Monday, August 27, 2007


I detest critters.

Being the wonderful wife tonight... hubby was snoozing on the couch and I didn't want to wake him. So, I went outside to turn off the sprinkler and JEEZE, the biggest spider I have seen in a long time!!!!!!! My goodness it must have spun that web in record time. I was out moving the water not 30 minutes before and never saw this guy.

I am the biggest whiney about bugs. When the boys were little, I would yell "bug alert" or "cricket alert" and they would all come running to destory the little bugger. Most of the time they would just take them outside. So we were not the "kill the bug" family. I must admit the web is a beautiful work of nature, but take it somewhere else!
Monday... busy at school. The little guys would not stay on task. I have forgotten how slow they are to get their work finished. We didn't get to some of the stuff we needed to do, guess tomorrow will be super busy. Its been so hot in the afternoon they dont get out too much. We did a bit of fun this afternoon. We listened to "tunes" and did a bit of Tony-Chestnut and Too-de-tah. That is probably not spelled right, but you all know the song. My Aide was cracking up laughing at all of us. My class is responsible for this week of Rise and Shine. Its 15 minutes before school starts in the cafeteria. You know the stuff, pledge, creed, announcement, menu, word of the week, that kind of stuff. I told the kid we would do too-de-tah on Friday. So I will have someone take a pic and post that.
Off to bed, I must get my beauty rest. hahaha! Actually Im really tired and about to fall asleep in the chair.
tootle loo,

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