Monday, September 3, 2007

Family Babies

My hubby and his cousins all grew up in the same small town. From all I know they created a lot of havoc in the 'ville'. They are all grown and now have children that are starting their families. One of the cousin...Anita had 3 boys. My boys idolized her boys. They were just old enough to babysit and teach them all the wonderful boy things!! 'barking spiders', 'crap crikets', and various body noises. Now those 3 are having kiddos. These cuties are 2 of them. Sam and Lauren. Lauren has a brother Luke, but he had just gotten out of the pool and was about to go to sleep.
Its so much fun when there are little ones around to play with at family parties. I can't believe how they have all grown up so quickly. Sam, Lauren and Luke were in the pool and playing with their daddies, so cute now that those crazy boys have grown up with kids of their own. How blessed! Its a great family to have around.
Ok, now to the list. I got alot of things finished. I got all the Bible School stories translated to Cryllic. It was not too hard. Craft room is so clean, at least now it is! Give me a few days. The house is clean... not perfect, but clean. The laundry is done...thanks to hubby, sheets changed, so it was a productive weekend. I even got a few 'power naps'. I read the other night until 1 in the morning! gee, thats been awhile.
Tomorrow is back to work. We have BEAR testing to give. Thanks to George W! Oh well, whatever. Then a Dr. appt at 2:30, need someone to dismiss my kids, have some errands to run and then the yaya's are going out for dinner/dessert! mmmmmmgood! We are going somewhere in Downtown Tulsa...Lola's I think. I have not been there, but of course we will have fun.
The yaya's are a group of us that have known each other for YEARS! We are the kind of friend that you can call at 2:00am and will be there for each other. You all know what Im talking about. We just have the best time. Never a quiet or dull moment.
I was looking online yesterday at Air France. I would really like to be at least in the Business Class from Houston to Paris... But Im sure the 'mission trip planners' have scheduled us for coach. When hubby and I went to Europe 28 1/2 years ago, the flight from NYC to London was overbook. I started to cry... etc and they upgraded us to 1st class. I told hubby I might try that in Houston. I suggested the Air France people would probably tell me to hush and get on the plane or kick me off for whinning!!!! So, If you know of any ways to upgrade as part of a group...just send that info right on to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha
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