Thursday, August 2, 2007


FUN, FUN, in the craft room today!!!

We all know how I like to drink lemonade and create in my craft (crap) room. Well, today was the day I just played in there. Glitter, glitter everywhere. Well, I did laundry, baked cookies and vac'd the carpets. But other than that... I did this.

I have been wanting to dabble a bit in collages. Now, this is not really a collage, but my rendition of one. Anyway, I made it for my friend Pam. She caters weddings, etc and make hands down the best cupcakes. I just love them. When she tries out new a new recipe she bring some to us. One year for my birthday she made the cutest 3 tiered birthday cake just for one---moi ate it all alone.

Anyway, I know my pic is not really great, but I cut the clothes from an old cookbook I got in Branson. The face of the angel/fairy, is a pic of her! The words say... the fancy cupcake angel. The silver item in the middle of the cross is an earring I got in Branson. It is from The Royal Navy. Its huge and heavy how could anyone wear it?, but it has my fav symbol on the very tip top, a CROWN!!!!She will just crack up laughing.

I know... my friend and I have the best time! Life is way too short to act like a lady all the time. You know way back when I was growing up, my mom sent me to "charm school". Actually, my sister and I both went. I somehow went 2 times!!! But I can be a very good lady when the situation call for it, but not always.

I better get back to cleaning, yuk. But I do love a fresh clean house that smell oh so scrumptious and clean.

tootle loo,

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