Thursday, September 13, 2007

Its Thursday...

Well, I look a bit like a deer in the headlights. But, this is the cut. The color is a bit darker. and the hair is flat after all day at school. But you get the general jest! Its 'stacked' on the back. but my bruised and sore arm would not reach back there.

More later...

tootle loo

OK... I back. My brother in law came over for a visit. He lives in Wash State, with my sister in law, nephews and niece. He is going back Saturday and its always great to visit a while.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. We have a lot to do at school. We have been reading Babe Ruth and the Ice Cream Mess. So we are having a mom come in tomorrow afternoon to make ice cream- the crank kind. This will be really fun for the kids. Wild but fun.

This weekend is get ready to go weekend. I have a wedding to do on the weekend before we leave so its this weeked or never. I need jeans and socks. Some lotion for Bath and Body, some id bare minerals, batteries for the camera and a good book.

I' m thinking that a 1 hour layover in Paris just might not be enough time to make the connection. hmmmm that would be too bad. We really need about 4-5 hour layover. I could make it to the Eiffel Tower take a pic, to match the one from 29 years ago (honeymoon) and then get back to the airport. hmmm sound good to me!!!!!
I gave up on the first class/business class upgrade! It isn't going to happen. darn it! Oh well, this is a Mission trip not a vacation/leisure trip.

I really want to go to an orphange! But, then I would cry and try to bring ome home with me.

Better get to bed.

tootle loo


tommiea said...

love the new haircut...looks like a fun messy Meg Ryan cut!!

Shan said...

Your hair looks SO CUTE!

Little Town Big Life said...

Next time you need a self-photo call me & I'll come take it!!! I can tell your arms are in front--hee hee hee!!!