weeked or never. I need jeans and socks. Some lotion for Bath and Body, some id bare minerals, batteries for the camera and a good book.

I' m thinking that a 1 hour layover in Paris just might not be enough time to make the connection. hmmmm that would be too bad. We really need about 4-5 hour layover. I could make it to the Eiffel Tower take a pic, to match the one from 29 years ago (honeymoon) and then get back to the airport. hmmm sound good to me!!!!!
I gave up on the first class/business class upgrade! It isn't going to happen. darn it! Oh well, this is a Mission trip not a vacation/leisure trip.

I really want to go to an orphange! But, then I would cry and try to bring ome home with me.

Better get to bed.

tootle loo

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday's Wisdom

I just love this little pic. Those of you that know me well, know that I detest tags and itchy clothes. This issue goes way back to my childhood. I like things smooth, not crinkley,crunchy or scaley!
Anyway these ladies are wanting to know why their fashions must itch, no wonder they are not smiling. I do believe I have a pic of me not smiling too. I was 5 and had on the cutest dress, but I was pinching my arm in the pic because it itched, so I could not smile...
Im feeling better today from the oops yesterday. I am really sore and stiff, but the hematoma is not as big on my arm. My leg is still bruised and sore. I took a hot bath this morning, but I didnt get home until 9ish tonight so, not soaking bath. Hair cut and color, Kinkos, wedding meeting, Olive Garden all after school. So its about bedtime. Ill take pics of the new 'style' tomorrow. My hair that is. Its a bit darker and shorter.
Off to bed
tootle loo,

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oops, that hurt!

It started pretty good at school today until lunch.
I had duty and went back out the door to go get a CD for the lunchroom. As long as they are quiet, they can listen to tunes. Well, there is a stop sign that sit on a silver dowel rod on a X bar thing. Its about 3 ft. tall. Painted the same color as the wall and floor.Its right in front of the desk where the kids put their tickets. Its not hard to see if the stop sign is on it... today it wasn't. I ran into it and landed on the floor. I push myself away from the wall as I was falling and landed on my buns. So far so good. Nothing bleeding, nothing broken, oops.. I wet my pant! Yep, right there in the cafeteria! So, I was sent to the office to assess the bumps and bruises! By the time I got there a bump was coming up on my arm. So, off the the administration building... next to the workers comp Clinic, gee. I have a bruise on my leg with a hematoma, a bruise on my arm with a hematoma, and sore muscles, from head to toe!!!

I was actually feeling better yesterday and today from the fibromyalgia! Well, crap! The Doctor I saw at the Clinic told me to double up on my Ultram tomorrow at school. Good thing I have an aide in my room. No really, I will be fine, just sore. Its a long way down to the 'ole ' floor at
49 + 1.

On a better note, tomorrow is haircut day. I would love to go short short. But I am a chicken!! I also think I want it to be a bit more brown with gold highlights. Hmmm, guess you will have to just wait and see. My hairstyist would love to cut it short too. But right not I can slap a headband on and go. So, I thinking that might be better for the trip??? Men never have these decisions. My hubby just buzzes his a goes!

Got to go, we are eating dinner with my brother in law and mother in law in Owasso. Hubby will meet me there.
tootle loo,

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Not a good weekend!

Not much to say here... lots of aching with my old friend 'Fibro'. Actually it would be really good if the old guy would just get out of here. Nothing seems to work right now. I changed meds and they worked a couple of weeks... more later when I feel better.
tootle loo

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday morning blues!

I actually cut and pasted this from tuesdayupdate... so easy. Gee I'm feeling so proud. It doesnt take much for me.
1. I admire _____.
2. I crave _____.
3. I dislike _____.
4. I enjoy _____.
5. I wonder _____.
6. I want _____.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _____, tomorrow my plans include _____ and Sunday, I want

1. I admire my yaya friends.
2. I crave lots of carbs, pies and cakes
3. I dislike meat that touches bones ,tags on clothes, itchy stuff
4. I enjoy a good book, quilt and hot tea.
5. I wonder what heaven is really like.
6. I want a monogram sewing machine
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hubby being home, tomorrow my plans include ---oh, thats really today hmmmm. Getting school stuff finished, getting a movie and snuggling in a cozy quilt, and Sunday, I want to go to Church and hang out at home.

We were looking forward to a nice Saturday morning with homemade waffles, reading the paper and catching a nap. Well, the phone rang this am at 6ish, TU was flooding in some of the buildings. SO, hubby called his 'crew' and off he went to check out the damage. I believe he said Keplinger Hall, not sure. I went right back to sleep after I found the rain poncho's and kissed him good by. So I had coffee, and english muffin with jelly. Im being lazy in my jammies still this am. Lots of rain this morning. I beleive about 4-5" so far. We need the rain, but with that come flooding.
Off to do some chores around the house.

tootle loo,

ps. nothing plucked last night!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

remember the 'hiney' cream mixup

I ws scanning the blog world and was reading about some new butt cream for babies. No I dont know how I got there. But it reminded me of the story below and I cant stop laughing! I took my 'meds' and its time for bed, but here it goes
Ok I know my nearest and dearest friend aka "yaya's", remember this and Im sure my mom and sister do too.
A few years ago I was having issues with my netherregions- hemorriods. And, I also have some arthritis cream. Well, one afternoon I reached under the sink and grabbed what I thought was the hemorriod cream. Oops, its the same color as the arthritis cream container. So being in the hurry that I always am... I just squirted that stuff, yep you know the drill if you have children!!!
So, a few second later, my hiney is on fire! I grabbed the arthritis cream and applied it to the hemorriod area! Now you cannot rub it off, cause it just rubs in and your hiney is a ring of fire. I was dancing like a jack rabbit on crack! Good gosh, I called everyone I knew for a remedy! Nope there is not one.
Lesson learned: read before you squirt.
Off to bed, lets see what gets groomed tonight. Watch out hubby!
tootle loo

Wierd Dream

OK, heres the crazy deal...
I woke up this morning at 3:00 ish. I was in the bathroom plucking my eyebrows!!!
I don't ever pluck my eyebrows. I have them waxed! What is the deal.
I take my medicine about 20 minutes before I go to bed. Then, bam I am usually sound asleep for a good 6 hours. I was not getting the REM sleep before I switched to this new med.. It has really helped with my fibromyalgia, and I have used it for a month. Nothing like this has ever happened. Any ideas??????
The trip to Enid/Waukomis was uneventful. Lots of steady rain on the way home. We need that here in OK. It was good to get away and visit all the way there and back.
Yea, for the weekend. Hubby and I are both home all weekend and ready for a relaxing weekend. I would like to go to the Flea Market at the Tulsa Fair Grounds, but I dont really want to get up and dressed! LAZY!!!
Off to lay on the couch like a toad.
tootle loo

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The cutest couple...

The last time I saw my son with hair this short, was at his induction to West Point! Yikes. I guess he got hot! He's got a hairline like his Dad. Which is very receding. They are just the cutest little couple. Won't those grandchildren be adorable? Well, no there are NOT any on the way, but I'm just speculating.
If the grand dogs are any indication, the children will be beautiful little babies. Now mom ( aka: Grandma Dixie), read this two times there are NOT any babies on the way, its only speculation!!!
OK, now on a more serious note. My friend Pam's (littletownbiglife) son -in -law, has been out of the Marines for a couple of years. He and his wife have a beautiful little boy almost 2. They just sold their house to move into another one on a ranch. He got "the papers" in the mail. Yep, he's being called up by Uncle Sam. 18 month deployment to Iraq. I just didn't realize that you could go back, once you have been out of the military. But they have 3 years and his time was almost up. He had just started back to school at TU, for a degree in Nursing. I think he would like to go onto a Physician Assistant. Anyway keep them in your prayers.
Keep all those in the military in your prayers. Hubby's brother is retired Col. in the USAF.
Ryan went to West Point and then decided that was not the life he wanted to live for 4 years. At the time I didn't understand too well why he worked so hard to get there, then hated it the minute he got there. But, it took more guts to walk away and say "no thanks", than to stay and hate it. I am so proud of him. He is just a great man. He is very intelligent, thoughtful, loving son and now a husband to Katy. Hubby and I will forever be so glad and grateful that he chose to walk away. He would have been in Iraq doing something in the intelligence area. I pray daily thanking God for him to be able to make that choice in his life at 17 yrs old. He's my boy! He will always be my precious baby! Even at 25.
We have been so blessed with our children. They are very responsible young men. Both graduated for Tulsa U, well ,Lance is graduating Dec. 15!!!!!!!!!!! They have never been a problem. Other that those thing they did I don't want to know about. hahaha I hear people speak of their children, and tell of the disrespect and irresponsibility of their kids. Our have never been that way! I'm could not be any prouder. I hope they know how much we love and respect them as grown men. OK I'm about to cry now. Love em both sooooo much.
Bless their little hearts, they are probably already trying to decide what to do with all the 'life insurance' they could inherit if we crap out in Ukraine. hahaha Got to love those boys!!!!!
Ok better get on with it.
School was awful today. My kids saw the 'miserable' side of me today. They knew the procedure for BEAR testing... thanks Dubya! Anywho, they got up during the test, talked out, got stuff out of their desk. I was so fuming!!!! They had to write the testing procedures 5 time in class. Their little finger were soooooo tired! Too bad. So sad! Hopefully since we are finished with testing things will get back to 'normal' next week. I have great moms that area coming to help me with Ukraine day. I found recipes, and have the day planned out. I will email them each day and they will track my trip on the world map. I think they will have a great time too. They wanted me to take 'Flat Stanley', but we decided on a 'Cardinal'. That's the school mascot and I have a beanie baby size that will fit in my backpack. I cant blog the info because the school's website had blocked blogs. oh well.
Off to bed, I have a bit of reading to do. I should exercise tonight. We stopped at Freckles Frozen Custard tonight. But, I had a small one.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Night on the town with the YAYA's

Will most of us were able to go. One of our dear Yaya's Dad passed away this morning. So she went to Waukomis - south of Enid. Bless her and her family! Our prayers are with ya Barbs. xoxoxo

So we went to eat and talk and eat and eat. I was going to only eat dessert. NOPE, I had a mushroom pizza and a "striped zebra cosmo" and we split a chocolate creamy dessert thingy! yummy.

THEN,I saw this T-shirts that has the store logo. No, its not a weird place, its a very up-scale eating establishment in Tulsa...downtown. So I bought a t-shirt $12.00. I could not pass it by. I cant WAIT for Halloween. Or can I wear it now???? It has the name of the restaurant on the back. Lola's at the Bowery. Tulsa.... SOOOOOOOOOO cute. Isn't that hat the cutest. Well, I just had to show it off. AND I was going to be so good and not spend $$$$$. oh well.

Today was a great day. I went to the DR. to have a meds checkup. All my fibromyalgia med were changed last month. Anyway, I was concerned about the letter I got in the mail that said my tryglecerides were really high and my cholestrol was high. But, alas I was not fasting and my doc said, I am good to go!! hip hip hoorah. I don't eat much red meat, and I eat mainly fruits and veggies. I could be a vegetarian. I have lost 7 lbs. yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My meds have left me a bit 'sluggish', if you know what I mean. My family will catch right on to that, as its always an issue when I travel. But, my doc told me to keep taking my 'colon cleanse' and I will be just fine now and on the trip to Ukraine. Speaking of that trip. I dont think there is anyway to upgrade to business class!!!! So, too bad for me.

My best friend FINALLY came up with her own little blog SOOOOOOOOOO cut, scoot on over and say hi. Its on my blogs I like-- at 'littletownbiglife', she is a hoot.

Bedtime is scootin right on up, off I go

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Family Babies

My hubby and his cousins all grew up in the same small town. From all I know they created a lot of havoc in the 'ville'. They are all grown and now have children that are starting their families. One of the cousin...Anita had 3 boys. My boys idolized her boys. They were just old enough to babysit and teach them all the wonderful boy things!! 'barking spiders', 'crap crikets', and various body noises. Now those 3 are having kiddos. These cuties are 2 of them. Sam and Lauren. Lauren has a brother Luke, but he had just gotten out of the pool and was about to go to sleep.
Its so much fun when there are little ones around to play with at family parties. I can't believe how they have all grown up so quickly. Sam, Lauren and Luke were in the pool and playing with their daddies, so cute now that those crazy boys have grown up with kids of their own. How blessed! Its a great family to have around.
Ok, now to the list. I got alot of things finished. I got all the Bible School stories translated to Cryllic. It was not too hard. Craft room is so clean, at least now it is! Give me a few days. The house is clean... not perfect, but clean. The laundry is done...thanks to hubby, sheets changed, so it was a productive weekend. I even got a few 'power naps'. I read the other night until 1 in the morning! gee, thats been awhile.
Tomorrow is back to work. We have BEAR testing to give. Thanks to George W! Oh well, whatever. Then a Dr. appt at 2:30, need someone to dismiss my kids, have some errands to run and then the yaya's are going out for dinner/dessert! mmmmmmgood! We are going somewhere in Downtown Tulsa...Lola's I think. I have not been there, but of course we will have fun.
The yaya's are a group of us that have known each other for YEARS! We are the kind of friend that you can call at 2:00am and will be there for each other. You all know what Im talking about. We just have the best time. Never a quiet or dull moment.
I was looking online yesterday at Air France. I would really like to be at least in the Business Class from Houston to Paris... But Im sure the 'mission trip planners' have scheduled us for coach. When hubby and I went to Europe 28 1/2 years ago, the flight from NYC to London was overbook. I started to cry... etc and they upgraded us to 1st class. I told hubby I might try that in Houston. I suggested the Air France people would probably tell me to hush and get on the plane or kick me off for whinning!!!! So, If you know of any ways to upgrade as part of a group...just send that info right on to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha
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