Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Zip, zip,zip...

That was me today, zip,zip,zip all around the house.
I got so much accomplished today. I made the cutest banner for my class, a couple of signs- soooooo cute too, and some other stuff. I will take pic, (come on, I know you love to see them,) when I get my room finished. I must, must, must get most of it done in the next few days or I will lay in bed and stress about everything. Oh, I even put a roast/potatoes/carrots in the crock pot, mopped the floor, did laundry, and watched a bit of the cooking channel.

Then I went to BAUMC to meet with a bride/groom for their Dec wedding. It's the 29th, (my anniversary) ! Anyway, I met with them and got their ducks in a row, (we know how I like that) and they actually don't have anything planned, so it was a clean slate. They live in NY and will be back a week before the wedding. Thank goodness for email!!!!!

Then back home to eat and scan the web for reception venues in the Tulsa area. I need to get that list compiled and sent to a bride. We can have receptions at BA, but only cake, punch, nuts and mints. Thats what we had for mine, but that was 28 yrs ago and how weddings have changed. So, I better get this little blog finished and get busy. My relatives seem to really enjoy this little few minutes of reading pleasure each day.

Hugs and kisses to them all- my relatives ... you know you love it.

tootle loo,

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