Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Creative Jeans Night

After a busy day at school, there is nothing better to relax me than to go into the craft (crap) room and create.
I can't take credit for these. I saw them on ebay and I would not spen $100. for them. So I made some. I got a package of cuuuuuute fabric in the mail just yesterday. I couldn't wait to use them. These are wonder undered onto some old jeans that I cut off for capri's. Anyway, I cut and ironed and cut and ironed and this is what I made. I really like them and I am always wearing the most funky things!
I also made an huge pasta salad.
Artichokes, pasta, cheese, cucumbers, celery, dressing, green peppers, red peppers... everything but onions (they don't settle to well in my tummy) . I forget how much pasta can bloom into a huge amount!!! Guess thats what I will have for lunch this week and the weekend too. But its still too HOT here in Okla. to cook.
I am so ready for FALL. Im ready to decorate for fall and make chili, cider and some brownies! yummy!
School was crazy. My kids range from 5.7 to 0.9 in reading. So, its like teaching in a 1 room school . Teaching reading from 5th grade to pre 1st. I was stressing all afternoon. My Aide and I worked out a plan that should work. Hope and pray, otherwise I will go bananas! I teach reading using literature, so I can adjust a bit. But today when I used two reading groups I ran out of time to get all my stuff done. Yikes, how do you do that. The kids were good with working while I was reading with the individual groups, but its very time consuming. help, help!!!!!
I'm off to bed, wish I had some Blue Bell chocolate covered cherry ice cream with hot fudge. YUMMY, YUMMY. My sister had this at SMACKS and I would nibble a bit in the ice cream buckets, then hold the spoon under the hot fudge. oh my goodness........ Of course, I changed the spoon everytime, what are you thinking!!! hahaha
Off to bed,
Tootle loo,

These are the back of the jeans. I didnt know they were down here until i was finished. oops.

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tommiea said...

those are really cute....is that Amy Butler fabric??