Sunday, August 12, 2007

How cute is this decal??

Ok, I tried to get just the queen decal to come on my page... but it didn't work and I am way too tired to try again, but I had to show you! I ordered 3, 2 pink and 1 lime green. How cute is my Jeep going to be??? Love,love,love it.
I'm thinkin my sweet daughter in law will need one of the beautiful monograms for her car? Maybe, lets see is she read this and tell me yes or no.
I have to go to bed, Im sooooooooooooooo tired and I have to get up in the am to go to WORK! Yes, hubby will begin bringing me coffee in bed tomorrow. He's just the sweetest man. xoxoxox
tootle loo
oh yea, you can get these at

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tommiea said...

I have seen those before! Yes, they are adorable.