Saturday, September 22, 2007

Its Saturday night...

My sisters idea of roughing it.......
My sister just got back for a trip to Colorado.
Now, those of you that know me, know that I don't rough-it, ever! I thought about it once, but that passed in about 5 sec.

So, she was telling me that they stayed in a rustic cabin, COLD water only, fire burning fireplace only, and the two bedroom , was a sheet between 2 beds. Absolutely not my kind of camping! yucky!!!
I would have taken a look and found the nearest resort. My sister like to rough it, but even that was a bit much.

My idea of roughing it.......Now, this is my ideas of roughing it. A big sprawling log home. Nope not our, just my dream. I love the Aspen trees and would love to live here. Maybe when we win the lottery.

So anyway, the TU Hurricanes lost to OU. I really didn't think they would win, but you never know. OU is a big big school at the top of NCAA division I and TU is a small private school at the end of the division I . But according to my youngest they had fun. If you know Lance, this story is about par for him. A friend of his works for an Oil Co. in T-town. Somehow they talked the boss into buying two of the $10,000 parking spaces as close as you can get to the stadium. So they park the ole Dodge Ram in one spot and pitch their tent, unpack their cooler, put out their chairs, fire up the generator and plug in the TV. Needless to say most of the people that park in the area are donors with Lexus, and Mercedes. I bet they are quite a sight. I have not seen them yet. Makes a momma proud huh Thanks goodness the Fraternity House is within walking distance!

I had a wedding tonight, easy, easy, wedding. These people just did what they were suppose to do! The ushers remembers to go get the parents and grandparents, whew! I wish they were all like that.

I should have cleaned house today, I don't like to leave town with a dirty house. I don't know why, but I want it clean when I leave. Tomorrow I have to go write 10 days of lesson plans!!!Good grief,Ill be there all afternoon! I went to Target to get my Rx's refilled before we leave....Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the morons, would not fill the Cymbalta. Its due to fill on Oct 4, oops we will be in Budapest!!! No Target Pharmacy there. We tried to get a vacation waiver... No! So, hubby will call the on Monday and have a 'visit' with them. We by gosh pay our payment each month!!!! Don't even get me started there! I have everything else about ready to go.

Passports-check, money-check, clothes-check, camera-check, VBS done- almost check, I need to finish packing and get my nails done after school one day.

Off to bed, I'm pooped

tootle loo,

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