Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quiet Weekend

Isn't this the most peaceful picture? No I'm not there in person... just in my dreams. The beach is my fav place to go in the spring or fall. I don't like the weather so hot that you are miserable, but warm enough to sit outside, read, drink a lemonade and read a book!
I had a wedding at BA all day Saturday. It was really beautiful and all went well. The reception was at the Church, which made it a long day. But, I feel better having my 1st wedding "under my belt". At least I feel more confident about taking over the job. I will really enjoy this. My niece had such a bad experience with the wedding coordinator at her wedding in OKC. She made the time so stressful. It took away a lot of excitement and joy. I want for the bride to have an enjoyable rehearsal and wedding, and to have all the things that are important to her, but within the rules of the Church.
LH went to a meeting at Southern Hills on Sat. We are volunteering at the PGA tomorrow. We had to take an online test about serving beer etc, then go to a training. He went for the both of us. It seemed to be a fiasco! I hope its better tomorrow. We will be there for the afternoon session. Maybe we will see a bit of the practice round before our shift. Well see. I am not much of a golfer. LH and the boys love to golf. I drive the cart.
Better get to bed. I am trying to manage my fibromyalgia and I am hoping that getting to bed before 11 ish will help. Off to the Dr. about new meds on Tuesday. Crazy stuff. most of the time I can self manage myself, but this summer its really out of control. If anyone has any ideas send them on to me.
tootle loo,

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