Friday, August 31, 2007

Lets say HOLIDAY!!!

Yipee, 3 day weekend.
I am so glad.
I need to :
clean the house... really clean, as my family calls it 'PEO' clean.
organize the craft room aka: crap room
get groceries
finish Bible School program for Ukraine
make a list of stuff we need to go to Ukraine in 27 days
copy stories to 'microsoft word' and then translate to Ukranian language- Cyrillic I think
get lesson plans done
start planning a unit on Ukraine for me to teach before I leave...
make a parent letter- for our secret Friday reader and for moms to cook for Ukraine week.
Church on Sunday
Family party of Sunday
Check on older son and daughter in law... they have strep!
clean out Jeep
take papers to recycling
Read the rest of my book- The Sweet Potatoe Queens Big Ass Novel
Get wedding stuff ready for the month of September
Whee, lets see how much of this I can check off Monday night!!!!!!!

tootle loo

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