Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Clean, clean,clean

I guess those new meds are workin out all right. LH said I didn't thrash around in my sleep all night and my muscles were not jerking around like a wild woman! hurrah.
I did sleep well. I was awake at 7:30 drinking my coffee and making my assessment of the house that needed to be cleaned. So, like a hummingbird on crack, I vac'd, steam cleaned ALL the house, mopped, wiped and shined everything around. Good golly, by the time I slowed down the house was shinning like a diamond ring. It smelling clean and fresh! What a day.

This evening,I met with a bride-to-be then took LH out for mexican dinner. Yep, I even ate those chips and ordered sopapillas-(sp).

Tomorrow is a fru fru day. Off to a massage then a mani and pedi.

tootle loo

PS- instead of using the soap stuff that in the steam cleaner, I mixed bleach/water--1:10. It cleans the carpet and doesn't leave that soapy goo. No, it didnt take any color out. But always try it on a test area. Under the bed.

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tommiea said...

I would LOVE a massage...not to mention a mani.....and you get the pedi as well. I am jealous!

I will be waiting for the guy to repair my French doors tomorrow! whew hoo!